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South Bay Sorrow - Al Anon & Alcohol Anonymous support

By Joy A. Kennelly

I'm beginning to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and praying for the wisdom to know the difference. It still deeply, deeply, deeply, saddens me that the South Bay is so over-run with rampant, flagrant alcohol abuse on our public parks and beaches.

I couldn't stop from crying today as I shared my past few weeks with my Al Anon group because it just breaks my heart that my city is so blind to the legacy of drinking we're leaving generations to come unless we make some changes now.

Here's some information to help those of you curious what I'm talking about to understand the nature of this disease. Those who suffer from it can find information on Alcoholic Anonymous at the end. Thanks for reading. My prayers and thoughts are with the city and those who still suffer.

May we see ourselves as we are and decide how we want to live. One day at a time.

Al-Anon Family Groups Backgrounder         

In the U.S. and Canada, there are more than 18 million people with a drinking problem, and only 10 percent of them will ever get help. according to some estimates, every individual with a drinking problem disrupts the lives of at least four other people through business and financial responsibilities neglected or the child who loses a parent due to a drunken driving accident, careers ruined and marriages destroyed by problem drinking. Of the estimated 80 million Americans and Canadians affected by someone else's drinking, most will not get help for themselves and many will never even realize that they could have benefited from some insight into the problems caused by another person's drinking.

  • Al-Anon Family Groups was the first of many mutual support groups to adapt AA's Twelve Step Program. It is well-known, but still not widely understood. Al-Anon focuses only on providing confidential help to people in need. There are no celebrity spokespeople; the confidentiality and anonymity of members is strictly protected.
  • Al-Anon Family Groups (which includes Alateen for younger family members) is a pioneer in the concept of "family recovery" from alcoholism, which holds that one person's drinking problem adversely affects the lives of close friends and family, and that friends and family who are able to recover from these adverse affects are able to improve their lives, as well as the problem drinker's chances for recovery.
  • There are 26,000 autonomous Al-Anon/Alateen groups in 131 countries, with groups now starting in Cuba, Iran and Romania.
  • Al-Anon Family Groups is supported by members' contributions and sale of its literature. The group declines contributions from non-members, and accepts no outside funding from government, foundations, or other agencies.
  • Al-Anon has helped millions of people over 55 years, and sold about 13 million books, including the inspirational daily readers One Day at a Time in Al-Anon and Courage to Change. There are more than 100 Al-Anon/Alateen books and pamphlets. A range of materials are available in more than 30 languages.
  • Information on A.A.

    Alcoholics Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.

    Big business in Hermosa Beach - who knew it was so ugly?

    By Joy A. Kennelly

    Can't sleep again for some reason so hello there. Maybe it's because I'm beginning to feel sick to my stomach over what I'm finding out down here. Who knew there was such big business issues down here?

    It's kind of like walking on a rug for years and years when all of a sudden you feel a soft spot in the floor underneath your foot one time. You roll back a corner of the rug and you see a small white spot that you've never seen before.

    You're curious so you roll back the carpet some more and lo and behold, there's more and more white spots making one huge mess of white. Real curious you bend over to look and all of a sudden you realize it's tons and tons of little maggots squirming, oozing, and you're totally grossed out. You quickly go to the cabinet to find something to clean it up with.

    You search and search and finally find a tool that looks like it will help. You begin to scrape away layer, after layer, after layer of maggots and yet you're still not reaching the floor. Then you realize that the floor isn't solid any more. The maggots have been growing and growing until now there's no longer a floor, but a deep, sinking hole filled to the brim with the maggots.

    You wonder why no one else has ever discovered this mess and realize that maybe others lifted the rug, but thought it was a small issue and just cleaned up a few areas before sweeping it under the rug again. Or maybe it was cleaned up a little bit, but not thoroughly enough. After all, what's a few maggots? It's not hurting anyone, right?

    Well, those maggots realize hey, it's pretty good down here. Let's multiply and tell other maggots what a good life we're building down here hidden under this rug. Pretty soon, more and more maggots have gathered together and before you know it the floor is gone.

    Everything the people walking on the rug thought was a small problem has all of a sudden grown into huge problem right under their feet after years and years of walking right by it not seeing it because they stopped looking. That's weird. I never thought one maggot would affect my entire foundation. Who knew?

    That's what I feel like after what I learned yesterday. When I realized that part of the reason poor, poor, poor Roger Bacon of the Ralphs shopping center is so against the tax hike isn't just because his store would get taxed, but all of a sudden the entire office complex that he collects rent from tax-free would incur a tax. No wonder this man is so upset.

    He stands to actually have to pay for services he receives from the city for free right now. What a novel concept. Every other non-commercial landlord in this city pays a very small fee PER APARTMENT to the city for the privilege of being a landlord.

    Why shouldn't poor, poor, poor Roger? I feel so sorry for him. Oh no, we won't pay more taxes. I'm making so little money from AN ENTIRE SHOPPING CENTER WITH NUMEROUS OFFICES that I can't afford to pay for my fair share of the city's services. ROGER - GIVE ME A BREAK!

    Where does he get off thinking it's ok to suck the city for services and not feel he has to pay for them? How many other fat cats are there down here who continue to get richer and richer off the backs of the poor retail owners who actually are paying their fair share in taxes by paying off their gross receipts? What about the home owners who are paying their fair share of taxes and yet are now also paying for other's use of the city services receiving them basically for free?

    Why do bar owners feel they shouldn't have to contribute their fair share in tax revenue when they obviously use more of the city's resources than most businesses? WHERE'S THE JUSTICE?

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I just don't get it. Just because "we've been doing it this way for years and years" doesn't mean that it's right, or that it should continue. Maybe it's time to get the shovel out and begin throwing all the maggots out or begin killing them slowly, but surely.

    I'm sickened by this. Is anyone else? I'm sure Roger isn't the only one who stands to gain by the city council refusing to put the business tax increase on the ballot (which I'm totally assuming has happened yet again - can you believe there hasn't been a tax increase in 18 years? No wonder people never leave the city!) I happen to like 'ole Roger so for now I'll use him as Exhibit A.

    Who knows who will become Exhibit B? Only the Shadow knows. My late Uncle always said I should have been a lawyer. Okay, that's all. Thanks for listening. I need to go back to sleep - another busy day ahead! Can't wait! HA!

    God help us all.

    How to honor your husband - I'm learning now for later...:)


    July 30, 2007 Just read this one and thought it was nice. Enjoy!

    Bow to Your Partner

    By Renee Myers, She Speaks! Graduate

    “Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life. She will not hinder him but help him all her life.”

    Proverbs 31:11 (NLT)


    Do you square dance? I don’t, but I love watching square dance couples here in the South. They’re usually senior couples dressed in their finest square dancing regalia, happy and having a good time. They’re enjoying each other. Isn’t that something? After what must have been many years as partners, they’re still having a good time together! And I think I know why. It’s because they “bow to their partner.”

    In square dancing, couples assemble in ‘squares’, music begins, and a Caller calls out steps to lead them through their dance. The caller begins by telling the dancers to “bow to your partner,” and without missing a beat, they do. Looking their best, with smiles on their faces, they make eye contact and bow to their partner.

    Can you imagine what a difference it would make if each time our “Caller” told us to bow to our partner we tried to look our best with a big smile, made eye contact with our husband, and paid him some respect without missing a beat? If I were better at bowing to my partner, I suspect we’d be having a “good ol’ time” all the time like those square dancers I’ve seen!

    The Bible doesn’t teach us about square dancing, but it does tell us about the Proverbs 31 woman bowing to her husband as a “wife of noble character” in the 31st chapter of Proverbs. Being a godly wife is first priority for the Proverbs 31 woman! Making your husband second only to God is the best way to “bow to your partner.” This means putting him before children, jobs, and other priorities in your life. 

    Bowing to our partner is about honoring our husband. Today’s verse teaches we can honor our husbands by being trustworthy. Our husbands should be able to depend upon and rely on us. This includes not being deceitful, hiding things from them, or doing things behind their backs. 

    Proverbs 31: 11 instructs us to enrich our husbands’ lives. Ask your husband how you can do this for him. Perhaps it will be to keep his laundry done and the house organized. Maybe it will be reduce chaos in your home and create more peace. Or he might request that you put other demands aside so you can focus dedicated attention on him. 

    For me, “bowing to my partner” by enriching his life means keeping my mouth shut when it wants to snap; doing something nice because it’s the right thing to do even if it doesn’t seem deserved; and expressing my love, appreciation, and respect for him. I haven’t mastered these things, but I’m trying!

    Today’s verse is summed up by instructing us “not to hinder him but help him all of our life.”

    It might sound one-sided or unfair that we are asked to bow to our partners in these ways, but I’ve found that when I give a little, my husband will respond and give a little, too. Bowing to your partner will become a two-way venture. You’ll soon be doing the “do-si-do” of life together into a future of love and happiness! And if it makes you feel better, 1 Peter 3:7 says, “In the same way, you husbands must give honor to your wives…” I have that verse circled in my Bible!

     Dear Lord, Please help me to honor my husband and be pleasing to him. In doing so, I’m not just honoring him but honoring You too, as I seek to be a godly wife. Lord, I pray for the wives who are struggling in their relationships and ask that you will put in their hearts the desire to “bow to your partner” and bless their marriages accordingly when they do. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    The Galley Restaurant - it's not too late to catch 1934 day!

    By Joy A. Kennelly

    Just returned from hitting The Galley restaurant's 1934 day where Captain Ron, the owner, is offering food at 1934 prices. He's quite a character (you can see his pic on the Web site in full captain regalia - too fun.) I brought my mom since that was her era and she rarely visits Santa Monica which made this fun to do together.

    My colleague was the publicist of note on this promotion, and I've been helping her with writing and promotional ideas. Always nice to support a fellow publicist when they have an event. There was a line when we arrived, but since it was reservation only for loyal customers, this was a manageable crowd.

    The food is really good and if I still lived in the neighborhood I would eat there often. It's one of the best steak and seafood restaurants in Santa Monica, CA. There was a great press turn-out for the party which I hope the Captain appreciates! It's not too late if you live nearby to go for the first come, first serve option.

    Here's the press release - doesn't it make you want to eat there? Another romantic place to take a date - for me though - "rotic" - romantic without the man since I was there with my mom during the day. Tee hee!


    Sunday, July 29, 2007 12:00pm – 4:00pm

    SANTA MONICA, CA –The Galley Restaurant, a California landmark serving delicious steaks and seafood in Santa Monica for 73 years and named “Best Steak” by Zagat Guide, celebrates over 70 years in business with prices from 1934, the year it opened, offering lunch specials Sunday, July 29, 2007 from 12:00pm – 4:00pm.

    Menu items include: The Galley Burger w/fries 0.30 cents, Kosher Hotdog w/fries 0.25 cents, Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich w/ fries 0.44 cents, and Pasta Primavera 0.35 cents. Invite only. No reservations. Walk-ins only on first come, first serve basis. Maximum party of four per table.

    About The Galley Since 1934, The Galley has remained Santa Monica’s most treasured steak and seafood restaurant and a beautifully preserved California landmark. The Galley offers traditional American cuisine featuring eight selections of mouthwatering steaks, delicious seafood, chicken, pasta and vegetarian dishes. The South Seas Bar is the perfect place to catch up on the scuttlebutt while enjoying a fantastic Happy Hour menu daily from 5:00pm - 6:30pm. The large outdoor patio is one of Santa Monica’s best kept secrets for outdoor dining, cocktails and private events. The Galley is located at 2442 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 (1/2 block north of Ocean Park.) Hours of operation daily are from 5:00pm – close for dinner and Sundays 12:00pm – 4:00pm for lunch.

    For reservations call (310) 452-1934. See you on Deck! For additional information, refer to the new Web site The Galley.

    Off to the beach. Have a good one. BTW, King Harbor Church is celebrating their all-church luau again tonight - I went last year and really enjoyed myself (it looked like over 1,000 people were there!) - may have to hit it again tonight.

    Here's the details:

    "It’s that time again to celebrate that new life that can come from our rebirth in Christ! Our annual All-Church Luau and Baptism at the Seaside Lagoon will be held this Sunday, July 29th, at 6:00pm. This is a time we look forward to all year as our church family gathers together over food and fun. If you need more information or would like to volunteer to help, contact the church offices at 310.376.6555."

    LA Inc, South Bay, Ralphs Grocery Store, Pavilions and the proposed Business tax hike

    By Joy A. Kennelly

    My stomach's upset from something I ate last night and I can't sleep so here I am. It's pretty bad when you get sick on the food you cook yourself! LOL It doesn't always happen, but sometimes it does. I think I need to learn how long you can keep uncooked meat in the fridge before it goes bad. Any chefs care to leave a comment?

    Hopefully my girlfriends who came over last night aren't facing queasy stomachs too. I'm so bad. Oh well. Live and learn right? It could have been the rich chocolate cake I ate with whipped cream that Kirsten, my girlfriend, brought over too so I'll try to comfort myself with that thought. Or maybe the Martinelli's that Deborah brought over - that always affects my digestion for some odd reason too. Oy Vey!

    In any case, just wanted to check in and say hi. I'm so thrilled that linking to that little address listing of Bay Cities Community Church has brought their real Web site to the forefront of Google!!! Now if any of you are interested in learning more about what my church is all about, or where it's located, check out the link ok? Would love to have you join me sometime. Seriously!

    Jim Mackinga and his wife Sandy are the most loving, special people. Their whole family is really wonderful actually. Everyone I've met at this church is so friendly, open-minded and great. I just love being part of this community. Say hi to me, since I'd love to meet you as I don't know too many other people down here yet though. Who knows, if you walk through the door, maybe you'll see people you know already!

    Did I tell you all that I had a meeting with the Director of Media Relations, Robin,  from LA Inc aka Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau to discuss future work together? We're in the negotiating stages so we'll see, but I'm hopeful this will work out well since they've always appreciated my work to date. It's all a blur on what I've shared here and what I haven't. Excuse me if I'm repeating myself.

    I've been writing for LA Inc since 2002 and it's really helped me learn how to present the city of Los Angeles as a whole to the travel media. I've written copy for their Web site, pitched media for special events, and written numerous press releases highlighting all aspects of the city. I love it since it keeps me in the loop for the entire city and I enjoy doing the work. Plus, I'm good at it, if I do say so myself.:)

    I'm planning to develop the travel aspect of my business as it applies to the South Bay since I have this experience, knowledge and connections gained from my relationship with LA Inc. Why not? Should be good.

    Being away form the South Bay for so long I see it through a tourist's eyes right now. Sometimes that's good. Sometimes that bad. However, there's always room to grow in either direction so I'm excited to see where this new experience will take me and my hometown as a whole.

    My Beach Writer group is excited about participating in my new endeavor which will be great because they're all very accomplished writers too. More to be revealed, but just know it's going to be good once it gets going.

    I had a great meeting with Gary, my ad/marketing bud, yesterday too and we made some real progress on the concept. I'm excited to see where this all takes us since it has such great potential for positive outcomes for many people and businesses and the community as a whole. God is moving!

    Just think - my public relations, Gary's design, and my Beach writers writing -- the skies the limit! I've been very fortunate to create a group of quality professionals (see my links to people I do business with  on the left of this column - those are my colleagues) who support my business in a variety of  ways which is great when I'm working with bigger clients. Now to get some interns to work with me and I'm all set.

    So, for those of you still trying to decide what to do tomorrow (or should I say today since it's 4:30am in the morning Sunday - oy vey - someone give me a tranquilizer or pump my stomach...:) Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, what to do on Sunday after you've gone to church? Here's a few blurbs from the Easy Reader on a couple of fun events that only happen in the South Bay and I quote:

    "Surfers Walk of Fame inductions
    Eight surfing figures will be inducted into the Surfers Walk of Fame today at 4 p.m. Sunday at the base of the city pier. Inducted at the fifth annual Surfers Walk ceremony will be honorary members John “Whitney” Guild, Alf Lewis, Mike Stevenson and Donald Takayama, and pioneer members Toby Erlinger, Bev Morgan, Patrick O’Connor and Rosemarie Reimers-Rice."

    The induction sounds cute and since you're down here, why don't you go to dinner, enjoy yourself and then hurry over to the beach to claim your "seat" for the huge summer Sunset Concert that happens at 6pm? Here's more details, again from the Easy Reader:

    "It’s The Shondells, dude!
    Hermosa Beach’s second Sunset Concert of the summer offers up the near-edible “Crimson and Clover” and “Sweet Cherry Wine” Tommy James & The Shondells. 6 p.m. on the sand, just south of the pier, and best get there early. 310-318-0280."

    Now I'm not really into oldies music, but I am curious to see who is so I'll pop by for a bit. I just have this real curiosity about the people and the customs down here since some of it is new to me. I like to see what demographic these kinds of events appeal to too because then it helps me with my marketing.

    If you know who you're trying to reach and what they like, then you have a better time of appealing to them. Just a little PR tip. Duh, right? But so many people just blindly create things without understanding the market and they fail as a result. That's why I'm trying to take as many meetings with influential people of the South Bay as possible so I understand where people's heads are at. We'll see.

    I'm excited, more good meetings to happen soon. I'll keep you posted once there's a little more concrete plans in place. Hope you'll join me. I look forward to getting to know my South Bay neighbors better.

    Ok, now that I've blogged, maybe I can go back to sleep. Have a good morning. Maybe I'll see you at the Pier events today! Just think, maybe an older, more mature, non-drunk population shows up for these events changing the demographic of the Hermosa Beach pier for once - what a novel concept, eh?

    Would be nice to walk around there and not have to avoid the barf left staining the concrete from some stupid person the night before. ICKY! Since when is our Hermosa Beach Pier the place for 20 year olds to come and get wasted? Time to grow up people! 

    Go to Alcoholics Anonymous, go to Rehab, go to church, go somewhere, but get your drinking under control if you're barfing in public and ruining a public place for others. YUCK. That's what I'm talking about people. The first step is accepting the fact you have a problem. If you need me to be the one to make you stop and look at yourself, then so be it.

    I just hope you don't kill someone first driving home drunk before you wake up and smell the coffee. Yes Devin, everyone is responsible for their own drinking, but when it begins to affect the public and create the possibility for drunk driving, then that person's responsibility has obviously gone out the window and it's time someone speaks up. Plus, who wants to date or be married to an alcoholic? I feel like I'm doing an intervention for my city! Okay, enough of my soapbox. I need an Al Anon meeting.

    I'll leave you with this cute story since it's so South Bay to me. Remember that very sweet slow boy I told you about who works at Ralphs? Well, last night I popped in for some things I needed for my dinner with the girls and he was in my check-out line.

    As I was standing there waiting for the cashier to ring up the guy in front of me, all of sudden, quite loudly, I hear him say to me, "YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL IN PINK TONIGHT." I was really embarrassed since he said it so loudly that people were turning to me and smiling, but I thought he was so cute and sincere I responded thank you and pretended like that happens to me all the time.

    Then he tells me loudly again that his birthday is December 1 and do I know how quickly 8 months goes? VERY QUICKLY, very quickly. I agreed with him and made a mental note that I want to give him a birthday card on his birthday since it obviously means a great deal to him. He seemed content that I'd acknowledged him and was nice to him and didn't speak much until he wished me a great evening as he passed me my bags.

    If you ever get a chance to visit the Ralphs down on Sepulveda just up from Pier Avenue, do. I think that guy is the sweetest person he makes me shop there because I enjoy my visits so much since he's so innocent and pure in all his communications.

    I remember reading in some mag about another similar slow guy at another grocery store who was challenged by his store manager to make a difference as part of a store-wide initiative to bring in new business. This directive was given to the entire store, but this little guy took it to heart.

    He began writing little positive sayings on slips of paper and putting each slip into people's grocery bags as he bagged their groceries. Pretty soon people began to stand in his line to receive the sayings they were so popular. He totally changed the m.o. of people visiting that store and business flourished ten-fold as a result of his small action. They began talking to each other in line and were happier.

    That's how my little Ralphs guy makes me feel when I shop there. He's always courteous, interested in how I'm doing, and obviously cares about doing a good job. I think it's great that Roger Bacon of Ralphs has hired him. I hope he keeps him around for a long time. I hope that business flourishes just like that store with the other slow guy does.

    Maybe Roger should implement the sayings too? Just think, maybe then he could afford the raise in business taxes that's being proposed - LOL. Does anyone else find that funny that he's so vocal about the measure? I could see some of the smaller stores in town being upset, but a major grocery store - give me a break!

    Yes, it's a bummer to have to pay more taxes, but since when does $168 a year really pay for how much business you generate Roger? Where's your sense of civic duty?  Santa Monica charges small business owners twice that amount! Why shouldn't we bring our taxes current?

    Going back to my original point of customer service being key, who knows what a different community this might be if that little effort to personalize your store's service was made? I don't know. Not saying it has to be done, but hey, if it worked at another similar store, then why not give it a try? You never know.

    I do know that one of the main reasons I like shopping at the Pavilions down the street even though their prices are higher is because every single time I've ever asked for help finding something, the person working there who I've asked has personally walked me over to the section for my item and told me to have a nice day. That type of customer service is unheard of up in Hollywood. I love it!

    It's nice to live in a community where you see familiar faces, people are sincere in their greetings to you when they see you, and there's a real sense of community tangible in the air. It's hard to describe to people who don't live here, but trust me, it's here. That's why I moved back and that's why I enjoy it.

    On another note... I'm sure there's plenty of bars that have a lot at stake in this measure to increase the business tax too. Wouldn't it be nice if they actually gave back to the community rather than just take? Just a thought from an objective public relations specialist viewpoint.

    What a great publicity angle to say, "Yes, we're making a shitload of money (excuse my French as my friends always say) from this city and as a result, we've decided to do the right thing and give back to the community by being willing to pay more taxes since we obviously use a lot more of the cities resources in police, trash, and other business." What a great story that would be to the greater Los Angeles area!

    I can see it now - the Los Angeles Business Journal, The LA Times, CNBC and other news outlets picking up this story. Very interesting thought, eh? Maybe they'll read my blog and find it interesting that a city that has had the same business tax for years and years is having such great difficulty even putting a measure on the ballot for the general public to vote on. What are they afraid of?

    I doubt the Beach Reporter finds it a story though seeing as part of the service the Manhattan Beach Chamber offers is an article in that paper for membership. Kind makes it difficult to keep your editorial perspective clean when your advertising revenue is generated by so many of the businesses you're writing about right? So many small papers will offer you a story if you buy an ad (not saying The Beach Reporter does it though) and I find that practice despicable from a journalist standpoint.

    If someone has to buy their way into a paper to have a story written what does that say about the integrity of the story? It happens all the time with small papers though. The ad department begins to control the editorial which makes the balanced ethical reporting of an issue go out the window.

    That's why when people want to pay me as a PR person strictly based on whether or not I can guarantee they'll get media coverage I refuse. If the media is doing their job, then they won't be bought and I won't influence them to write a story about my client unless there's a real news story there. That's why I'm real particular about who I work with and very selective on when I send out press releases.

    If I can't help you or I don't think you're newsworthy, I won't take your money. I just turned away a short filmmaker the other day who was just oozing money because I didn't think his film would get picked up as news until he got it into a festival. Now him as a filmmaker, he was very interesting and I could see him personally getting coverage now, but a short film- not so much. I used to produce film festivals for years and know this world quite well.

    Plus, I bounce things off my other colleague, Marcia, who also has done lots of film publicity and she agreed with me. We always collaborate. Same with my friends Kim Koury and Adrienne Dorsey. Great people to collaborate with.

    I have found it interesting that every press release I've ever sent The Beach Reporter which has been picked up by other news sources numerous times, hasn't been picked up by that paper. Makes me wonder if my letter to the editor will see the light of day since I'm not a chamber member, nor have I bought an ad to promote my services since that would defeat what my business is all about! Maybe since my letterhead has my Santa Monica mailing address there's a bias in that regards too? Who knows...LOL

    Ok, back to the proposed Hermosa Beach Business Tax Increase issue at hand.

    What's up with the "private" meeting on July 31? I don't get it.  Makes you wonder what the city council is thinking doesn't it? What's going on behind those closed doors? Aren't they supposed to be the ones who help the city to take care of itself? Why wouldn't this measure not be a no-brainer - raising the current tax of $168/year to something that's commensurate with your business revenue?

    I'm confused and just asking that's all. I'm not into politics, but thought that's why people put these people in office-- to make the city a better place to live, not keep things status quo. Think of the money that would bring in the city! Pretty amazing things could be done then.

    That's one of the things that drive me crazy about the South Bay (small town politics!), but there's a lot of good things down here too which I'd rather focus on and move forward with. Stay tuned.  But don't worry. I'm not running for office any time soon. Have you ever watched the city council meetings on TV? BORING!!!!!! It's like watching paint dry. However, the city characters do liven it up a bit when they speak their piece.

    So, now I really better try to go back to sleep because I want to hit the 9:30am service of Bay Cities and get chuched. And no, I didn't misspell that word - that's a spillover from my days at my gospel church.

    See ya!

    Donny's fans, Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club in Redondo Beach

    By Joy A. Kennelly

    I'm absolutely wiped out tonight - too many meetings all week long. Hoping to have more next week, but tonight I'm kickin' it.

    Just had to comment though that Donny Deutsch seems to have a lot of fans! Most people who've found my blog this week are because of my writing about his Big Idea show...LOL.

    In any case, had an amazing dinner and drinks with Ewa and Gary over at the Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club in Redondo Beach the other night. I didn't even recognize the property since it's been completely renovated - it was absolutely stunning.

    If you haven't gone there in a few years, it's definitely worth taking a date you want to impress to their Baleen restaurant since it's extremely romantic with subdued lighting, candlelight at the table, the boats gently rocking in the harbor, a cool sea breeze coming in the open windows, and amazing food!

    Here's the official description of the restaurant according to one travel site I found:

    Baleen Los Angeles

    "Nationally renowned for its serious food and whimsical mood, the all-new Baleen Redondo Beach brings an eclectic fine dining experience to The Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club, with the Pacific Ocean offering the perfect backdrop. For outside dining, the patio overlooks the marina with dramatic drapery and firepits. Inside, the motif is balanced with dark wood flooring and accents. The upstairs bar offers a cosmopolitan-lounge vibe, with fireside sofas and chairs."

    I'm not a foodie so I can't do the food justice, but trust me it was really, really good. The entire place is like this hidden jewel of the South Bay. Shhh, don't tell anyone because I want it to be my private hide-a-way when I need to get away from the world.

    Very sophisticated, charming, resort-feel to this sea-side location. I just loved it and loved the company of that night. If you look at the web site you will be blown away with the renovation of the place. Very elegant - definitely my kind of hotel.

    We three met at the big chamber mixer over in El Segundo and had originally planned to just get together for drinks, but pretty soon, drinks lead to appetizers which lead to me enjoying filet mignon encrusted in Roquefort on a bed of sliced short rib pieces with a side of mashed potatoes and artichoke and a caprese salad. Wonderful.

    I had been so tired from driving all day to various meetings when we first met at 7:00pm I had to have two cokes to wake up. By the time we left the restaurant it  must have been around 10:30pm we were all having such a fun time getting to know each other. That was a pure dining experience.

    Ewa, the controller of the hotel, is so entertaining and interesting. Gary is my new ad/marketing bud who runs Tiburon Design. Very gifted, talented guy with a great company. Highly recommend him and his work. I must say, that evening was one of my more memorable South Bay experiences to date.

    Okay, that's all for now. I'm too tired.

    Time to hit the hay. Have fun out there.

    Remember - don't drink and drive!:)

    Very honored - NAMAS acceptance!

    By Joy A. Kennelly

    Just received an email this morning which states,"We are pleased to welcome you as an inaugural member of the National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences (NAMAS).  NAMAS is a peer group of prominent executives, technologists, and creative people working in all forms of digital media including television, internet, newspapers, and magazines, as well as technology, advertising, and production companies.  It is our mission to stimulate dialogue and exchange of ideas among the burgeoning number of professionals and students active in the new media realm."

    Isn't that cool? I'm very honored and feel my technology background is validated now. Nice to see they're allowing women - just kidding.:)

    I'll share more later, but this is all for now...

    Hope you're enjoying the absolutely gorgeous CA weather!

    This Crosswalk devotional and little story that follows really spoke to me. I hope they do you too.

    God bless!


    July 27, 2007

     Missing the Forest for the Trees

    By Lysa TerKeurst

     “What we are is plain to God, and I hope it is also plain to your conscience. We are not trying to commend ourselves to you again, but are giving you an opportunity to take pride in us, so that you can answer those who take pride in what is seen rather than in what is in the heart.” 2 Corinthians 5:11b-12 (NIV)


    Sometimes I’m guilty of being such a rule follower that I tend to miss the forest for the trees, as the old saying chides. I look at things from too narrow a perspective, only to miss the bigger picture. It’s easy to slip into the mode of looking at but not really seeing others. Our hectic schedules leave little white space to venture beyond the surface issues. Because of this, it’s easy to pay attention only to the negative. We also have a tendency to cast judgment on those whose hearts we cannot understand. We are guilty of simply being human because, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)

    For example, I recently gave my children a Language Arts assignment. They were to write a one-page paper about a place they wanted to visit and what they would do there. As they turned in their papers I was intrigued by their responses.

    I was instantly frustrated with my daughter, Ashley’s (9 years old) paper because the city name was misspelled. I also found many grammatical errors. I thought, “She doesn’t think enough of this assignment to do her best work. Is she really struggling with spelling and grammar or is this a heart issue? What does this say about her work ethic? What does this say about her character? What does this say about her educational future?”

    I sent her to her room to re-write the paper – and do her best this time. Then I noticed her original work tossed aside on the counter, so I read it one more time. Here is an excerpt:

    Monrwia (Monrovia)

    I want to go to Africa and see the litter (little) kids in the orfneg (orphanage). And brig (bring) them sutuff (stuff) like clous (clothes), toys, shous (shoes), blakits (blankets), and moms and dads. I want to pick up the litter (little) kids and hug them. Maybe I can be an ortnesig (orphanage) helper one day and make it a good place.

    Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees! I had totally missed the beauty in Ashley’s heart because I was looking at the surface, catching every mistake I came across. Her compassionate heart was plain to God, and putting her desire on paper should have made it plain to me as well. But I was so busy worrying about the spelling errors that I callously overlooked her heartfelt response. 

    Ashley wasn’t trying to impress me with her grammatical skills; she was sharing a God-given desire with me. It was a chance for me to take pride in the way God is shaping her for a possible future ministering to orphanage-bound children. She needed me to see her heart, but I only saw her writing flaws as they appeared on paper.

    Let me encourage you to learn from my mistake. Capture a moment today where you really see someone else. Look beyond their surface mistakes to see their heart. Maybe it’s your child. Or maybe it’s a spouse, neighbor or friend.

    Heavenly Father, forgive me for often making judgments of others based on outward appearances. Help me to take time to really see their hearts and understand where they are coming from, and when they align with the things of you, to affirm and support their choices. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

    Duck and the Devil

    A little boy was visiting his grandparents on their farm. He was given a slingshot to play with out in the woods. He practiced in the woods; but he could never hit the target.

    Getting a little discouraged, he headed back home for dinner. As he was walking back when he saw Grandma's pet duck. Just out of impulse, he let the slingshot fly, hit the duck square in the head and killed it. He was shocked and grieved!

    In a panic, he hid the dead duck in the wood pile, only to see his sister watching!
    Sally had seen it all, but she said nothing.

    After lunch the next day Grandma said, "Sally, let's wash the dishes."
    But Sally said, "Grandma, Johnny told me he wanted to help in the kitchen."
    Then she whispered to him, "Remember the duck?"

    So Johnny did the dishes. Later that day, Grandpa asked if the children wanted to go fishing, and Grandma said,"I'm sorry but I need Sally to help make supper."  Sally just smiled and said, "Well that's all right because Johnny told me he wanted to help." She whispered again, "Remember the duck?  So Sally went fishing and Johnny stayed to help.

    After several days of Johnny doing both his chores and Sally's, he finally couldn't stand it any longer. He came to Grandma and confessed that he had killed the duck. Grandma knelt down, gave him a hug and said, "Sweetheart, I know.

    You see, I was standing at the window and I saw the whole thing, but because I love you, I forgave you. I was just wondering how long you would let Sally make a slave of you."

    Thought for the day and every day hereafter . . .

    Whatever is in your past, whatever you have done and the devil keeps throwing it up in your face - lying, cheating, debt, fear, bad habits, hatred, anger, bitterness, etc. Whatever it is, you need to know that God was standing at the window.

    He saw the whole thing.
    He has seen your whole life.
    He wants you to know that He loves you and that you are forgiven.
    He's just wondering how long you will let the devil make a slave of you.
    The great thing about God is that when you ask for forgiveness,

    He not only forgives you, but He forgets.

    It is by God's grace and mercy that we are saved.
    Always remember:  God is at the window!
    When Jesus died on the cross; he was thinking of you!

    AICP Awards Show, X Bar, The Liquid Muse and the Independent Television Festival,

    By Joy A. Kennelly

    Just returned from attending the Association of Independent Commercial Producers Awards Show tonight over at the LACMA with an actress friend. I like working the door of the show because then the rest of the night we can mix and mingle and enjoy.

    Here's a link to the show in case you're curious to see which commercials won. I love this this stuff because I love cutting edge creativity which I believe the advertising industry creates over and over again. What was interesting was to discuss the state of this business since it's turned upside down right now. I never realized how many advertising events I go to till tonight.

    Even though I'm in public relations, I appreciate good advertising. The ability to tell a story in 60 seconds is brilliant. That's why I think there's many talented commercial directors who move into creating amazing features as a result. I don't think it ever works the other way around though.:)

    Here's a few of my favorites from tonight - watch them and you'll see why (They're all good, but these stood out the most to me.)

    1. Vaseline "Sea of Skin" by Smuggler's Director Ivan Zacharis - brilliant talent - check out his reel on their site. This commercial is so artistic and all nude so it was only shown in Europe. It may offend some of you, but I love it. I think it's actually orchestrated by a famous artist, but I'm not sure. This company picked up 7 awards I believe.

    2. JC Penny Crazy Beautiful - fun to watch, but you've probably seen it already. It was cute to see again.

    3. Nike Zoom LeBron IV "Pool" by Epoch Films Inc's Director Stacy Wall. This one is so funny if you watch nothing else you must see this one.

    There's others, but I'm tired and have a meeting with the Hermosa Beach City Manager in the morning and other meetings the rest of the day. Yes, I'm doing it. Going to see what we can do to help stop the public drunken madness one city official at a time. I'll keep you posted.

    Oh yeah, the other day was interesting - here's one anecdote which should make you LOL as it did me. Met up with my new English actor friend and a group of his model, musician, director, actor friends at the Belmont again. He shared that he'd bumped into the Hotel Rwanda director at Les Deux the other night and he was wearing a t-shirt that said, "If you see the police - (then the logo) Warner bros (get it? Warn-a-brother?)

    I have had such a kick sharing that with all my friends. I think it's especially ironic since it was that particular director wearing it! Too funny. Spent some time catching up with my good friend/mentor Marcia immediately after since she lives right around the corner and we rarely see each other any more, but talk on the phone all the time. Ended up borrowing a skirt from her since mine was linen and horribly wrinkled. Thanks Marcia!

    The rest of the day was filled with a lunch meeting with Robin from LA Inc to discuss future media opportunities with them. While eating bumped into my technology friend Natalie Farsi who I only see when I'm dining out every few months or so - it's just uncanny how that happens.

    Then dashed up to Shana's to see her since we rarely see each other any more since I'm living in the South Bay and she's still in Hollywood. Drove back down to the South Bay for a doctor's appointment which I missed so took a quick swim to cool down and mellow out before running back to Century City to the new X Bar in the Hyatt Regency in Century City to hear my other friend Natalie aka The Liquid Muse teach  a class on how to make 4 different cocktails which was very entertaining and yummy.

    Ironic, eh? However, I like to support my friend's endeavors and she personally invited me to attend so... I was just careful to soak up all the alcohol with lots of delicious appetizers.:)

    Met the Hyatt hotel's amazing publicist, Jennifer Barry of The Barry Group, who I'd worked with on the hotel press release for the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau aka LA Inc. We happened to sit at the same little table and enjoyed noshing all class long. A little too spicy for me at times, but yummy nonetheless.

    I really must have a mixer there soon because the outdoor patio is really, really lovely - outdoor firepit, huge comfy chairs, cool, summer breezes, and nice music playing. There was a girl laughing rather obnoxiously, but otherwise, it was very quiet overall. Extremely enjoyable. This hotel is where a lot of high-end Hollywood events are held so if you're looking for a convention location - check it out.

    Then, once that was over dashed cross town to Hollywood again to Raleigh Studios (where I held one of my last festivals) for the Opening Night Gala of The Independent Television Festival and the LA TV Fest with a live performance by Biz Markie who was awesome! I had no idea what to expect and the friend I had invited bailed at the last minute leaving me to attend alone.

    To be honest it was really nice to be free to do what I wanted and I actually had a great time - better than I expected! The backlot was absolutely packed with young, aspiring filmmakers. There was an energy in the air I've not experienced that often at most Hollywood events - it was like they were all expecting great things to happen and the world was their oyster. That was a great vibe to be part of.

    Bumped into my Actress friend Esther and her girlfriend who I learned had been finalists that night which was great for them. Gave them a little boost and got them on the red carpet which was thrilling for them. Made me happy to help. We had fun creating fun pictures in their picture booth area.

    Also bumped into a friend I haven't seen in maybe 7 years and had fun catching up with her until this weirdo guy who'd been bothering me all night came up and interrupted. For some reason my friend thought I'd want to talk to him and bowed out. I quickly gave him the cold shoulder and he finally got the hint. ICKY! Not my type AT ALL.

    Now Shemar Moore, the actor, he is totally more my type and he was there. Yes girls, I gave him the flirty eye, but he had a beautiful blonde bombshell with him so I left them alone. However, later on I could swear I saw him looking at me. Isn't that so silly? Give a girl a break ok? It's been too long since a handsome black man has paid me some attention and I'm taking that to the bank.

    I had to wonder if he'd read my blog from awhile back when I was cooing about how adorable he was and maybe he was wondering if it was me or not. No, Mr. Moore, I am not a stalker. Just an admirer of all that's hot and sexy and that night it was you babe. Bring it on!

    Whoa, be still my beating heart. Okay, enough of the silly. What I really appreciated about that night was how multi-cultural it was. Years back when I was producing my film festival I always made sure to have representation of minorities. A filmmaker friend of mine didn't think it was that big a deal until I warned him he'd see it when he went to accept an award at the Kodak building.

    When he walked in, he was the only black filmmaker there. His first name is Marshall and we both thought maybe since his film wasn't like a John Singleton ghetto film, maybe the judges thought he was white and he was there by mistake. I wonder what ever happened to him? He was extremely talented and I used to have the biggest crush on him. It was just nice to see that now at least at this festival we've come a long way baby.

    Oh, I just remembered that tonight I not only enjoyed a great meal prepared by Patina, but I also bumped into my Redondo Beach editor friend, Nelson Brann, who edited the PSA I did a few years back for the Tsunami Relief Benefit I helped promote.

    I didn't recognize him, but he recognized me and gave me a big hug hello. I said I know your voice and I know your face, but I can't remember your name. Then it all came rushing back. He's grown his hair out and looks completely different now! It was fun to catch up with him and his wife.

    I also met the Publisher of the Creative Handbook, David Shapiro - great guy. We were having a nice chat, but I was distracted because I saw another friend, Sylvia Kahn, who I hadn't seen in more than 8 years walking towards me. She was part of my film festival days before I had my son.

    She remembered me too! We met when I interviewed with the production company she had been working at at the time and we stayed friends for quite awhile afterwards. Sometimes I think I go out on interviews just to make new friends! LOL!

    She's now working at Technicolor and we're going to "do lunch" soon. She's got this amazing new position and maybe there's some fun stuff for us to do together again. We'll see. You just never know who you'll bump into going out which is why I love Hollywood.

    Now that my back is officially well as determined by my chiro I'm back to my usual hobnobbing in a big way which I just love. Met an Executive Producer tonight who wants to talk biz. Who knows - could start repping a post house which would be very cool. I love good creative work which is why I ran my film festival for so long despite the low pay. Not no mores though - you pay, or you don't play.

    Okay, this is really all. I think the coffee I drank is finally wearing off and I'm tired enough to sleep. All in all, these past two days were a lot of fun and very good for meeting new people and catching up with old friends. Lovin' the variety!

    Now to see what tomorrow (or should I say today since it is almost 2am) brings... Sleep well!

    Sign up to receive my blog on a daily basis & make my day!

    By Joy A. Kennelly

    It seems like some of you keep coming back for more Pure, Unadulterated Joy the long way round (googling all kinds of stuff!) and don't realize you can have my blog delivered straight to your email inbox simply by signing up under my picture to the left in the box that says subscribe.

    Just think. You won't miss a single golden nugget of truth (or gossip depending what mood I'm in) when you're too busy to check in. Make my day and sign up ok? :)

    I'm too tired to write about today, but just know it's got lots of fun, juicy details. More later.

    I'm tie tie. Night all.

    South Bay, Manhattan Beach editorial - we need an image makeover

    By Joy A. Kennelly

    I haven't written something like this in a while, but I woke up and feel compelled to share this viewpoint in hopes maybe people will read it down here, see themselves and think maybe, just maybe we need to change...

    I'm referring to Manhattan Beach and those who live here. In fact all of the South Bay. It deeply saddens me that when I invited a girlfriend to come down here to join me and some of my new friends for dinner one of the first things she shared with me was a girlfriend of hers who'd gone out down here five years ago was drugged and then raped in a parking lot of a bar.

    Apparently this woman had met a guy, left her drink with him to go to the restroom and the next thing she remembered she was being raped. I was shocked to think that occurred in my hometown. I don't know if the woman ever reported it or if anything was ever done to prosecute this man, but my friend is leery about coming down here because of that instance. Maybe that's why the men outnumber the women now?

    Then, over lunch with my mom yesterday, when I told her I'm starting to socialize in Manhattan Beach (which I normally never do since my social and professional scene is strictly Hollywood) she said, well you know what they call that city don't you. No, I replied, what? Drunken Manhattan Beach.

    That is so sad to me. Since when has alcohol become such a dominating force in a sleepy bedroom community that two separate people have such a bad impression of this beautiful seaside area? I grew up down here. I attended the local elementary schools, finished four years of high school and then after I left for college never really came back because by the time I returned all my friends had married.

    I spent most of my formative young adult lives in Santa Monica and Hollywood. By then I was dating someone who wasn't a Christian and spent lots of times in local bars with him. He was an alcoholic and a drug addict (just pot, but still - a drug you need every day is an addiction. I don't care how much denial someone is in.) I've seen this lifestyle up close and personal and that's the reason I never married him.

    I grew up in the local church and escaped the craziness of the beach lifestyle by virtue of the fact all my friends and I had fun doing other activities than getting drunk, having sex, and doing drugs. Not to say that anyone who grows up down here automatically does all that if they're not in church, or that people who attend church don't do that. It's just a little more loose if you're not surrounded by people who are trying to live a Godly lifestyle.

    I don't want to come off as holier than thou, or whatever because I'm not, but I just want to ask anyone living down here in the South Bay to stop and think for a moment if the legacy we want to leave to generations to come is bigger than the fact this is a party town where the big focus is getting drunk.

    I was surprised at a recent Al-Anon meeting when one of the ladies who I've started to consider a friend mentioned that her daughter was turning 14 and she knew she'd have to provide alcohol at her birthday party, but she was concerned about how much to offer.

    Are we going to continue to be a community that turns a blind eye and condones alcoholism for under-age children? Are we going to continue to teach our children that this is how we live - drinking all the time? Are the police going to continue to turn a blind eye to the rampant open containers on the beach during events like the 6-person volleyball tournament and all events on major holidays?

    I'm not some old fogey, a mother against drunk drivers, or someone who's lost someone to alcohol, but I am someone who is concerned that right now, right here, this is the reputation of my beautiful home town. That sickens me that everything else we do down here - the wonderful free outdoor summer concerts available in all the South Bay cities, the amazing fireworks displays available during the 4th of July, the creative, entrepreneurial minds and businesses that come out of here are completely overshadowed by alcohol and partying.

    Maybe those who report on what goes on down here are so enmeshed in this lifestyle themselves that they think it's normal to write stories glorifying the drunken alcoholic revelry of holidays down here, but I would hope that maybe someone in government, or the police department, or visitor relations, or the newspapers will stop and consider that maybe, just maybe, it's not OK to allow alcohol to be the one thing people think of when they think of our beautiful beachside community.

    Maybe our International Surf Festival deserves national and international attention for the quality of our lifeguards and the lives they protect day in and day out. Maybe our art scene deserves national and international attention for the diverse, unique, art festivals that are thrown each major holiday. Maybe the wonderful sports associations that host numerous city-wide sports like volleyball, softball, and soccer should have more attention.

    Maybe the amazing recreation department that offers such a wide variety of inexpensive activities for the community deserves attention. Maybe our amazing adult schools that are so inexpensive, yet so popular and offer such an amazing array of classes deserves attention. Or the amazing Manhattan Open Tennis Tournaments, the amazing people who live down here like our local newscaster or professional athletes or CEO's. I don't know.

    I just don't want my hometown to be casually dismissed as, oh, that city? That's where you go to get drunk. You have to go visit there at least once to see the party scene and get wasted.

    I'm sick to my stomach just thinking of that right now. It makes me want to cry (I know - damn PMS, but still.) That's not why I moved back down here, that's not why people stay here - we're so much more than alcohol and my only hope is that someone reads this and will realize it's up to you to make a difference in the legacy and reputation we're leaving our children and generations to come.

    Maybe we don't glorify the drunken antics of the upcoming six-person volleyball tournament in our local newspapers. Maybe the police do a better job of managing the open containers of alcohol so prevalent all the time on holidays. Maybe bars that advertise drink specials till noon on major holidays are fined. Maybe our elected officials don't turn a blind eye and condone alcoholic activities on the beach. I don't know.

    What I found interesting is that the basic publicity I did for my PR workshop actually made the LA Times, The Daily Breeze and the Easy Reader. Maybe there's so little publicity on what's going on down here other than drinking that any news is more interesting. I don't know.

    All I know is, I want my city to be known for something other than alcohol and if it means hitting up the chambers to do publicity for them, then that's what I'll do because my hometown is so much more than partying and alcohol. I know some of the pictures from my BBQ might indicate otherwise, but that's what got me started thinking. It was funny, but not how I normally have parties and made me uncomfortable.

    So... That's all for now. I pray that my words bear fruit and it sobers up those of you who are using alcohol as the grease to promote your businesses, or score women (or men), or to avoid reality, or pain. Please stop. I know it's a disease, but let's not perpetuate it to future generations. Please, please, please stop the madness!

    We can make a difference in our community, one activity, one business event, one story at a time. I'm going to. Won't you join me?

    Heart of a Soul Surfer Premiere

    This looks like a nice event and if I didn't have my BBQ at exactly the same time, I would go! Check it out and tell me what you thought ok?

    Heart of a Soul Surfer Premiere Saturday, July 21, 5pm - 8pm with This Holiday Life in concert & a Q & A with Bethany Hamilton the teen-age girl whose arm was bitten off by a shark. Plus Guest Speaker/Former Pro Surfer Bryan Jennings! (What a cool guy!)

    Free Admission

    Mira Costa HS Auditorium
    1401 Artesia Blvd.
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

    Simpson's Movie, Fritelli's Donuts, Gali Rotstein, The Counter restaurant, Paige Premium Denim

    By Joy A. Kennelly

    The Simpson's Movie cel art party was so cute. Here's a pic of me with the characters. I wanted to take Simpsons_party
    them home with me they were so cute. I love animation. I used to market the World Animation Celebration that 50,000 people would attend. As a result, I knew all the coolest animation and animators. Amazing talent in that field.

    This party was in celebration of the upcoming Simpson's Movie and the walls were filled with cel art from the TV show, Family Guy, and other famous animation from all eras. They served Fritelli's Gourmet Donuts which were quite yummy. I didn't try a Flamin' Moe martini, but those looked good too. There was a lady giving make-up tattoos that the kids just loved. Joe Montagna, Fred Willard and Tom Arnold were some of the celebrities in attendance.

    My client, Artist Gali Rotstein, came, as well as, Interior Designer, Leslie Sachs and Graphic Designer, Cynthia Combs. Gali showed me the completed press kits and they're just stunning. It's really amazing what a difference good design makes. I LOVE IT! Now to get the approval or whatever I need to start pitching her.

    I was rather bummed that I was too late to benefit from my EPPS mixer so to comfort myself went to The Counter restaurant by myself. A friend had taken me there before, but we had arrived when they were closing so I wasn't able to experience it then. Just reading the review on the place - no wonder it's so crowded! Oprah AND GQ Magazine say they're the best burgers! GQ even went so far as to call it one of "The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die."

    I wasn't terribly hungry having tried a donut earlier and skipped ordering the "Build Your Own Burger" which they're known for. I sat at the counter and was joined by a very interesting South African Graphic Designer who works for Paige Premium Denim. We had a great chat and when his burger came it was definitely a concoction all his own! No wonder the place was packed with men. What a great burger joint!

    My veggie burger paled in comparison, but it was delicious nonetheless. It was fun to go out for dinner alone and have a nice conversation with someone unexpected. Just what I needed to get me out of my funk for missing my mixer.

    Oh well, I've decided to start a professional networking mixer for PR/marketing/design/event people since we all collaborate anyway. Should be interesting to see who attends. Looking forward to it. Last night's MB Chamber Mixer was interesting. Bumped into my sister's childhood friend there and promptly re-connected them via the phone which was fun.

    Schmoozed around with my new designer friend, Gary Evans of Tiburon Design, who is extremely talented. We met at the Torrance Chamber lunch. He's one of the people I'm considering starting this mixer with. Also some of my Beach Writer friends too. It's time all of different disciplines had a mixer to support each other as a whole!

    So, that's all for now. We'll see what tomorrow brings! Have a good one!

    Crown Jewel Club, Shade Hotel, The Party Goddess, Gali Rotstein and Age of Love

    By Joy A. Kennelly

    Where to begin? Spent lunch with the Crown Jewel Club Girls over at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach as a fund-raiser for this delightful organization. Here's the mission statement from their Web site:

    "Crown Jewel Club is dedicated to giving at-risk, inner-city girls the opportunity to learn basic disciplines in the areas of basic manners, grooming, table etiquette, and how to conduct themselves in social settings.

    The goal is to provide a positive environment that fosters improved self-esteem, self-confidence, respect for themselves and others, self-awareness, self-nurturing, the value of giving, perseverance, and the importance of education, family and friendships."

    Just a wonderful organization with wonderful success stories, it brought tears to my eyes to hear the children tell NBC weatherman, Fritz Coleman, and NBC Co-Anchor, Colleen Williams, (who both co-hosted the luncheon) how "Mrs. Phillips" has changed their lives.

    Mrs. Phillips is the founder of this two-year old organization which has radically changed the lives of the girls who have gone through the training. I spoke to the school counselor afterwards and she said that she's been at that school for 10 years and there were always fights and disagreements among the girls in the Spring. Now, since the program has been in place, that behavior has stopped. Also, this group helped one little girl choose not to join a gang when asked to. Man...

    My two little favorite girls when asked about themselves responded - "I love sushi and Mrs. Phillips." The 2nd little girl said, "I love Mrs. Phillips. She's taught me how not to be so ghetto." How cute is that? Each little girl was wearing the cutest bonnet too. Check out the Web site for pictures and more details.

    There were also some real amazing little girls who wanted to be doctors, fashion designers, investigators, and one little girl who seemed destined for politics telling us how she wanted to uncover domestic violence or something like that. This from girls ages 9-11 years old living in South Central!

    Shade Hotel was a really beautiful venue for this event too. They closed down the bar area and the outdoor patio for the luncheon. Free organic manicures were offered by Green Bliss Eco Spa, a traveling spa, at one end. Delicious tea sandwiches, Caesar salad, fresh fruit and petit fours were elegantly displayed and prepared by
    Marley Majcher of The Party Goddess.

    Five years ago when I was in the catering business (has anyone ever avoided it completely?) I worked for her company and actually ended up serving at her wedding. She is such a fun party girl. Half the room was formal china, silver, chandeliers to represent her husband, and the other half of the room was this wild animal print chairs, brightly colored plates, cups, etc (at least that's what I remember. I also remember serving jello shots a lot too - that was one fun party for those wedding guests!)

    She's extremely creative, very smart business woman. I highly recommend her company to you. You can tell her I referred you as we re-acquainted ourselves at the event. She remembered me too which was fun. She produced this event and it was top notch all the way. The goody bags are wonderful with so many sponsored gifts I can't go into them all here. Just know they are spectacular and most enjoyable.

    The one funny moment of the day was seeing the former Mayor of Manhattan Beach, Steve A. Napolitano, there and mistaking him for someone who worked for the hotel because of his 60's style brown shirt and matching brown pants that looked like it could be a uniform if you glanced at him quickly. I couldn't figure out why he was walking out to join all the ladies until he was acknowledged from the stage as who he was! My bad.

    I had seen him at the other women's conference event I went to and couldn't figure out why a young, handsome guy like himself would attend an obviously all-female event (Okay, not really, but why did he keep showing up though?), but when it was mentioned that he was part of some other governmental office it became clear he was schmoozing his constituency (although he's very low-key - I think he likes to be supportive too. How do I know though? I don't even know the guy - only spoke a few words to him today! I'm sure everyone else in town knows him though. He seems a little shy.)

    He was very gracious to the charity and offered his office to match anyone's $5,000 grant they made that day. I don't think it was that type money crowd, but this was my first Manhattan Beach event. I'm just getting the lay of the land down here.

    Who knows what goes on in the Soroptomist International of Manhattan Beach? Seems like a great organization to be part of though since they do so much charitable work. I like that. I might have to see what all is entailed to be part of it because I'm impressed with the women I have met to date.

    Then drove like a mad woman to Gali's (trying to burn out the additives in my engine like the mechanic suggested this morning when I took my car in for review again.) It was rather fun speeding full bore around the curves of the Sepulveda pass in my red sports car. Fortunately, no police were around because I was booking! Just doing what my mechanic suggested. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

    Met with Gali to discuss strategy and next steps. Together with her designer friend, Cynthia Combs, they have created the most classy press kit from the raw press materials I gave them. I was so happy! It was beyond what I imagined it could be. Those two are EXTREMELY talented. Too bad Cynthia's moving to South Carolina to start her eco events business, but I'm sure anything she does will be first class all the way. I'm also sure you'll be hearing about her sooner than later. Mark my words.

    I feel good about what Gali and I have planned now and just need to implement everything. This week is going to be extremely busy!  I'm networking like a crazy woman - chamber lunch tomorrow afternoon, Third Tuesday in the evening (don't really network there, but catch up with friends.) Wednesday night - another chamber mixer. I'm intent on checking out the local scene since I normally never hang out down here in the South Bay and am curious who participates.

    Thursday morning - another networking breakfast (I overslept last week and hope to make this one - my nights can get late though!) and then that evening two events- the Simpson's movie animation art gallery opening with a cool crowd in attendance (I'm tired and not explaining it properly, but trust me it's going to be great!!!! Fred Willard anyone? How about a Flamin' Moe? I CANNOT WAIT!!!) followed by the EPPS summer mixer which is always a good time.

    I pitched myself to a lot of the publicists in that organization to help with their overflow PR work. It will be nice to put the name to the faces. Also, to see old friends I don't see except for these events. Very good group of people. Highly recommend joining if you're an independent publicist, or any type actually.

    Okay, I'm getting tired. I do need to say something though about the show, Age of Love. Although at one point I was hoping to like Jen, the oldest one of the bunch, as she is the spokesmodel for the clothing site I was approached to represent, can't say that I do. I think that woman is a Cougar with a capital "C." She even said it herself in tonight's episode, she only wants what she wants.

    I WOULD NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER date someone 18 years younger, especially if my son was that age - that's just sick and wrong. I have gone out socially with much, much younger men, but I would NEVER, ever seriously consider dating any of them! I think the youngest I ever hung out with was 18 years and even that was a huge age difference at the time. He was a model - what can I say? First red head I ever hung out socially with too. Too much a Daddy thing since my Dad's a red head - just not my thing. I like my men dark and handsome. Know anyone? :)

    BTW, took my profile off yahoo because the person's profile I hid popped up in my box as reviewing my profile and I couldn't figure out how to remove him. If he's not interested enough to contact me, then why stare at his face right? However, it would have been nice, but would have been's do not a relationship make. I think I'm taking a break from online stuff for a bit except maybe EHarmony still. Too much going on this week.

    Back to age vs. beauty, whoops, 20's vs. 40's. I don't think it's a fair playing field for someone that much older to pursue someone younger like that - I think what next week's episode will reveal is that Mark (isn't that his name? I'm sorry, he's not that exciting to me - handsome, but a little too naive) is more interested in just having sex with her than having a real relationship.

    Also, that woman seems more interested in adding him to her (sex) belt than having a real relationship too I think. She seems too hard and calculating to be anything other than a (fill in the blank.) Can you tell I'm over wanting to work with that company?

    However, maybe I should watch what I say seeing as she's the assistant to the head coach of the Lakers and if I ever need a favor, she'd probably be the one I need to deal with!:) Jen, you're a very nice woman and I'm sure you had only the best motives on the show. Really, I do. Truce?

    I have to admit though, that show cracks me up when some of the earlier 40 year old women got kicked off because they were bemoaning the fact that time was slipping away (or words to that effect.) I've been there, but not on national TV!!! No reality TV for me - thank you very much. I especially would never go on national TV and announce my age to the world. A lady never reveals her age and a gentleman never asks.

    I had to teach that to the little cutie patootie four year old boy who was watching softball with me the other week. I can be real kid-like around kids because I just love playing around and being silly with them which they love too. I guess I was a little too much for his serious little mind and he asked me with great concern, "How old ARE you?" I just love how honest little kids can be.

    I kept teasing him and telling him I wanted to pick him up and give him a big hug he was so cute. I told him too, not only is he handsome, but I bet he's smart too, to which he replied, "Yes I am" with all the bravado his tiny little body could muster. HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! They're all coming to my BBQ so I can't wait to see him again. Very fun little boy.

    Speaking of which, my little boy (9 years old now!) just sent me the sweetest thank you card for the Star Wars stamps and funny reggae head pencil I sent him for fun. He lives with his adoptive parents outside DC and he's the best little guy. I just love him. I'm going to buy some fun stationary to correspond back to him. Little boys are fun!

    It's the big boys you have to watch out for. Just teasing. I wish I had a big boy in my life about now. Are you feeling me single girls? Jen? HA! LOL. In any case, today was fun. Tomorrow is going to be busy so I best be getting to bed.

    Have a great night (what's left of it.)

    Entourage, The Blog/Zine Network, Frontline Writing, Bay Cities Church, Trilogy Spa

    By Joy A. Kennelly

    Entourage was great tonight! Totally cracks me up. Can you imagine hating someone so much and then being stuck working with them over and over again? I can't! This plot line is great - can't wait for next week.The drug scene was a little excessive though. I wouldn't doubt this type BS goes on in Hollywood, but I've been very fortunate never to be a part of it. Not my scene. At all.

    Moving right along.

    Met with my Blog/Zine Network group today which was interesting as usual. We had more new people join us (for some reason I'm having deja vu. Did I write this last month? Oy vey!) Learned some new blogging tips which is always helpful. That's why I started this particular blog with my "byline." We'll see what happens doing that. Just curious.

    David Tandet of Frontline Writing had some interesting Web sites for us to review and utilize in the future. I would tell you, but then I'd have to shoot you since you haven't joined the group yet! Just kidding. But seriously, if you want to learn about blogging, join us. I'm going to start inviting more guest speakers to come and we'll all learn how to grow this type "business" together!

    Bay Cities Community Church was good as always. Sometimes music just hits my spirit and today I was tearing up again. I can just see myself on stage crying occasionally if I do sing with the worship team, but hey, I'm an emotional person and music can hit your emotions. So! We shall see!

    Enjoyed hitting Trilogy Spa Hermosa Beach today after church for a bit. Was supposed to have a friend join me, but she was upset I switched day spas on her last minute so she bailed. I felt really, really bad at first, but after enjoying the rain shower and the floating water bed experience, I was feeling no pain. I really like their mango coconut sugar scrub - I smell so yummy! Don'tcha wish you were here with me right now? I smell good enough to eat! LOL

    I was feeling pretty good about myself after that treat. I guess it showed because men were real attentive to me at the smog place. I must buy more dresses! It's nice to be feminine, especially since it's been so hot.

    Now to get up early and take care of business. Last night some of the drunk idiots either visiting people here, or who live here were talking loudly and trying to climb our back wall at 3am. The bastards. I almost yelled, but when I opened the window wider I think they got the hint and shut up. OY VEY! More drunken idiots in the South Bay. Oh well.

    I know I'd hear drunks a lot in certain parts of Hollywood too, but I've just never lived near this type behavior before - lucky I guess. At least people haven't been doing their stupid "Woo Hoo" calls since I told one of my neighbors that whoever did that at 2 and 3am were asses. Word travels fast I guess. It's not Georgia's Rules - it's Joy's Rules. JUST KIDDING!

    I just find it highly disrespectful to be loud and obnoxious when people living here have small children. Maybe those "Woo Hoo" people have moved out or something. Good.

    I'll get off my soapbox now.

    Life is good.

    I love my place, love my pool, love my friends down here, and love the beauty of the South Bay.

    I just love being able to drive down PCH and look over to see the ocean whenever I'm at a crossroads of streets. There's just something majestic about an endless ocean that goes off into the horizon.

    And with that, I'll bid you good night.

    Sleep tight. God bless.

    Isn't this a great write-up on Guitar Hero & WSVG?



    Area teen rocks ‘Guitar Hero’

                  (Created: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 11:38 PM CDT)
    Jesse Dalton, 15, an Allen ISD junior and baseball pitcher, never thought his hobby of playing video games would put him on stage in a World Series competition.

    Dalton didn’t plan to compete. He heard about a two-day qualifying event in Dallas on the radio June 28. He went that day, and out of about 50 contestants, he won, receiving $175 and automatic placement in the second-annual World Series of Video Games (WSVG).

    The World Series took place at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine July 5-8. This year’s series began May in China and continued June in Louisville, Ky.

    He said he entered the competition for the money and for “bragging rights at school.”

    It was Dalton’s first time on stage and he was nervous.

    “Everything changes when you get on stage,” Dalton said. “You can’t really practice for that.”

    The top four Guitar Hero finalists from Louisville, the first 20 contestants to register online, Dalton and seven people chosen from an open audition Thursday at the Gaylord made up 32 participants for Friday's competition.

    Dalton survived elimination Friday and moved on to compete Saturday as one of the top 16 contestants.

    The Gaylord Convention Center was transformed into a dark, adult arcade. Assorted lights, designs and colors flashed across the walls and concrete floors and ceilings. Various music and broadcasts aired throughout the room.

    Computers lined the walls and teams competed in games.

    Hundreds of people — mostly males, teen and adult — viewed flat-screen TVs or one of four spectator sports.

    An elevated boxing ring with an announcer contained two TVs with hand controls. Observers watched from metal bleachers as two “gamers” played “Fight Night Round 3.” Fans watched intently, shouted and clapped.
                  Similar reactions came from the “Quake 4” and “World of War Craft” areas.

    About 200 people crowded around a stage in the back anticipating the Guitar Hero event.

    This is the first year the series included a Guitar Hero competition.

    Matt Ringel, of New York, created the WSVG.

    “Watching people at the top of their game is very satisfying to the audience,” Ringel said.

    He said he wanted to make video games a “spectator sport.” Ringel said he doesn’t use the word “gamers” anymore because different types of people enjoy playing games, different ethnicities and ages. He said adults enjoy games too because they played them as children.

    “Guitar Hero 2” is a video game with a miniature guitar. Various colors appear quickly on a TV monitor and players press corresponding buttons on the guitar. Pushing the right key at the correct time creates music.

    Game scores are based on the number of notes played.

    In addition to the game, three judges gave scores for stage presence, like the TV show American Idol. Sal "Sluggo" Accardo, Senior Editor of PC GameSpy and video game musician Tommy Tallarico helped judge the top 16. Motley Crue's Vince Neil later judged the final eight.

    Some participants memorized the songs. Without watching the monitor, some jumped off the stage and played amongst the crowd. Other contenders played the guitar behind their heads and backs, between their legs and with their toes and teeth.

    Contestants choose one of 50 songs from the 1970s to present.

    Each competitor vied for the judge’s attention. Several contenders wore rock ‘n’ roll costumes.

    Some had sponsors and managers and promoted products during their presentation.

    Residents from Dalton’s neighborhood and his family accompanied him for support.

    Dalton was third to play. The second performer played Dalton’s song, and not wanting to perform the same song back-to-back, Dalton changed music just before taking the stage.

    The announcer called Dalton the “local Guitar Hero” because he won the Dallas competition. Participants came from all around the nation.

    Dalton performed “Beast in the Harlot.”

    People in the audience rocked their heads and bodies to the beat and raised their hands.

    “It’s hard with everyone watching you,” Dalton said. “I wasn’t expecting this many people.”

    He said it was a good experience and he played “just for fun.”

    Dalton didn’t proceed to the top eight.

    “They are good,” Dalton said about his opponents. “Video games have moved a long way.”

    Judge Tallarico said Dalton chose a difficult song.

    “It’s one of the hardest songs in the game,” Tallarico said. “So I got to give him props for that.”

    Dalton received his Guitar Hero for his birthday last year and became “addicted,” he said. He plays about 30 minutes a day, but recently more for practice.

    “At first I didn’t like it,” said Dalton’s mother, Jeanette, about the video game. “It’s nice because it keeps them out of trouble, and I know where they are.”

    She said her son and his friends stay up late hours at home playing.

    “They are learning our songs, the songs we like,” Jeanette Dalton said. “It’s bringing back the old rock and their appreciating it.”

    Dalton’s dad, Rob, has played the game himself. He said he likes Guitar Hero because it includes musical groups such as Queen and The Who.

    “He is a quiet hero,” Rob Dalton. “He’s good.”

    Rob Dalton said his left handed son has good eye-hand coordination, helping him in the competition and in baseball as well.

    Dalton doesn’t plan to pursue a career with his guitar, but he will keep playing, he said.

    The next WSVG is in Los Angeles and later this year in Sweden.

    Artist Gali Rotstein's work on EXTRA all week!

     01and_their_lives Catch Artist Gali Rotstein's latest collection, Requiem for a Housewife, on EXTRA this week at 7pm on NBC!!!

    Gali’s REQUIEM FOR A HOUSEWIFE series was selected by Interior Designer Leslie Sachs, of Breathing Room Design, to hang in the 55 ft entry hallway of Actress Teri Hatcher’s new production offices.

    Tune in as EXTRA covers the design makeover of Teri’s new offices, featuring Gali’s artwork -- also available on and on EXTRA!

     For all art consulting & design inquiries please contact:

    Leslie Sachs

    Breathing Room Design

    Artist inquiries or more artwork:

          Artist Gali Rotstein


    A few corrections of previous posts & updates

    Turns out I forgot I had gone on Yahoo personals in April not years and years like I thought! My bad. However, I was right in how long it had been for Match and EHarmony. I never used to like EHarmony because the men they hooked me up with were so conservative they always closed me right away after reading (I believe) that I was a Hollywood Publicist.

    Can't be too Godly doing that right? Maybe back then, but now, me and God - we're tight.:) In any case, back on it and finding some very interesting men. Now if only the technical problems are resolved my love life might start to move forward!:) Yahoo and Match - not so into because I think men are there more for the hook-up than a relationship - I could be wrong, but that's what I've heard.

    On another note, Gali pointed out that Teri's design makeover of her new ISBE production offices is NOT Extreme because that's the name of another show. It was simply a beautiful makeover - how's that for a new reality show title? The Beautiful Makeover show? Just kidding. I think they're going more for the title "EXTRA" Makeover show, but that remains to be seen.

    Now, since I wasn't on-site for the Dallas World Series of Video Games Presented by Intel (which I would have loved to have gone to, but Rick, my boss/friend went instead since that was part of his responsibility not mine), I can tell you that it went over very well. Rick said more people came than last year. Our NorthPark Center winner actually made it into the top 16 for the finals - yeah to him!

    I ended up turning over the CompUSA promotion to the CA and TX PR firms to handle together and don't know what went down with them for Dallas. I was just happy enough to connect the two firms and let them create the magic without me. I was beginning to burn out with everything I've had going on.

    Gali and I are still tweaking (her more than me I'll admit) everything we're going to share with the world and once it's ready to fly - you will be among the first to know ok? Just say a prayer that it continues to go as well as it has!:) Also, keep watching EXTRA! They say they're going to keep covering her work!

    Thanks! Have a gorgeous day - I plan to!

    I love Donny Deutsch of The Big Idea!

    Anyone else catch Donny Deutsch's show tonight on The Big Idea called Destination Millions: NYC? He had the most interesting entrepreneur's discussing how they got their start in business and recommendations for how you can start your own business too.

    What I absolutely loved was the end when a woman asked what the next step was to promote her business - marketing, advertising? Donny jumped in before his "Board of Directors" to say that despite his coming from the ad business, it's the worst route to travel for those wanting to promote their new product or company.

    HE SAID PUBLIC RELATIONS WAS THE KEY!!! (or words to that effect, I was so thrilled to see my profession validated on live TV from an Ad guy I'm paraphrasing poorly, but you get my drift right?) Then, Liz Lange, President of her hugely successful maternity clothing line, Liz Lange, spoke up and said - PR - especially in magazines! She said editors need products to fill their pages and they're hungry for information. She said to focus on PR!

    I think Liz might have a little head start over the average entrepreneur because from what I heard, I think she had magazine editor friends, but still! Also, what I always find interesting is that women who are married create these multi-million dollar businesses and I think it's because their basic needs are taken care of by their husband's income as they're building the business. It's tough to do this as a single person, but I think it can be done, just might take a little longer.

    Back to the show. Donny shared that a page of editorial discussing your product was worth lots more than advertising because it's taken as an objective viewpoint! SEE!!! I'm telling all of you -- watch this show and learn! You're going to hear how to take your ideas and turn them into multi-million dollar businesses.

    There's a part of me that wants to create something and sell it because with my marketing and PR background I think I could be rather successful promoting my own product. Normally I work with promoting people and their products, films, art, and whatever, but sometimes there's a part of me that wants to promote my own stuff (whatever it's going to be!)

    That will come in due time. Right now I'm focusing on doing the best job possible for my clients and we'll see what happens!

    Okay, that's all. Just had to share since I was so excited!

    Artist Gali Rotstein in Teri Hatcher's piece on EXTRA!

    Artist Gali Rotstein’s latest art collection, REQUIEM FOR A HOUSEWIFE, is showcased in Teri Hatcher's "Extreme Makeover" this week on EXTRA @7PM on NBC!

    Teri Hatcher had her brand new ISBE production offices redone by Interior Designer Leslie Sachs of Breathing Room Design and EXTRA's design dynamic duo Gary Andrews and Mike Mohen, with Pottery Barn providing the decor.

    You can see my favorite piece of Gali's in Teri's revamped waiting area and more sneak peeks of Gali's work in the "art gallery inspired hallway" as EXTRA co-host, Dayna, so aptly put it. Also, very quickly in Teri's assistant's area on the shelves!

    Check it all out on EXTRA!

    Two things today - The Mayor & God

    You didn't really think I wouldn't comment on the Mayor now did you? This from Steve Lopez of the LA Times (just took this from LA Observed - if you want a pulse of LA, you really must read this site!)

    "The column also says the affair has been good for the Valley — "it's not clear how often Villaraigosa visited Salinas at a Sherman Oaks condo and later at one in Studio City, but it's possible no other mayor has spent so much quality time in the Valley" — and talks about how Telemundo staffers wonder uncomfortably if they have said too much about the mayor around Mirthala Salinas.

    Lopez also takes a brutal but probably deserved swipe at Villaraigosa: On Wednesday, I heard from a psychologist who took issue with my column suggesting that no one could love Villaraigosa as much as he loves himself.

    "True clinical narcissism has nothing to do with self-love," said Victor Silva-Palacios, who explained narcissistic personality disorder. "Rather, it has to do with a severe lack of emotional development."


    "Underneath an apparent 'self-love,' one frequently discovers a fragile ego … and chronic emotional emptiness. It seems to me that Mr. Villaraigosa is trying to hide his insecurities with choices that are very destructive to himself and others." (HOW MANY OTHER PLAYERS SHOULD READ THIS AND SEE THEMSELVES? ONLY GOD CAN FILL THAT VOID.)

    Makes sense, but I prefer the diagnosis by an 84-year-old Latina who called and asked me to pass it along to the mayor:

    'Tell him that his brains are between his legs, and there's not too much there.'"

    Poor Mayor, reduced to a horndog. Just goes to show you CAN'T have your cake and eat it too. Big bummer for him, but maybe now we'll benefit as a city because he'll need to earn our approval back and actually start working!

    Now on to something a little more uplifting (which maybe if the Mayor reads will comfort him too seeing as he probably reads everything about himself all the time regardless of what we say about him.) I didn't write this, but if you like it and want more like this, go to and sign up. I really like these!

                                                                           When God Stoops

    By MaryBeth Whalen “The Lord looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.” Psalm 14:2 (NIV)\

    My four-year-old will often buzz by me in a flurry of motion usually running too fast while fleeing the scene of a crime or carrying a sharp object. If I yell after him some form of admonishment, he rarely hears it. I have found that for my discipline and instruction to have the most effect, I must stop what I am doing, stoop down on his level, and look him in the eye. When I do this, he and I can connect on a meaningful level.

    The other day I came across Genesis 6:8, which says, “But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.” A note in my study Bible informs me that the word “favor” in this verse is from a root meaning “to bend or stoop.” Basically this verse points out that God stooped down from His place on high to offer His favor to a lowly human who didn’t really deserve it and could never earn it. God was condescending, which means “to deal as an equal with one of inferior rank."

    This idea is mentioned again in Zechariah 12:10, when God promises to “pour out… a spirit of grace and supplication” on the people. The image painted in this verse is of God, seated on His throne in heaven, pouring down His grace upon His people. Just like I must look down to see my precious child, God must look down upon us to truly see us. The God of the Universe is willing to stoop down to connect with us. I don’t want to lose sight of His willingness to do that for me. I don’t want to be too busy and active like my four-year-old to hear His voice.

    How humbling it is to know that even when I do buzz by Him, unaware that He is calling out to me, He is still willing to pause in the midst of all His creation to offer me His favor - the grace and love He so freely pours out. The other day, as my son was running out the door for a visit with his grandmother, I stopped him to tell him goodbye. I stooped down and looked him in the eye. I drank in the sight of his precious face and focused intently on him as I told him I loved him.

    This moment reminded me again that God loves me enough to stoop. I hope you will remember today that He loves you that much, too.

    Dear Lord, help me to hear Your voice. Help me to remember how much You love me, and how much You long to connect with me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    What a great day today is for my client, Artist Gali Rotstein!

    I don't know about the rest of you, but when you work alone you don't always know how your work is perceived by the public and how people will react to everything you've been promoting and working so hard to accomplish.

    Most recently, I've been working with my fine art client, Gali, in somewhat of a vacuum similar to what I've just described. We weren't sure how Teri Hatcher would respond to her artwork or her new production office that Gali's associate, Leslie Sachs just interior designed which included Gali's art.

    For those of you who haven't heard of Leslie, here's her background according to a web site on contemporary art I found.

    "Leslie Sachs of Breathing Room Design is one of Los Angeles’ rising interior designer stars. To date, her clients include Teri Hatcher, Laura Dern, Billy Bob Thornton, Joey Pantoliano and many others who hold her in high regard for her style, aesthetic, and holistic view of interior design. A graduate of Cal Arts, Leslie incorporates strong color combinations and takes many artistic cues from the architecture of the space, as well as the client’s taste and personality.

    Not only did Teri LOVE Gali and Leslie's work, she brought them into her EXTRA interview. There's so many more cool things that are going on right now, but I just had to share I'm so excited to see where this takes all of us! Gali's work is absolutely stunning and really resonates with women in so many ways. I can't wait to showcase more of it here for you.

    We were all working in a vacuum not knowing what the reaction would be like and now it's better than we even dreamed! I'll let you know when the EXTRA piece will air and when they have her artwork up on their site - yes, they're doing that too! Isn't it amazing?

    I'm thrilled and so happy for Gali and Leslie I was crying when they told me. Now to hurry up and get the rest of the world to know! See ya!

    Gotta go prep for my PR class tonight. Wish me luck!

    USA Today coverage on World Series of Video Games Presented by Intel - just in!

    Well this is cool news! USA Today just did a huge write-up on the World Series of Video Games Presented by Intel and you can read all about it here. I was so excited I even added a comment because people don't realize how popular gaming really is.

    I had no idea until I started working on this promotion myself. Over 90,000 people attended the series last year and it's this cool sub-culture phenomenon that I think is really taking off and becoming mainstream. Lots of celebrities like gaming too now - Chuck Norris is into World of Warcraft apparently (oh no, another Chuck Norris internet rumor! Just teasing - he really is into it), Nick Lachey and his girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo, play Halo.

    Did any of you catch Jonah Hill's (the guy from Knocked Up) interview on David Letterman where he shared getting caught playing Guitar Hero naked in his apartment while construction workers were working across the street? Too funny.

    Here's some of the pix I've been promising from the NorthPark Center Mall promotion. Sorry they're not more exciting, but I wasn't there and the person taking them took them just for fun not publicity. Enjoy!     You get a feel for it though right?  Welcome to Texas and their gamers!:)Northpark_3_2          Northpark_2_4      Northpark_1                                                                                                         If you want to see live video from the real Dallas World Series of Video Games event currently taking place over at the Gaylord Texan Resort right now - click here. There's all kinds of live video, pictures, stats, upcoming contests, how to get there, where to stay, everything you need and want to know!
    HAVE FUN!!

    Check out LAist's review of Kwik-E-Mart in Burbank!

    This oughta make you smile - it did me - absolutely hilarious!

    Welcome to Kwik-E-Mart! The Simpson Movie's new promo store - very clever...


    The 7-11 at the intersection of Olive and Verdugo in Burbank has temporarily been converted into a Kwik-E-Mart. It was re-done late Saturday night and will remain a Kwik-E-Mart for the next month to promote the upcoming Simpsons movie.

    Eleven 7-11s in the United States and two in Canada have been converted into Kwik-E-Marts as part of the promotion. DCist has their very own Kwik-E-Mart in Bladensburg, MD.

    Golam, Burbank's friendly counterman, was having a lot of fun shouting, "Welcome to Kwik-E-Mart!" as each customer walked in. The other employees were rushing to re-stock cartoonishly pink donuts while the 7-11 rep made frantic calls on his cell phone demanding more Buzz cola, "Send me everything you've got! It's ALL gone. Everything."

    Other promo materials are Krusty-Os, Kwik-E-Mart styrofoam ice chests, Radioactive Man comic books, and Squishee cups (No Duff beer, unfortunately).

    Watch for specially marked merchandise to enter a contest to appear in a Simpsons episode.

    7-11 has hired security to handle the anticipated crowds, and the news vans were already pulling up as I was leaving at 4am. I have a feeling that perky, "Welcome to Kwik-E-Mart!" is going to sound pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

    (Way more photos after the jump)

    Burbank Kwik-E-Mart


    donuts. Is there anything they can't do?


    Kwik-E Coolers



    kwik-e-mart sign


    comic book guy

    Home of the Flaming Moe

    Savor their sandwichy goodness


    Kwik-E-Mart as the crowds arrive


    Skinner Stinks

    Photos by Elise Thompson for LAist

    Beautiful Girl, World Series of Video Games, Gali Rotstein

    I'm working on some projects listening to KIIS FM and Beautiful Girl  by Sean Kingston is playing. I had auditioned to play the 50's diner waitress in the music video so it was fun to hear the song. Check out the link if you want to see the actual video. I haven't been listening to the radio in awhile and am loving the mix they're playing right now.

    I know, how boring - commercial radio right? But I'm lazy. I don't like creating my own playlists because I get bored with music so quickly and want someone else to introduce me to new music. Granted if I'd been listening to the radio it wouldn't be new, but still.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I will post pix from the Kick-off party for the World Series of Video Games Presented by Intel (WSVG) at the Dallas NorthPark Center Mall where they Rocked the Park with Guitar Hero II as soon as I get them. The game store manager said it was one of the largest tournaments they've held. The winner is now entered in the final 32 for the WSVG. Cool, eh?

    Apparently all 1,000 WSVG tickets were given out for the WSVG event taking place July 5-8, 2007 at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, TX. You going to be there? If you missed Guitar Hero at the mall don't miss it again - catch the hype! Here's the blurb from our Web site:

    "Be a Guitar Hero on TV! You can jump in on Thursday from 11am-6pm and Friday from 10am-1:45pm and compete for the remaining 8 positions in the Guitar Hero 2 competition. Win the crowd, but most importantly win the judges over! Judges in Dallas will include Mötley Crüe's Vince Neil, Sal "Sluggo" Accardo, Senior Editor of PC GameSpy, and TV Host Geoff Keighley."

    Next up, I'm helping prep the on-site CompUSA promotion "featuring retro video arcade games made popular in the 1980’s including Pac-Man, Joust and Defender. In addition to the classics, CompUSA will also give gamers the chance to compete among each other on several of today’s most popular gaming consoles, including XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii, connected to large plasma TV's." Fun, eh?

    This is what their PR firm came up with and I think it sounds like a lot of fun - I remember those games! Anyway, enough already. Time to get back to writing. Copywriting that is. Yes, what a dull girl I am right now, but hey, it's summer, got to pay the bills and had a great day playing with friends I haven't seen in a bit.

    I'm glad because Gali, my artist client, is very happy with the bio I just wrote for her. Her "Requiem for a Housewife" installation at Teri Hatcher's production office is moving right along. I'm going to ask Gali if I can post some pictures of her art in case you're curious. I love it!

    Her biggest influence is Anselm Kiefer with a bunch of other contemporary artists thrown in - Roy Lichtenstein, Elmer Bischoff to name a few. Ring a bell? Anyway, enough. I'll tell you more about her later. She's very interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by. Talk at ya.