More Moore slams - can you tell I dislike him?
Just a reminder of God's goodness

Some interesting beach exercise facts - finally - a new topic!

I'm over my Micheal Moore rant - I was fasting yesterday for personal reasons and think the hunger pangs were making me "testy." Enough of the loot, on with something to help you with your health! Speaking of which, if anyone is interested, the Spectrum Redondo is having a Summer Launch Mixer this Saturday, June 23, from 11am - 3pm on-site located at  819 N. Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (310) 376-9443. 

I plan to go because they have fun parties and I'm meeting some of my softball team-mates there. The club is serving hot dogs, burgers, margaritas, beer and offering raffle prizes, hip hop classes on the basketball court with live music from Pet the Dog, plus a trunk show of athletic wear. Where else can you find so much for so little all in one place?

I'm still debating on whether or not to join there because if I find more work up in Hollywood it won't be conducive for me to drive in that direction to work -out. We'll see. I still have time.

So, in case you're curious about your summer work-out calorie burn - read on. No wonder people who are into beach volleyball are so fit! Maybe I need to switch sports!:)

Feel the Burn
Here are how many calories (approximately) a 150-pound person will burn per hour of several beach sports. (Calories burned will be higher or lower depending on your body weight.)

Activity Calories per Hour
Playing catch: baseball, football 175
Playing FrisbeeĀ® 210
Building sand castles 210-315
Surfing or bodyboarding 210
Water walking 280-560
Kayaking 350
Snorkeling 350
Beach racquet activities: paddleball, badminton, tennis 350-500
Ocean swimming or bodysurfing 420
Beach soccer 500
Beach volleyball 560

Source: Exercise Testing and Prescription, by David C. Nieman (McGraw Hill, 2002).


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