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Britney Spears, Art party

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just caught Britney's new video and highlights. So glad to hear she's reconnecting with her mom and sister. She needs family right now more than ever. I think the radio station that was having people bid on when she was going to commit suicide was terrible and deserves to have a heavy fine from the FCC (if that's possible.)

Why do people think it's funny to laugh at another's troubles? Yes they're famous, but does that make them any less human? I've never understood that attitude. Here's an interesting LA Times article with their take on what's happening. And this one's my favorite - Jimmy Kimmel's take on Chris Crocker, Britney's Super Fan, and his video. Too funny.

I do think Jimmy's girlfriend Sarah was a little snide in her riff, but that's old news so who cares right?

Otherwise, life is good. The art party last night was very eclectic and electric - lots of interesting types of people I don't normally see out and about. Got some good advice and a great Kerastase hair product too. Can't wait to get my hair done! You should have been there.

I'm bummed because my friend Vince has canceled his party due to too many Halloween and Octoberfest parties. Oh well. Maybe I can finally catch a movie! Been dying to see the new Jodi Foster film, The Brave One, and a bunch of others like Into the Wild.

My friend Shana saw Into the Wild and says it's amazing. The music by Eddie Vedder really sets the tone and the cinematography is stunning. I think Sean Penn is going to be the next Robert Redford type director if I go by what she described. Or the next greatest Sean Penn director!:)

So, that's all. I wish I could tell you more, but there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes, but until  confirmed in writing...mum's the word.

Hope you're having a good one!


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