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Happy Memorial Day! Thank you Veterans for your service.

By Joy A. Kennelly

Hermosa Beach, CA has a really beautiful Veterans Memorial statue located on PCH & Pier Ave right above our Downtown area. Here's some pix and information to showcase it.

Isn't it stately? Veterans memorialJoy A. Kennelly All reproductions rights reserved. 2008
Back in January I asked some questions about this statue on our This is Hermosa community forum site.

Someone nicknamed Old Crow was generous with his time and information to answer me. According to someone also in the know, "The Memorial was dedicated in 1994. A group of local vets maintain it and (they) usually plan the annual evening Veterans' Day ceremony on November 11th."

Here's Old Crow's information on the Veterans Memorial I bet you didn't know (I did eliminate some original questions that don't relate. Enjoy!):
1. How many veterans are honored on the wall?

Every veteran is honored. Every Service is represented. The memorial is a sundial which symbolizes that "Veterans are Timeless"  the motto on the memorial.

2. Who funded it?

Private donors. TRW (now Northrop Grumman), Raytheon, Learned Lumber, Kiwanis for example.

3. How long has it been around?

1993 (Someone else says 1994. Anyone know for sure?)

5. How many veterans are still living? Who are they?

You'll have to ask the Department of Defense that one. (I had been referring to local South Bay veterans, but no matter.)

6. Are you in contact with the veterans still living?

A few. One of my buddies I was down playing volleyball with at the beach today is leaving for Iraq tomorrow (1/17/2007 Only in Hermosa Beach, CA would you be playing volleyball in January!)

7. Would you be able to gather them together at some point down the road?

Many gather there every Veterans Day since it has been finished.

8. Have we done anything to honor our recent veterans who have been serving overseas lately?

The last Veterans Day, the keynote speaker at the Veterans Day commemoration had just returned from overseas.

Okay, that's all for now.

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you Veterans!    

Backside veterans memorial Joy A. Kennelly
All reproductions rights reserved. 2008


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