I love Donny Deutsch of The Big Idea!
Artist Gali Rotstein's work on EXTRA all week!

A few corrections of previous posts & updates

Turns out I forgot I had gone on Yahoo personals in April not years and years like I thought! My bad. However, I was right in how long it had been for Match and EHarmony. I never used to like EHarmony because the men they hooked me up with were so conservative they always closed me right away after reading (I believe) that I was a Hollywood Publicist.

Can't be too Godly doing that right? Maybe back then, but now, me and God - we're tight.:) In any case, back on it and finding some very interesting men. Now if only the technical problems are resolved my love life might start to move forward!:) Yahoo and Match - not so into because I think men are there more for the hook-up than a relationship - I could be wrong, but that's what I've heard.

On another note, Gali pointed out that Teri's design makeover of her new ISBE production offices is NOT Extreme because that's the name of another show. It was simply a beautiful makeover - how's that for a new reality show title? The Beautiful Makeover show? Just kidding. I think they're going more for the title "EXTRA" Makeover show, but that remains to be seen.

Now, since I wasn't on-site for the Dallas World Series of Video Games Presented by Intel (which I would have loved to have gone to, but Rick, my boss/friend went instead since that was part of his responsibility not mine), I can tell you that it went over very well. Rick said more people came than last year. Our NorthPark Center winner actually made it into the top 16 for the finals - yeah to him!

I ended up turning over the CompUSA promotion to the CA and TX PR firms to handle together and don't know what went down with them for Dallas. I was just happy enough to connect the two firms and let them create the magic without me. I was beginning to burn out with everything I've had going on.

Gali and I are still tweaking (her more than me I'll admit) everything we're going to share with the world and once it's ready to fly - you will be among the first to know ok? Just say a prayer that it continues to go as well as it has!:) Also, keep watching EXTRA! They say they're going to keep covering her work!

Thanks! Have a gorgeous day - I plan to!


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