Pimp my Ride please...
What is it with Easter mornings?

Now I just want a new car! Whoa!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Tonight was part 2 of Hot Import Nights only this time we were at the LA Convention Center with all the hot tricked out cars and sexy girls dancing. Too funny. I felt like a giant surrounded by all the Latino and Asian guys wandering around. I know it's discriminatory to say this, but I also kept waiting for gang stuff which fortunately didn't happen. Can't help it. I'm a white sheltered girl from the South Bay!

Could be all the security and all the metal detectors everyone had to walk through probably helped deter any bad elements. Speaking of which, The Game performed tonight and we had front row seats - pays to be VIP, eh? Totally fun and totally not my regular scene.

I do like hip hop, but it's just a little unnerving to be surrounded by tons of fans of a rapper when another rapper I know was shot 9 times in one night over some stupid thing. His stomach still bears the scars from that horrible night. Then with the gun firing sound effects during The Game's act - totally put me on edge.

The whole rap scene makes me uncomfortable and I hate the lyrics, but the experience tonight was fun. The Game kept stripping down till all he had on were his baggy jeans hanging below his butt with his Ralph Lauren's covering everything else. He had one hand on his pants and the other on his mic.

We had a real cool time. It's just funny, the few black guys I've been in love with have much, much better bodies than he did. That's why he was cool, but not awesome. I like a hot body if it's going to get half naked in front of me.

Plus, then you see like maybe about 40 thug like guys standing behind him on stage as part of his entourage. Not my scene at all. Every so often the pot smell would get real strong, but not that often fortunately. Otherwise, it was great!

My last ex was a total pot head and the smell always brings back bad memories of his mood changes when he smoked and the fights we'd have as a result. Man, was that a long time ago. I'm so glad I never married him and vice versa I'm sure.

He was my bad boy years. I've grown and changed a lot since then. Marc had lots of good qualities too, but not someone I'd be interested in now I don't think. I do like guys with an edge though. However, I'm learning to like the nice ones too. May be a little boring, but I'd rather have boring and honest vs. edgy and cheats on me any time. Not that Marc did, or that I knew of, but others have.

Enough about me, how about you? Just teasing.

There were some real cool cars there tonight. I think I have to add to my wish list an awesome stereo system, video monitors (7 in one car even as a replacement of the tail lights!), leather seats - (screw seat covers), chrome engine, and I think that's all. Just kidding.

I would never do that, but true "tuners" will drop 20k plus to trick out their ride. I guess you could put the money towards a college education, or trick out your car. No choice. I kept expecting to see my old massage therapist from the chiro's office because he's totally this scene.

When I tell him I was here next time I see him he's going to freak. He totally cracks me up. Total east side guy and proud of it. He's got magic hands so I don't care where he lives as long as he's helping my back feel better.

Speaking of which, it's been killing me lately so I'm going to stop and sleep it off. Helping out with the Easter Service tomorrow over at the Lomita campus of Bay Cities Community Church. Hope you make a service even if it's one of the few you attend all year!

Have a good one! Happy Easter! Eat a peep on me...:)


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