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GoChi Happy Hour at Sharkeez MB!

This is my latest event. Isn't this the cutest invite? Thank you Sharkeez! Hope you'll consider joining us! We're inviting lots of people and you're all welcome. Great networking and schmoozing. Should be an interesting mix to say the least.... Read more →

If you're interested in an update of my weekend...

By Joy A. Kennelly and the latest with my clients, please go to: (or just search for Goji on and visit my professional blog: where I highlight Charles Zigman's success with his book series entitled World's Coolest... Read more →

Here's more information on the situation in Haiti

This is from my friend Patti's myspace page on her experiences in Haiti and her take on the situation. Directly below is an article validating her assertion re: rotting food that Haitians aren't receiving. It's simply amazing to me that... Read more →

Bones, First Tuesday, The Riches, Cozy Faux, and Meetup

By Joy A. Kennelly Never have watched the show Bones before and it's fun to see The Standard Downtown used as a location. If you're ever in LA you should hit it at least once. Oh good, now the The... Read more →

Pix from GenArt, Fashion Week, Cambria & Big Sur - Finally!

By Joy A. Kennelly Finally uploaded all my pix and have them ready to be seen. Just know, this is a new camera, I haven't read the owner's manual and as a result, some of the pix aren't the best... Read more →