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AVP's in Hermosa Beach - Fri and Sat only - too much sun for me Sun!:)

By Joy A. Kennelly

I got a little too much sun on Friday and Saturday after sitting out watching some prelim AVP games (even wearing 50sp!), but it was worth it. I love watching athletes play. Here's some pix to share what I'm talking about. Friday are the bleacher shots and women games. Sat. are the beach shots sitting by the net.

Please note, Friday's are generally light because it's where people are playing to qualify. It's Sat & Sun where it really gets packed. I could have gone Sunday, but needed to get some work done and I was too burnt - by the sun and dancing so much Sat night. But that's for my next blog.

Avp1 Avp2 Avp3 Avp4 Avp5 Avp6 Avp7 Avp10 Avp entrance Avp2 Avp5 Avp6 Avp8 Avp12 Avp13 - sign Avp14 Avp15 Avp16 Avp17 Avp18 - good Avp19 Avp tents -sat


None yo Bidness

Actually, the qualifiers were Thursday. Friday through Sunday was the main draw.

Looks like You got some nice action shots of Lambert and Aaron.

Joy Kennelly

Thanks for clarifying none yo bidness.:)

I liked them too. Wish I could have caught more games, but don't want to get skin cancer.

Thanks for stopping by.

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