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What a fun, productive day...

By Joy A. Kennelly The Office totally cracks me up! Anyone else like this totally whacked out show? Reminds me of some people I know. Too funny. I LOVE Steve Carell. Today's Day Spa event at A Fresh Face Skincare... Read more →

Interesting article in the LA Times today...

By Joy A. Kennelly I've been fighting horrible allergies again (always happens with the sudden weather changes) and haven't felt like writing much. However, did hit an amazing art opening at the Gagosian Gallery with Julian Schnabel's latest artwork (selling... Read more →

Channel 4 Chuck Henry news coverage on Hermosa Beach bar scene

By Joy A. Kennelly Watch Chuck Henry, co-anchor of the award-winning weekday editions of the "Channel 4 News", coverage of our out-of-control Downtown Bar scene and the recent Planning Commission meeting. Henry has won 12 Los Angeles area Emmy Awards... Read more →

Did you all hear about the mob arrests in NY?

By Joy A. Kennelly Wow! I had no idea this had gone on until my Dad shared an article written by the ever insightful journalist, John Bogert of the Daily Breeze entitled Mobsters have their `good' names. He's a great... Read more →

Great networking event tonight!

By Joy A. Kennelly Watched Lipstick Jungle tonight after my mixer and like it a lot better than the Cashmere Mafia. We'll see... Much cuter men on Lipstick Jungle - especially the young hottie who seduces that married woman. Not... Read more →

Very surprised to learn this, but happy too...

By Joy A. Kennelly Just learned how to analyze my stats a little better and learned that I receive 1700 unique hits a month! Also, that roughly 20 people subscribe to my blog which means they like to receive copies... Read more →

Christine Kane is one of my favorite blogs to read...

By Joy A. Kennelly and quoting Christine Kane Hi Everyone, If you've never read anything by Christine Kane before, you're in for a real treat. This woman is a musician, teaches creativity, and runs these amazing retreats in the woods... Read more →

Actress Maria Rangel at our Special Pre-Valentine's Day Party 2/7!

Now, does Actress Maria Rangel look familiar? HOT!!! Gotta love the Latinas! Watch out Eva - there's another hottie on the loose... (Marc Cherry, doesn't Eva need an evil sister or cousin on Desperate Housewives? Here's your girl!) You might... Read more →

What an upset game today, eh? And other musings

By Joy A. Kennelly I'm not into football at all, but today's Super Bowl game was very exciting. It's great to see the best of the best go against each other now that I understand there are two leagues. (Hey,... Read more →