Showdown at the OK Corral - aka Hermosa Beach Planning Commission Meeting
I love it! The Bitch is back with a capital "B"

The Planning Commission did right for our community - AMEN!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Tonight was a little unsettling because as I expected, the entire room was stuffed with Dragon supporters, workers, owners, and their attorney. Oh, for a look at the place in question check out this link: - very attractive crowd eh? Good vibey music too.

However, doesn't look much like a restaurant does it? That was the bottom line of tonight's Planning Commission meeting. As a result, they will have their hours cut back to midnight, they must serve 50/50 food and alcohol and no more dancing. Plus, they will have their TV's reduced to 4 (when they've had 13 - what restaurant do you know with that many?)

My prayers, and the prayers of the over 20 Christians & Pastors I asked to pray regarding this issue of our out-of-control nightlife, have been answered. We, the residents of Hermosa Beach, are taking back our community and it feels good.

This is the first bar up for review. The rest are up for review in the upcoming months. This is going to be a very interesting summer to say the least. I'm sure those expecting to go out dancing and vibing at Dragon from now on are going to be quite surprised.

When a business says they're going to be one thing and then flagrantly, repeatedly and deliberately violates their agreed to terms of doing business then it's time they pay the piper so to speak.

If the owners decide to appeal, then this will go before our City Council for consideration. It's going to be very interesting to see what happens now. That's all I got to say. However, I'll be there to voice my opinion when necessary.

Oh, and if you're interested, I'll be posting the link to the proceedings to allow you to see me lose my temper on camera. I wasn't planning to, but this issue has been bubbling up in me for months and tonight was the night to let it out if any. I was extremely emotional to say the least.

I also swore so if profanity offends you, my apologies in advance. I never said I was a lady when I'm politicking. I was just shocked that the Dragon's attorney would use such a lame excuse and then say a thinly veiled threat to sue if things didn't go their way which infuriated me.

When I heard the Neighborhood Watch guy share that during a drive-along with a cop he was surprised at how many felons they came across in one night in Downtown Hermosa Beach, I think the Planning Commission has done the right thing by forcing Dragon to be a restaurant for once, not a bar.

Thank you to those who prayed who have been following this with me on here. The bars belong to Hermosa, Hermosa doesn't belong to the bars!

And with that, Good Night. (It's been a big night and I'm still a bit jet lagged. However, just had to share because this will have major ramifications on the entire Pier Plaza once everyone hears about the judgment! Glad I'm not in Hermosa for another little bit!:))


Dharma Kelleher

Um, I looked at the video and all I saw was a wonderful diversity of people having a good time. I could totally see Jesus hanging out there. In fact, Jesus hung out with even worse people.

You are my friend, and I love you enough to tell you my honest opinion.

This appears to be, from what you've shared, a lot of hoopla and control issues about nothing. I mean, TV's, alcohol and dancing?

If crime is a problem in the area, then address the issue of crime. But cracking down TV's and dancing is so mayonnaise/white bread/Hollywood elitist/small town Kansas.

I love you, Joy. But you might want to take a step back and really look at your motives. Oh, and rent a copy of "Footloose". But be warned, there might be dancing and drinking in the movie. And you may actually have to watch it on a TV.

Peace out,

Joy Kennelly

Hi Dharma, I know from the outside looking in this seems like a very minor issue - what's wrong with dancing, drinking and having a good time?

Nothing. Except when said good time is a direct violation of their operating license to run this establishment as a restaurant, not a bar.

The Dragon has broken their Conditional Use Permit and ABC License since they opened five years ago - deliberately, flagrantly and repeatedly.

They have had more police calls than any other location in our Downtown area. Our new police chief has been able to provide documentation to this affect which was very helpful in the Planning Commission's decision. I believe the public testimony helped too.

When a Neighborhood Watch leader shared that he had gone on a police ride until 3am he said he was surprised at how many hardened criminals frequent our Downtown area.

Recently, in broad daylight no less, there was an attempted armed robbery on Pier Ave at 4pm and then again around 10pm. I know in the big city that's not a big deal, but you have to understand. This is a community of roughly 18, 000 residents in a mile-wide radius.

I don't want to live in a small beach community where you're afraid to walk down the street for fear someone might stick a gun in your face. That's not part of our General Plan for the running of Hermosa Beach as one Planning Commissioner eloquently pointed out.

Isolated, drinking, dancing and TV's aren't a big deal.

However, when that bar has over 100 police calls and numerous CUP violations because they're not serving equal food and alcohol as they agreed to in writing prior to opening vs. a neighboring restaurant in the same vicinity who closes at midnight and actually is run like a real restaurant only has 19 - somethings wrong with this picture.

Yes, Jesus did hang out with the lost and outcasts of our society. However, when the vendors were violating the Sabbath in front of the Temple he flew into a rage and threw them out.

Since you brought up Jesus - He operates on a value system of right and wrong. As a country we operate under a set of laws that dictate right and wrong.

When someone breaks the law, they get punished. Right now it's Dragon's time to reap the consequences of what they've sown.

You can read more of my detailed coverage prior to my posting the online link on This is Hermosa site

I respect your opinion and hope you'll take the time to also review the video of our Planning Commission hearing because then you'll see for yourself how this business operates with such flagrant disregard for our community's welfare and safety.

I'm all for drinking, dancing and having a good time. You're right, we don't need another Footloose situation. However, we do need law-abiding citizens and business owners who do what they say they're going to when they open businesses in Hermosa Beach, CA.

I'm sick of the reputation my home town has of a place to come and get wasted. Hopefully with the new conditions put in place this will begin to change.

Thanks for reading and giving me your input! I love the dialog.

Hope you're doing well!

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