Lest people think I've been crazy for saying this...
Very interesting article on this year's MB Surf Festival

Gen Art Fashion Show, Seal Beach, GoChi, The Lost Patrol

By Joy A. Kennelly

Enjoyed hanging out with a bunch of friends last night at the Gen Art Fashion Show downtown LA and then again today over in Seal Beach. Two very different experiences, and very fun. I love my friends.

I need to give my hands and shoulder a break from typing since I over-extended myself too much this past week and an old injury is flaring up... It will calm down and then you'll hear all with pix.

Just wanted to say sorry about the GoChi juice commercial that still plays! Didn't realize it would and don't know yet how to stop it. Hope you keep coming back regardless. I promise to look into it. I do rep GoChi Juice so if you're interested, shoot me an email via www.joykennelly.freelife.com and I"ll hook you up.

Otherwise, enjoying some cool space cowboy/David Lynchesque music by The Lost Patrol - check it out here.

Have a good one!


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