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Just returned from viewing Introducing the Dwights starring the amazing British Actress Brenda Blethyn who I mistakenly confused with British Actress Julie Walters when I told her how much I love her acting. Talk about embarrassing, but she was very gracious and didn't even call me out. All brits are alike right? JUST KIDDING!

She truly is an amazing actress and so humble even after all her success. She was honestly thrilled I, a nobody to her, liked her film and took the time to tell her so. She even said she felt the film received a better reception here in the states than in Australia which I found interesting. This film is such a sweet, loving, fresh look at the difficulty mothers face letting go of their sons and living life with an entertainer. I don't think it's been explored in such a way before, or ever. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I felt all the acting was so nuanced and vulnerable, yet believable and funny I really felt for the characters. It was like a slice of life you're not normally privy to and as a result you almost feel like you're intruding on their personal lives. The oldest son is beginning to explore his sexuality with his new girlfriend, but is caught between the love of his mother and his burgeoning love for this "interloper."

It was a little graphic on the love scenes (which, if the guys from Knocked Up were watching they would be very happy about all the naked boobage) which I think is par for the course with a "foreign" film. Even though we may speak the same language it doesn't mean we see the world in the same way, or express ourselves the same way either.

That's what I love about independent, foreign films (not that this one is still independent since I was invited by Warner Independent Pictures and Australians in Film.) You walk away from viewing them with a different idea about your perceptions about other people, other places, and other life experiences. At least the good ones that is - which this one definitely is.

I took a little while to warm to it because I arrived a little late (pounding out a project which took longer than I expected) and had to catch up on the plot which took a minute. However, once I grasped the concept I settled in for the show. It wasn't a barrel of laughs, but more a poignant, sweet, lovely comedy that I think people will really enjoy if they allow it to take them over.

The relationship between the son played brilliantly by cutie pie, Khan Chittenden and quirky, vulnerable and lovable Emma Booth is really sweet to watch develop. I think she's quite talented and hope she has a good agent and manager to direct her career. He was very sensitive too and quite enjoyable. I want a son like him! It was very sweet to see him interact with his "mum."

Emma's crying scene was especially moving since I've been there with other guys. I'm so glad I am not in that place right now over anybody! I don't miss it at all. I do love the film's tagline - The only remedy for love is to love more. May we all make that our mantra.

I can't say enough about the film and especially  Brenda Blethyn who I think keeps getting prettier and prettier. I also enjoyed the "spastic" son played by Richard Wilson. He supplied a lot of the comedic moments in the flm, but it was really Brenda's film in my mind. Oh, lest I forget, her ex-husband in the film, Actor Frankie J. Holden, is brilliant as the boy's musician father and one-hit wonder.

This is an art film in the true sense of the word. Whenever I enjoy good art whether it be fine art, film, music, photography or dance, I get emotionally choked up. Speaking to Brenda afterwards I became a little "fer klempt" ala Barbra Streisand's biggest fan, Mike Meyer's Jewish Yenta, Linda Richman. (Talk amongst yourselves...)

And for those of you too young to remember this classic SNL skit - click here.  Those pictures are like buttah! The other links lead you to the sounds - very funny!

The reception immediately following the screening was very nice too. I didn't know anyone (other than the caterers from years past) and would have liked to have a date with me, but it was too short of notice to invite anyone else after my client was unable to attend. It's nights like these, when I'm really happy, I wish I had someone special to share my happiness with, but otherwise lately I'm fine with being single.

The evening was a lot of fun. I'm glad I made the effort to drive from Manhattan Beach to the DGA despite running late. Introducing the Dwights comes out over 4th of July weekend so support it and as Brenda told me when we were saying good bye to each other - Tell all your mates!


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