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Now I just want a new car! Whoa!

Pimp my Ride please...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just got back from the Hin City pre-party for Hot Import nights at Club Avalon up in Hollywood. Oh the events I go to! Totally cracked me up to be there. My friend just started a new job with the company as a VP so we had a lot of juice which was fun.

Now if our city officials were smart, they'd take a page from the parking guys at this club. When we got there (early because I wanted to leave early) the price was $20. Well, when we went to leave around 11pm, it was jacked up $10 and cost $30 to park! There were huge lines of people waiting to get in - think of the revenue!

Inside, had a few drinks and met the guy who runs the web stuff. I told him if I blog about their company I want spinning rims for my little red sports car! Can't you see it now? Or maybe the ones with the videos that play. I love it! I am going to hit their big Hot Import Nights party at the LA Convention Center Sat. night to hear The Game perform.

Now I wanna be a "tuner" - you don't know what that means? I didn't either till tonight. It's someone who's always fixing up their car. Isn't that a riot?

Let's see, if I get the rims, then I want the new floor rugs, then some seat covers, maybe a seat cushion, a new paint job, a major tune-up, something dangly to hang from my rearview mirror, some scent to make it smell nice and then I think I'm done.

However, ask me again after Sat. night - I'll probably see a bunch of stuff I just have to have! Just kidding. Oh, I know what I forgot!!!!! The hydrolics (sp?) for my rear wheels to make my car bounce when I see a cute guy and want to get his attention. Oh yeah, and the tinted windows to avoid having the paparazzi blind me with their flash bulbs.

Okay, now I think that's really it.  I'll keep you posted.

Have a good one!


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