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At long last, Gali's gallery debut(s)! Moving, moving, moving

By Joy A. Kennelly

I'm very happy to announce that Gali Rotstein of the Ken and Gali Rotstein's has been accepted to not one, but five gallerys! Of course, she can't accept all five offers, but it was so nice to see her work validated by so many fine gallery directors.

Each one was unique in what they were known for and specialized in which made it extremely difficult to narrow the choice down. Especially when she liked the people so much. However, at this point in her art career it was important to select a path that will lead her in the ultimate direction she wants to have.

So! I'm happy to announce that you will finally be able to see Gali's work for yourself up close and personal at the infamous Bergamot Station's very own world renowned Lois Lambert Gallery whose director, Lois Lambert herself, is known internationally as an authority on functional art. The other name for the gallery is Gallery of Functional Art or GFA. It's the perfect place for Gali to debut because her artwork fits so well in this genre.

Mark your calendars now because Gali's art debut and grand art opening with GFA as part of Group '08 is Saturday, January 12, 2008 and will run through March 9, 2008.  She's thrilled to be part of the prestigious Bergamot Station and Lois Lambert's Gallery as her Los Angeles debut for Requiem for a Housewife.

The other announcement I am able to finally make is that Sara Cannon, curator of the equally prestigious Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, went to visit Gali's home studio awhile back, saw her work and said, (a direct quote) "I really like her exuberance and talent....I would like to show her when I get the right show." Isn't that wonderful news too? Sara's gallery is strictly for exhibition which is why there is no conflict with GFA. Oh, the things I'm learning about the art world.

There are some really cool galleries in town and Gali was accepted by three others, which out of courtesy I will keep nameless until the time is right. Just know they have excellent taste in art and I may be sharing a new artist's work with them soon which I'm sure they'll love just as much. Then I'll be talking them up too!

In the meantime let's just bask in the light of Gali's glow as a successful new emerging LA artist, shall we? Like I said about Esther, you think your friends are talented, but worry you're biased when they're your friends. That's why it's nice to have outside confirmation of what you believe in your heart to be true of their talent.

I knew when I visited Gali the first night we met to begin working together and a piece of her art made me cry because it was so stunning, I was looking at true talent. Now to go conquer the rest of the world with her art!

She's really great to work with because she comes up with great ideas and contacts which help make my job easier. Same with Audrey and her Back to College for A Day seminar series. However, they know I work hard with what and who I know, and how I do it too!:)

Audrey's a real go-getter too and I believe that all her hard work is going to pay off! I hope you will consider attending at least one lecture on Saturday, October 27, 2007 and enjoy the intellectual stimulation! I've heard keeping your brain moving helps fight off Alzheimer's which is a good thing.

Otherwise, on a personal front, I'm moving this weekend. Never in all my years of renting apartments have I EVER met such an apt nazi as the lady I met today. You would have thought I was trying to buy the building with all the documentation she requested. NEVER, EVER, EVER have I had a building manager request two years of tax returns, my bank deposits for the past year, proof of payment, $200 deposit etc, etc, you would have thought I had to give my firstborn son the way she was going at it.

Needless to say, I didn't end up applying there after all. I had jumped through some of the hoops, but give me a frickin' break lady. Some of this is none of your damn business. Six months records should be sufficient and if it's not, then I'm not meant to be there. Can you imagine what she would have been like as a landlord? Maybe she's had bad experiences with other beach rentals, but I've moved A LOT in my past and I've NEVER met someone like her.

I point blank asked her if the owner of the building would rather have the apartment sit empty for a month while she tried to find someone else who would give her all the data she was requesting to which she became indignant. I doubt anyone else has ever challenged her like I did, but I hate record keeping and it was a big pain in the tukis just to get together everything I got for her to begin with.

Oh well, I'm in a new Bible Study presented by Crown Financial  which was offered through King's Harbor Church  which will hopefully get that area of my business and life under control. Tonight was cool because Pastor Henry lead the group and I've never met him before. Very nice, caring man. Good people in the group too.

One of my friends from Bay Cities was so excited to hear I was taking this class because it so changed her life so many years back. Another friend of mine had taken it too and everyone speaks so highly of the way you learn and grow through doing it. I can't wait!

I had a pretty rough summer with my back injury and hardly working as a result, but God was faithful and provided for me. Now to get my life back on track in more ways than one. Speaking of churches, I'm singing this Sunday at the 9:30am and 11:00am service at Bay Cities Community Church's Lomita Campus located at  2043 Lomita Blvd, Lomita, CA 90717.

This is a rare Southern California appearance of me singing so you better get there early or the crowds will be overwhelming. JUST KIDDING! I don't think many people even know I sing to be honest. I haven't sung in a while, but I'm looking forward to it, albeit a little nervous. Would love to see your smiling faces in the audience if you feel so inspired to drive on down and check out the Lomita campus.

This particular church building has such a cool story (which to make sure is accurate you'll have to verify with Pastor Jim.) Apparently a few years back Jim was approached by a missions organization who saw his vision to reach the people of the South Bay and felt lead to donate their entire property of 3.5 acres including the buildings and everything to Bay Cities as a gift!

Can you imagine the value of that property and just receiving it as a gift? Well, they did! Apparently the church needed some work which men from the church helped rebuild. What a labor of love. Now it's so beautiful you feel like you're in a Beverly Hills home it's so pretty  - beautiful tile work, modern fixtures, gorgeous, spacious kitchen, and a great community space.

The grounds are beautiful too with lots of grass for children who attend the little school to play on. I was blown away as he was telling me the story. Now I have to be honest, my heart belongs to the Redondo Beach church because that's where my sister had her wedding reception. I have fond memories of that time. Plus, a lot of the friends I've made attend those services at the Redondo Beach location at the cute women's community center (located at 400 S. Broadway, Redondo Beach, CA 90277.) which we call church.

However, I've decided that it's important to be a servant and do what the pastor's wife asks of you when I'm not really singing that often. Plus, the beauty part is that now I'm able to sleep in a little longer because we have a later call time. God knew I'm going to be exhausted from moving (where is to be determined, but come hell or high water I plan to leave this current place on Sunday to keep my commitment to leave and allow the new renters to move in in a timely fashion.)

They're so eager to move here they had mail sent here already and also came by to measure the space earlier this week - back off babes! Now that I'm moving stuff into the living room to make it easier to move, my place seems spacious! My Dad was very sweet and came to help me break down a big piece of furniture to make it easier to transport today. I love my Dad. He's a good man. I have good neighbors too. Two have offered to help me move which is so kind.

I'm going to miss all my fun neighbors, but am hopeful they will still come to my parties and invite me to theirs, or at least say hi once in a while.  I had a good run here, but it's time to do something different to allow me to save money.

I'm beginning to hate to move. First for me. Normally I enjoy the excitement, but now... Enough! Apparently they did a study once of people who've traveled a lot as children and it's very common to move a lot, have multiple jobs and lots of variety in their lives. However now, maybe God is slowing me down or something.

So, all in all, a good day overall. I'm thrilled for Gali and the potential for her career. She's worked very hard for a very long time and deserves this acceptance. Better buy her art now because pretty soon you're not going to be able to afford it - mark my words!

And with that, good night.


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