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Hermosa Beach - Fun and Food

Sharkeez MB - very fun, unexpected experience

By Joy A. Kennelly

You know what's funny about growing up going to church, traveling a lot and not going to bars when you're younger? You really don't understand how it all works when you're older. What's even funnier about being in one when you're older is when you're surrounded by college kids!

Man, if that doesn't make you feel like a Cougar I don't know what will! LOL I had no idea that Sharkeez MB was holding their Hottest College Night promotions the same time as I was hosting my GoChi Happy Hour and it was quite hilarious to see a busload of LMU college students unload into the bar.

Then to watch the faces of the adults I had invited when they walked in not knowing either. I felt bad because I totally wasn't expecting this to happen and really thought I would be hosting a networking event, but... Every time you do an event you learn what works and what needs tweaking. It's just the nature of event planning.

I thought we would have an interesting mix at the least, but I think some professionals just don't see the humor of networking amongst loud music and excited college kids. I had no idea myself, or I would never have billed my event as such.

I also wasn't expecting multiple 2 for 1 drink specials going on which directly competed with ours, but whatever they want to do is fine by me. Not my bar, not my business, not my clientèle. They know what works so just have to trust that fact. Wish it was otherwise, but it wasn't so it is what it is.

When I do this again, which I want to because Sharkeez MB makes the best GoChi cocktails and has the best food, I think it's more appropriate for a weekend when people are going out to just have fun. Makes more sense all the way around.

On another note, was interesting to see someone I haven't seen in ages attend last night and to really see him for who he is for the first time. Sad too, and a cold wake-up call. Can't build your life on past memories or desires I guess. Just kind of mind numbing that that really is his m.o. I had this other vision of who he was which is so wrong!

What was even sadder, was that someone I considered a friend and knew of my feelings for this guy totally disregarded that and went along with his attentions. OY! Oh well, better to know now than later. Just not anyone I want close to me any more. Too painful.

All in all though, it was a really fun evening. Jayne was out there promoting like a crazy woman and we had some people trying GoChi which was great. I think for some it was the first time they'd ever heard of the juice and they were very intrigued.

Sharkeez MB really makes the best GoChi cocktails! They were so good - I'm telling you! I had three - have to be honest. And this is from someone who rarely drinks because I get acid reflux. Not last night! Thanks guys!

Believe it or not, I am really a shy person (especially when I'm not feeling well) and as a result last night was a little overwhelmed by everything. I wasn't as out there as I normally would have been because I was a little sad too, but it will be different next time. Certain people won't be invited which will help.

One young guy came up to me and said if GoChi Juice really helps people avoid hangovers and all the other 19 health benefits, he was going to help me turn my company into a billion dollar business. Pretty exciting, eh?

What cracked me up is when he said he didn't want to pay for the juice - he wanted me to give him a bottle to test it. Sorry buddy, everyone tests it the same way - by showing me the money! He's going to email me so we'll see. You never know with people and could be interesting!

Enjoyed meeting Trey, the guy who hosts the Thursday night meetup at Sharkeez MB. Next time, we partner up with him. Apparently he never received my email requesting that we work together before and now that we know each other it will be better.

Some of the people I had invited showed up and hung out almost the entire time. Others I was expecting were no shows for whatever reason. Damien - you better come next time Big D! I missed you!

My new artist client, Arlene Bogna, who is an extremely gifted, award-winning film director and also photographer (which is why we're working together - she has a solo art show in June which I'm helping her promote) joined us and enjoyed her conversation with my author/speaker friend, Ken Unger.

More on her upcoming exhibit soon!

Today it's all about the Beverly. Beverly Bigwood that is.

Got to wrap up promoting her reception this Sunday and see who all is planning to come out. It's really going to be a delightful afternoon and I hope a lot of art collectors, editors, interior designers and others join us.

We shall see! Better get to work!


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