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Bones, First Tuesday, The Riches, Cozy Faux, and Meetup

By Joy A. Kennelly

Never have watched the show Bones before and it's fun to see The Standard Downtown used as a location. If you're ever in LA you should hit it at least once. Oh good, now the The Riches are on! Now to see how sick it's become. :)

Just came from another First Tuesday group, but this time it's a 2nd Tuesday held down here in the South Bay. What another great group of women. This meeting was much smaller and more intimate which I just loved. Everyone was so honest and open with their emotions, it was more of a support group almost than business networking, but it's great.

After schmoozing over some great appetizers, we all gathered together in the living room to hear my good friend Christi Wilson of Cozy Faux share all about her wonderful luxurious, soft faux blanket and specialty collection. So lovely - check out the web site for gifts. You'll love 'em!

Then we went around the room and shared what we were about for three minutes each. Then afterwards, Alexi of Little Effort Big Results spoke on hand analysis which was really a lot of fun. I was afraid it was palm reading because I'm not into that, but this is based on more scientific ideas and very interesting.

I have gifted hands!:)  According to  Alexi, my long "head line" means I have special unique talents and like solving complex problems. Totally! Your right hand indicates how you are in the world, your left is your personal life. When compared, both of my hands were so different it was very interesting.

According to my "heart" line, I like powerful people and need to recognize that I have that same power in myself so I don't need others to fulfill that. The more I move through life, the more I realize it's true. Can't help it!:)

What always amazes me is how people have a tendency to under-estimate me though. Men think I'm demure till they get to know me and are surprised that under my soft, quiet exterior I'm really strong; clients think I'm so nice I'm a pushover until they push me too hard and disrespect my abilities then I push back.

Tonight was just what I needed. A chance to "let my hair down" so to speak with other women who are dealing with their own issues who could totally relate and support my decisions. I'm really looking forward to "doing lunch" with some of the women I've met because they're so interesting.

On another note, I've also decided to expand my social horizons with men and have signed up for all kinds of fun groups over on Meetup.com. Have you all seen this site? My friend said it's started by the same people who began EBay and it's really great. Perfect for adults to connect with other like-minded people.

Check it out! Okay, that's all.

I want to relax and enjoy The Riches.

I love Eddie Izzard!


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