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I love Donny Deutsch of The Big Idea!

Anyone else catch Donny Deutsch's show tonight on The Big Idea called Destination Millions: NYC? He had the most interesting entrepreneur's discussing how they got their start in business and recommendations for how you can start your own business too.

What I absolutely loved was the end when a woman asked what the next step was to promote her business - marketing, advertising? Donny jumped in before his "Board of Directors" to say that despite his coming from the ad business, it's the worst route to travel for those wanting to promote their new product or company.

HE SAID PUBLIC RELATIONS WAS THE KEY!!! (or words to that effect, I was so thrilled to see my profession validated on live TV from an Ad guy I'm paraphrasing poorly, but you get my drift right?) Then, Liz Lange, President of her hugely successful maternity clothing line, Liz Lange, spoke up and said - PR - especially in magazines! She said editors need products to fill their pages and they're hungry for information. She said to focus on PR!

I think Liz might have a little head start over the average entrepreneur because from what I heard, I think she had magazine editor friends, but still! Also, what I always find interesting is that women who are married create these multi-million dollar businesses and I think it's because their basic needs are taken care of by their husband's income as they're building the business. It's tough to do this as a single person, but I think it can be done, just might take a little longer.

Back to the show. Donny shared that a page of editorial discussing your product was worth lots more than advertising because it's taken as an objective viewpoint! SEE!!! I'm telling all of you -- watch this show and learn! You're going to hear how to take your ideas and turn them into multi-million dollar businesses.

There's a part of me that wants to create something and sell it because with my marketing and PR background I think I could be rather successful promoting my own product. Normally I work with promoting people and their products, films, art, and whatever, but sometimes there's a part of me that wants to promote my own stuff (whatever it's going to be!)

That will come in due time. Right now I'm focusing on doing the best job possible for my clients and we'll see what happens!

Okay, that's all. Just had to share since I was so excited!




I agree with you that this was a great show. In fact, I'm going to buy a flip and fold.

I was wondering if you caught the name of the "fashion" book that was mentioned by the participant who developed a clothing line, but did not sew. She said the book has been around a while and referenced various patternmakers and contract sewers. I did not catch the name of the book and have been searching key words on google with no luck.

Do you know what book she was talking about?



joy kennelly

Hi RJ, Thanks for popping by. I heard the title enough times, but didn't write it down since I don't do fashion PR and didn't think I'd need it.

What I'd recommend is contacting the show producers and asking them. You can also shoot them an email, or contact Liz Lange Maternity Wear.

I'm sure if you call the main office they'll know what you're talking about. Good luck!


It is "Fashiondex"


By the way... what is a "flip and fold" ???

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