It's not too late to attend Spa Riviera party tonight!
Send some love to our soldiers for Valentine's!

Great networking event tonight!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Watched Lipstick Jungle tonight after my mixer and like it a lot better than the Cashmere Mafia. We'll see... Much cuter men on Lipstick Jungle - especially the young hottie who seduces that married woman. Not saying I approve of that aspect, just like his look. Hot, hot, hot!

Love the fact the channel 4 news covered "the Cougar connection" --too funny! Tonight was a lot of fun with all my Cougar girlfriends - although we're not into younger men so much, we do enjoy the eye candy. Hey, we're not blind people. However, totally cracks me up that the term Cougar has become mainstream. Growlll! Why should older guys have all the fun with younger women? Right? Turn-about is fair play in my mind.

We had a great turn-out tonight! Once I figure out how to upload pix from this camera, I'll share them with you! Kim was so sweet and came early to help set up. You always love people like her who are such servant-hearted. I think she's my new best friend. LOL We all agree she looks like a younger, beautiful Maria Shriver. Go Kim go!

Actress Maria Rangel was in all her glory sharing her experiences on NBC's hit show, Age of Love, with a rapt group of women. We all agreed the "tennis guy" was cute, but dull. I guess if all you do is play sports and nothing else...

In addition to the wonderful Yummy soy candles she was selling, Maria literally gave this woman the dress off her back from her new line of Yummy designs to try on. I was laughing so hard I think I forgot to take pix, but imagine one woman modeling this extremely sexy long dress with lots of boobage surrounded by her lovely long blonde hair and then imagine the other lovely brunette woman (Maria) wrapped in nothing other than a spa wrap towel cheering her on! Too funny and so Maria.

The Gochi drink was a huge hit too because after all, Oprah endorses it! And Oprah is god-like right? Also, Dr. Oz, Time Magazine and so many more call it a Super Food! Gotta try it! Trust me. You'll be so amazed at how good you feel! It has changed my life by controlling my hormones which I am so happy about. Believe me, so are others!

Chef Melinda booked her first wedding cake order and cupcake delivery order tonight. Go Chef Melinda!
Her new company name is Sugar Cups - isn't that adorable? "Get your cake and eat it too!" You don't want to know the back story to that tagline...:)

We took the funniest pictures (which won't be included in the official company pix for obvious reasons - sex sells, but that's not what we're selling - only cupcakes people!) I wish I had another one right now. Perfect gifts for Valentine's Day if anyone needs a nice company present for anyone. Hint, hint.:)

What was interesting to me is that on my vision board I had cut out a picture of a wedding with cupcakes as the wedding "cake" and it gave me chills when I realized now I know a baker who bakes cupcakes! She hadn't decided on cupcakes as her main focus for her new business when I created my vision board. Too freaky. Maybe this is my year for love? I hope so...

Spa Riviera Owner, Tony, was a hit with the ladies and men because everyone wants to look years younger with his amazing microdermabrasion treatments. I especially enjoyed his new massage therapist, Martha's gifted hands as she released some of my tension during a chair massage. Can't wait for a real massage, I need one after today. OY!

Lou-e-Luey's outdid themselves too. Rafael's shrimp ceviche is absolutely divine, as was everything else, and everyone was asking for cards all night long. I had no idea they were such a great Baja seafood place. I really must visit soon. Really wonderful. Highly recommend it! Fun vibe in the restaurant and delicious food.

My new artist, Beverly Bigwood, showcased her artwork and her kissing cupids were a big hit. So glad we're working together. She has a real unique style and is such a beautiful woman (inside and out.) She deserves all the best. Now to help her achieve it.

Otherwise, life is moving ahead at warp speed. I'm very excited to see what will happen now that we've launched the first South Bay Professional Connection - onwards and upwards!

God bless everyone! God loves you and so do I!


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