Life is so short - please tell people you love them today
Sharkeez MB - very fun, unexpected experience

It's official...

By Joy A. Kennelly

I have bronchitis according to my doc, or else a peculiar case of pneumonia. Now that I know what it is I feel better. She said it probably wasn't Valley Fever because I was hacking up a lung and feeling very weak even before going to AZ.

However, if the antibiotics don't kick this then we'll see what else we can find. OY! At least I know for now though. Makes me feel good to know it's not allergies and there's a cure in sight. I hope...:)

My Bible Study group are praying hard for me which might explain why I felt a little stronger today. Ever since Friday night I've been so whipped it's all I could do to get out of bed and function. So nice to have my brain back too. Got to have my energy for tomorrow night's big mixer and Sunday afternoon's event too!

Lots of good stuff rolling along. I'll share more later, but know it's all good.

Hope you're having a good one. Try to pop by my event even if just for a bit. We think we're going to have a real fun crowd because Sharkeez has invited their crowd and we've invited a ton of people too.

Take care of yourself!


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