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Way to go Esther! Great write-up in Backstage

By Joy A. Kennelly

Kudos to my friend Esther and her play, Random Sharp Objects. She just received a fair and balanced review by Backstage that validates my opinion of her acting ability too! Check it out here.

Sometimes you wonder if you like something because it's yours friends thing, but no, this time I was right. Esther is extremely talented! I think she should consider turning her play into a short animated film. It has all the elements of a Fat Albertesque piece.

Maybe she can connect with the Wayans Brothers because they've produced an animation series in the past and have the hook-up.

I'm tired, but when I saw that review I just had to share. Way to go Esther! I'm so glad and proud of you! I love the fact she gives voice to the issues of her past in acting whereas I'm doing it through writing. The truth shall set us free!

And with that, a good night.


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