Bet you didn't know this about another blonde...
Accident has finally caught up with me...

Just real quick...Surf Memorial Fundraiser, Rosebud the pig's Quinceantero (sp?)

By Joy A. Kennelly

I was in a car accident this morning (not my fault) so please say a prayer that my back will heal quickly and this will get resolved easily. That's all I will say about that. Thank you though.

Enjoy these pix of my friend, Laura and her pig, Rosebud's 15th Birthday party and quick shots of the wonderful Surf Memorial Fundraiser held at Sangria's this weekend in Hermosa Beach that I visited briefly:                                                         Rosebud's pedicure - sm Tiara rose - sm
Soulful rosebud -sm  
Laura & rosebud - smSolo cake - smRosebud3 - sm


Face on rose - sm Ron newman -sm

Surfboard - smSurf Memorial Fundraiser Event Manager, Ken Hartley, a member of Leadership Hermosa, who, with his wife, Event Co-Chair, Dorothy M. Forba-Hartley, and many others, spent hours producing the wonderful Surf Memorial Fundraiser. This is only one of the many auction items available to bid on which were all valued at $60,000 total.
 Money shot - sm

Leadership Hermosa Event Chair, Ryan McCormick; Leroy's son, John Grannis; me, Joy Kennelly; Director of Public Works, Rick Morgan; Owner of Sangria, Kevin Barry, host restaurant of the Surf Memorial Fundraiser; Artist who will create the Surf Memorial and painted all the beautiful paintings behind us, Phil Roberts, that were auctioned: Dewey Weber's son, Shea Weber

(I believe I have the order correct, but if I'm wrong, please correct me. Very honored to be in such esteemed company. Don't you love all the flip flops? Wouldn't see that in Hollywood! Perfect though because I didn't want to wear heels because of my accident.)

Here's some close-ups of the absolutely gorgeous paintings that were on sale in the auction today. I sure hope they went for a lot. This is, of course, not actual size. Photographer, Leroy Grannis, (sitting in the water) shot this picture of Dewey Weber just as this is painted. Dewey surfing is what the Surf Memorial Statue is based on:

Phil roberts2 - sm
Phil roberts1 -sm

Phil roberts3 - sm  Phil roberts4 - sm



Shea Weber is Dewey's son, not grandson. Thanks.

Joy Kennelly

Finally corrected this. Thanks for sharing.

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