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Walking on Water documentary - great surfing film!

By Joy A. Kennelly

I grew up in the South Bay surrounded by surfers and those are the kinds of guys I love - laid back, cool, athletic, adventurous and hot looking. So when I read in the paper that Rolling Hills Covenant was screening Walking on Water documentary and it had that girl Bethany Hamilton whose arm was bitten off by a shark I knew I really wanted to see it.

I kind of figured I'd be one of the older ones in the crowd since it seemed geared towards young people since the two main guys were 12 and 14 years old. I missed the Friday screening because there was a mis-connect regarding where it was screening and I arrived way late. I drove home swearing because I'd really wanted to see it and was bummed that now my Friday night plans seemed screwed.

I should have known God had other plans. As I drove down from Rolling Hills I received a message from my mom that she was in the emergency room with a pain in her ribs. Since I didn't have any plans I thought why not go and sit with her to keep her company. Dad had gone to a music concert with some other friends and Mom was all alone.

Now I've gone to emergency and sat by myself for hours before and know how awful it can be to do that. Mom has never offered to come keep me company, but I knew it would make her night if I did. I'm glad I did.

Turns out she has pneumonia and we wouldn't have found that out if she hadn't had a chest x-ray. Since I was sick before too I asked the doc to check my lungs because the other night at my Bible Study everyone kept telling me horror stories of people who had walked around undiagnosed with pneumonia and died! Oy!

Fortunately, I'm still on antibiotics and my lungs sound clear. Good thing! Praise God!:) It's bad enough my little mom isn't feeling well. However, after a shot to her bum, off we went. She sounds better today, but apparently still doesn't feel well.

We're going to Miami together and I was teasing her that this time (I've already postponed it once), I'm going without her! We'll see what her regular doc has to say on Monday. However, I don't trust his judgment because he didn't seem to take her sickness as seriously as I think he should have last time she went in. Now that she's older when she's sick I get more concerned. Only natural I guess.

Enough about that though - on with the movie! Tonight I opted to catch Walking on Water at El Segundo High School auditorium. This was just as crowded and there were all ages reflected. I kind of felt like I was with my people because there were so many surfers.

I loved all the vernacular being tossed around and learned a new slang term for me - Groms... Ever heard it? Means Grommets like younger kids before they become teen-agers. The movie is about a couple of groms who travel the world surfing the best waves and how their lives are touched by all the people they meet. At least that's what I walked away with.

The skill of the surfers was really amazing. What was even more amazing was to see all the different countries and what it's like to surf there. Really made me want to learn. This surfer guy take these kids to Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, Peru, South Africa and probably somewhere else I'm forgetting. The scenery is really cool and the people are heart warming. Apparently these are some of the top surfing spots around the world too. Very cool to see.

My favorite scenes were the wild animal parks in South Africa and the close encounter with the lions, the surfing in Hawaii, and the fact that a lot of these major world-champion surfers are Christians! Too cool! Who knew? I sure didn't.

Tom Curren, three-time world champion, opened the evening playing with his band The Noahs. I thought they were just some garage band because the riffs got a little repetitious, but it was cool to see that it was really his band. He's so humble and almost shy it was very cute to see.

The two kids in the film were absolutely adorable and so in love with surfing it was very fun to watch. You'd think it would get old watching wave after wave after wave, but it really was fascinating. I thought the scene where Matt Beacham sneaks along to Indonesia was very funny. He seems like a really cool guy.

This is definitely a guy's guy film. The camaraderie and brotherhood that develops among the three travelers and all the cool accomplished surfers they meet along the way was very sweet to watch. I love it when men love each other like that in an uncomplicated brotherly fashion.

It was also very cool to see how open they were about their relationship with God and how much they trust and depend on Him for their lives. I love a Godly man. Especially ones that look as hot as these guys did. Sorry, but it's true.:)

I learned there's some surfer churches in the area that I'm thinking of checking out. My church, although I really, really love the people, just doesn't have a lot of singles for me to hang with and I'm beginning to crave friendships with Christians who aren't married. I will always love my married friends, but it's time for me to meet more people I could actually connect and hang with. I get so lonely living here and I'm tired of it.

I even miss my noisy neighbor since he's been staying at his girlfriend's more. How silly is that? At least I knew there was another human being living and breathing in my building. Sometimes it's like a ghost town. But when I do see people they're very nice which is cool.

So, that's all for now. Just had to share. I really had a nice evening. Met some people at the ice cream/hamburger social after the movie who were friendly and nice. Then met the wife of the guy who had turned me away last night and had a great chat with her. She's a surfer and maybe I'll get my guts up to learn with her if she's open.

Watching this film made me think surfing must be such a rush. I love swimming in the ocean as it is and think this might be the summer to push past my limitations and try something new. We'll see!

Have a good one. See that Walking on Water if you can. It's a film not to miss!


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