Boys will be boys, but it would be nice if they'd grow up too...
Channel 4 Chuck Henry news coverage on Hermosa Beach bar scene

Even Fox news picked up the HB bar issue story!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Except for the party boy's commentary at the end (highly unprofessional in my opinion, but hey, he does traffic, not news so he's allowed to be biased and pro-bar I guess. Hi traffic boy - stick to traffic - you'll report it better. Oh dear, was that mean? Trying not to be, but certain beach people drive me crazy when they refuse to see anything beyond their and their friend's selfish desires rather than the best interests of the community as a whole.)

In any case, here's the coverage by Fox news this morning with great commentary and footage of all the key city players who were at last night's planning commission meeting (which I missed due to a previous commitment.)

"Alcohol permits are on the line for some bars and restaurants in Hermosa Beach" is the lead Emmy-winning broadcast veteran Steve Edwards gave who hosts Good Day LA, seen weekday mornings at 7:00 a.m. on KTTV FOX 11.

Click here for the video news story ok? Thanks for stopping by!

It's great to see this issue receiving the coverage it deserves because it's time for change in the city and we're going to see this issue through to the end. Now if only the Planning Commissioners will get the backbone necessary to do what's right and enforce the law!

More to come on March 18 when they meet again. You can be sure this issue is not going away any time soon!


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