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Storm Watch - Hermosa Beach style & other stuff

By Joy A. Kennelly

I think I must be fighting something because I didn't wake up till 11am today which I guess I needed. After a few phone calls and catching up on stuff, I decided to join my new friend and help create sand bags for the Public Works Department in preparation for the big storm coming in.

You in cold states shovel snow, whereas, here in Hermosa Beach, we shovel sand into bags. Too funny. This is supposed to be the worst storm in a long time. It's about time we had some weather other than sunshine here.

I used to live in Seattle so I can say that. However, I do hope that everyone who has rain issues with their homes will be ok. Nothing like a leak to bring down your day. Hopefully people won't be needing the sand bags we created today, but glad to have helped create them. It was fun!

I've just totally updated my new wordpress blog - so please check it out here: www.thejoywriterpr.wordpress.com or just Google The Joy Writer PR.

Also, if you're interested in learning more about Hermosa Beach politics and what the community is thinking and concerned about - then check out This is Hermosa (www.thisishermosa.com). That's our community forum and there's all kinds of good info there.

I'm trying to keep my HB comments to that site when appropriate, but sometimes will share here. Just trying not to bore my readers here who could care less. Right people? Right. Oh, and sorry for my snide comments re: a certain female. I'll try to contain myself in the future. Not nice of me. I'm sorry. It was just too funny though...

If you're considering a movie to see I recommend P.S. I Love You - very sweet, funny film. Hot guys too. I love that kind of look in a man. And men who like to sing.

Hilary Swank wasn't too shabby either. Actually, I really liked her acting in this movie and could see how she could be compared to Judy Garland in looks (in a certain scene it's very obvious. Let me know if you agree.)

Have a great weekend all!


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