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Pix from GenArt, Fashion Week, Cambria & Big Sur - Finally!

Pix of the beach from the other day - what a sunset

Perfect_beach_shot Beach

This is why I live here. I just love the ocean. Look at the sky! I wish I had a better camera now!

Bruces_beach_sign_2 Wish I had a beach named after me! I didn't have a chance to read the sign, but I think this is in honor of the family that owns this hillside park in Manhattan Beach. The earlier shots are of Brucesbeach2Hermosa Beach. Is this area beautiful or what?


I was driving by and the sky just made me stop and shoot these. I'm not the best photographer, but you get the drift. I still have to upload my Cambria ones. Can't wait to share those with you all too! Isn't this the most delightful park?                                                                                                
Brucesbeach3 El_segundo Now if I only had a really good camera you could see the sun shining off the boat in the distance. It was so stunning and I am so bummed this camera is too small to have captured it.

Now do you see why I love living where I live despite everything that goes on? Where else can you look to the side of the road and catch such vistas of the ocean? I just love looking out into infinity and smelling the ocean air. I was born living on the beach, I want to be married on the beach, and maybe even have my ashes thrown in the ocean if I'm cremated. Hopefully that's a long time away so I won't worry about that now.

That's all I have to share for now. This has been a brief snapshot into South Bay beaches at Sunset - starting in Hermosa and ending in El Segundo.

Enjoy the view!


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