The South Bay Professional Connection's event at Verch Insurance Services & CA Associates!
Curly Hair rocks!

Here's a quickie, cuz I've gotta run...K.C. and The Sunshine Band awaits!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Where else can you roll out of bed, throw shorts and a tank on, walk less than 15 minutes and be at one of the biggest volleyball attractions ever? I'm talking about the Hermosa Beach AVP's for those who don't know.

I decided to go early because my friend Caron had her haircut at the Paul Mitchell tent yesterday and was just raving over her $10 haircut. I thought, it's for a volleyball charity started by a local AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Player and Olympic Gold Medallist, Eric Fonoimoana called Dig for Kids, and if the students mess my hair up I can always pay more to get it fixed so why not support this group?

I'm so glad I did. The petite girl cut my hair dry and I just love it. I was so pleased I came back later and gave them more money. LOL

The other booth I really liked was the E2 alkalized water booth called The Real Water. I tried a sample and bought a bottle thinking it might help bring my stomach back into balance since this stomach virus has still been kicking my butt (literally and figuratively! LOL) Man, almost instantly my stomach has calmed down and I'm starting to feel like my old self again. That means I get to eat! You know me and food!

That's been the biggest bummer about having this virus. I've had strength to visit my curly hair specialist/friend Kym's Night of Beauty at Maximus Salon in Hermosa Beach where she works, but haven't been able to really eat anything beyond my bananas, rice, apple and toast without it affecting me and missed out on their lovely Chinese food spread courtesy of Happy Veggie. OY!

In any case, it felt great to be out in the sun today again. I hit a few games last night too, but today and tomorrow are the big games. I caught a few games in the free seats (on the sand outside the fenced off paid area - see if more pictures aren't taken of those sand games than inside the paid area with the bleacher seats because I don't think paying is going over very well down here because this is where the sport began and a lot of the athletes live here.) I know they need to pay their bills, but please, this is a public beach!

Popped by The Shore restaurant to meet with their Executive Chef David to figure out the tasting menu for my next South Bay Professional Connection. He was in the middle of a photo shoot on the venue and his food, but took time to sit with me and share his philosophy and goals for the restaurant now that he feels confident they're ready to begin showcasing their menu. Can't wait to finally be able to eat again after talking to him!

Chef's can really make or break a place I'm learning. What's cool about Chef David, is that he came from cooking at some great places up in Los Angeles like The Standard Hotel, Mastro's, and the Ritz Carlton. He really knows what he's doing and is going to create a spectacular presentation for everyone who joins us on Wednesday, June 25 from 6pm - 8pm for my next South Bay Professional Connection. More details soon, but just had to share since I'm excited to promote great food and a great chef.

Let's see what else? Oh, the reason I have to run is I'm hitting a 70's concert with one of my favorite Hollywood friends, Shana, and need to work on creating the perfect Farrah flip. Please excuse me, my curling iron is calling.:)

Check out tonight's line-up at the Greek Theater:

MyFM Disco Fever
starring KC & The Sunshine Band, Hues Corporation, Evelyn Champagne King, Musique, France Joli, The Solid Gold Dancers and special guest host Deney Terrio -

Watch out gay guys here we come!

Have a gorgeous CA day - I'll have pix from my amazing hair transformation into a curly girl courtesy of Kym, pix from the Night of Beauty party which turned out really great, and pix of some of the hot guys playing in the AVP.

Stay tuned, you're not going to want to miss 'em.:)


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