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Gen Art Fashion Event the other night

By Joy A. Kennelly

It's really funny what happens when you step away from something for a bit and then come back to it. It changes your perspective and you can never go back to what it was like before. That's what visiting LA Fashion Week events has been like for me this go round.

Although I've complained about the work involved making sure your budding or established celebrity receives the publicity they come to these events for, it actually gives my being there a purpose which was lacking this time. Plus, I enjoy their company which makes it fun too.

I'm not hired by any fashion mags to write coverage and mainly go just to tap into my feminine side since running your own business you operate in your masculine side so much. No, I am not gay. Just telling it like it is.

When you're dealing with men in business you can't help but pick up some of their tendencies. However, that doesn't mean you're any less of a female. It's just tough when you face chauvinism in the work world and it can make you a little hardened to allowing people to know your vulnerabilities and be as open as you normally would.

When I go to LA Fashion Week Shows, it's the one time where I can just let my guard down and be a woman and ooh and aah at what makes me happy to think about wearing. It also is very social and a place to enjoy a totally different crowd of people than I normally hang out with. I love it. It's stimulating visually and mentally.

The other night at Gen Art was no exception. Very eclectic, young hipster type crowd. A very cool Downtownish venue of a hotel turned nightclub. The interior was so glamorous and rather goth almost. I'd been there in the past for a rave a long time ago and it was fun to be there again.

As always, free drinks were flowing and I opted to try the new flavored saki, but soon wished I hadn't since my acid reflux acted up. I just can't drink any more. Have to face that fact and move on. It was delicious though and if you like saki, try it! The bottle is absolutely adorable.

There was a live staged fashion show in the lower area with interesting black and white geometric style fashions - very '80's which was entertaining. I always love seeing what the hairdressers will do since it's their job to make everything fit together.

After a bit we wandered upstairs and were treated to two more staged fashion environments. We were all expecting a runway show similar to years past, but this was cool in it's own way. Very stylistic, staged sets where women just posed as live mannequins almost. On stage there was a round lazy Susan type circular moving  mirrored platform with huge mirrored pillars that the models just stepped on and took a ride around the circle.

A little bizarre since there was no movement other than the revolving platform, but cool. Unfortunately, the clothes were hard to see as they came up close because the lighting didn't highlight the clothes enough. However, it was interesting to watch. For a bit.

We decided to leave early to avoid the valet crunch and were glad we did. We ended up cutting off our car at the corner and quickly maneuvered our way out of the long line of cars to freedom! It had been a long week so we all said adieu and went our separate ways soon after. I always enjoy hanging out with these people and loved the scene.

Gotta run. More Fashion Week later. I'll have to upload pix too!


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