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Very cool South Bay Charity - please support if you can!

Hi Everyone, Just received this from my friend Meghan whose step-dad, Taz Latham, just sent her this wonderful letter highlighting some needs in our community. I trust her implicitly and think these seem like really worthy causes. Please check it out and donate if you can!

Here's his pitch letter:

Dear Friend,

I have a strong commitment to, and a strong belief in, non-profit organizations whose primary purpose is to assist individuals and families in poverty to become self-sufficient.

This belief has found expression in my commitment to raise a total of $20,000 for Toberman Neighborhood Center and Heifer International by April 18, 2008. 

Toberman is the local focus.  It is a San Pedro based non-profit multi-purpose neighborhood center providing various social service programs to low-income individuals and families living in the South Bay, with the purpose of moving them from poverty to self-sufficiency.  They do this through nine core programs that focus on family development, child safety and learning, gang prevention/intervention and emergency assistance.

Heifer focuses internationally and works in partnership with communities to alleviate hunger, poverty and environmental damage by providing appropriate livestock and training to small scale farmers.  A recipient of livestock and training to care for that livestock from Heifer commits to give the first female offspring of their animals and their knowledge, resources and skills to another family in their village.  In this manner they create an expanding network of hope, dignity and self-reliance that reaches around the globe.

If you desire more information about either organization please contact me or go to their website:  www.toberman.org and www.heifer.org.

You can support my commitment to these two non-profit organizations in either of two ways – the first and most significant is to provide me with referrals of individuals and/or organizations that may be interested in supporting my goal.  Secondly, you can make a financial donation to one or both of these organizations. 

You may donate to Heifer using my personalized Heifer International page.  To get there:
Go to www.heifer.org and under the Give tab select Team Heifer
Do a search under Top Fundraisers for Taz Latham
This will get you to my personalized web page where you can donate and Heifer will track the information.

You may donate to Toberman by mailing a check to: Toberman Neighborhood Center, 131 N. Grand Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731-2035.  Please mark your check on the Memo line as Latham Project.

Taz Latham


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