The Planning Commission did right for our community - AMEN!
Happy Memorial Day! Thank you Veterans for your service.

I love it! The Bitch is back with a capital "B"

By Joy A. Kennelly

Honey, I'm back and badder than ever. You just keep going on Googling my name plus bitch because you know it will come up! LOL

I call myself one because I think it's funny and certain times of the month it's so true - like right now! Here's what a girlfriend said when I asked her opinion on these people who are totally cracking me up which I found very insightful:

"I've gotten this before too. It is exactly because it stings and women really don't want to be perceived as bitches. When a man in a business or professional situation is strong or obnoxious, it's expected and maybe he's called a dick. Which just isn't an insult like being called a bitch. I saw an episode of Saturday Night Live-SNL recently and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were talking about Hillary Clinton.

Tina said, 'Why do people have a problem with bitches?? Bitches get things done!!!' (AMEN SISTER!)

Couldn't have said it better myself! Take back the term, if you know it was said because you were resourceful or clever or did your job, then somehow let others know you were doing exactly that. Don't stoop to engage the name caller in giving the word any power."

Then she reminded me of this book called Why Men Love Bitches and what the acronym stands for:

Control of


She also reminded me, "It isn't really a book about being a bitch, it is setting boundaries and not letting a man walk all over your sweetness. Or anybody who crosses your boundaries, whatever they may be." Guess that applies to me!:)

I totally admit to feeling bitchy though and am drinking my GoChi Juice as quick as I can to get my hormones back under control, but until then... sorry, you'll just have to deal with it. If it bothers you, then don't read this blog. Simple solution. Why torture your little brain?

Oh, and rather than telling my angry neighbor to grow up or have a drink, I should have just said - Use your words. Communication is key. If you don't like something then say it. Glaring and stomping around really doesn't convey anything other than immaturity and the inability to communicate verbally. Right?

Ooohhh dear. Was that bitchy? Sorry about that. See? I just can't help myself! OY! LOL

Oh well, I'm giving my neighbors a break and letting them party hardy this Memorial Day while I escape to San Diego. If I could just keep traveling I would! I'm thinking of going back to work with the airlines I love getting away so much. We'll see.

For now...

Happy Memorial Day!

Don't drink and drive!


And whoever keeps parking in my spot - move it, or lose it. I mean it.


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