Positive South Bay Professional Connection news! (repeated on my wordpress blog too...)
The South Bay Professional Connection's event at Verch Insurance Services & CA Associates!

Last night was wonderful, but I want to share this short film with you first

By Joy A. Kennelly

Last night we must have had 200 people attend the third South Bay Professional Connection event announcing the Grand Opening of CA Associates and Verch Insurance Services. It was a really special evening. I'll write more about it later because I must run and my camera is jammed preventing me from uploading pix. Just know, it was fantastic!

Right now I want to share this amazing short film with you called The History of a Sign that my good friend Dianne just emailed me. She sends me the best stuff.

This film reminded me why I ran my short film festival for so many years. It's touching, it's beautiful, it's hopeful, and it's an amazing testimony to the power of one person making a difference in the life of someone less fortunate. Film can change the world in the right hands.

Made me realize I was way ahead of my time producing a shorts film festival if Cannes is now doing it online. In any case, so glad to see a short film touching so many people.

Here's the blurb from You Tube regarding it:

"Fourth annual Short Film Online Competition - Cannes 2008. The NFB, in association with the Cannes Short Film Corner and partner YouTube, is proud to announce that the winner of the NFB Online Competition Cannes 2008 is Alonso Alvarez Barreda for his short film Historia de un Letrero (The Story of a Sign) produced in Mexico/U.S.A.

Director : Alonso Alvarez Barreda
Running Time : 04:50
Year : 2007
Country : Mexico/ U.S.A
Category : Short film

With a stroke of the pen, a stranger transforms the afternoon for another man in this emotionally stirring short film by Alonso Alvarez.

Alonso Alvarez Barreda was born in Mexico City in 1984. He met Alejandro Monteverde, who was still in film school, and since then Alejandro became his friend and mentor. Alonso wrote, produced and directed his first short film, called El Algodonero. His second short film, Historia de un Letrero, was named best short film in the Festival Internacional de Cine en Corto and also won the Hispanoamerican jury award in the Short Shorts Film Festival in Mexico City. It has also been an official selection at the San Diego Latino Film Festival, Cine Festival in San Antonio, Texas, Short Shorts Film Festival Monterrey and Morelos, and in the Short Film Corner in Cannes.

Currently, Historia de un Letrero is part of the regular programming on National TV in Mexico. Alonso lives in Los Angeles.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I cried at the ending - but it was happy tears.

So moving... Please click the link to see what I'm talking about.



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