Last night at The Shore was a lot of fun - great food, beautiful host, fun people
SBPC's Surfrider Benefit/Tasting Party at The Shore hosted by She's Got the Look Finalist, Melissa Todd

Here's some great events, articles and videos to inform, interest and entertain you...

By Joy A. Kennelly

One thing I forgot to mention earlier today is that the Creative Director of the Hermosa Shorts Festival, Tom Kearney, shot interviews with Melissa Todd as our on-camera host. Once we get that edited we'll share it with you, but in the meantime, while I complete my wrap-up release and picture editing, check out the following links that I received today.

Susie Kim of the American Institute of Architects (who I've written for before - see for the copy.) sent me a very cool invite to an event supporting New Orleans taking place tonight and Saturday. I can't attend because I have plans both nights, but wanted you to know about it because it's very cool and very thought-provoking about New Orleans and architecture with live theater.

Here's the invite Susie sent me through Facebook. Join the group and support the cause:

"Hey all, I wanted to send a personal invite to this new original Live show that I produced with a Theater company at the A+D Museum that is Site and Exhibit specific. We only have 2 more shows Tonight, Thursday and Saturday at 9pm and would love to have you come down and support.

Here is the link to the details -

Hope you can make it. and please help us by spreading the word!!!

Love Architecture and Design.- come support us.
We love you.

Watch the Video link below - I'm at the Beginning." :)

Then, for those of you following the Dragon's hearing and their subsequent hearing, here's the link to the Daily Breeze wrap-up of the decision not to allow them to stay open beyond 12 midnight entitled HB's Dragon Tamed. Click here.

(For those searching for Jason Michael McDermott - I've removed all content - his court details are now available only on the Daily Breeze Crime and Courts blog here. There's tons of criminal stuff going on all around here, but I'm not going to be covering it. I'll leave it to those who are getting paid to write about it.)

Lastly, on a funnier note, here's a few commercials Tom sent me today that were very clever. I recognized the long haired boat driver as a local comedian and am sure some of the other people you'll recognize as well.

Very clever, very fun. Enjoy!

They almost make me want to get involved with shorts again they're that clever.

Now to get back to what I've been working on because I have an internet entrepreneur meeting to hit tonight. Can you believe my feet are still killing me from wearing heels last night? Even after soaking them? OY VEY!

See ya.


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