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Patriotism at it's finest today in my home town

Today as I was driving to my chiro appointment I began to see lots and lots of people lining the street that I was driving down. I was trying to figure out what was happening and saw a sign that said, No something parking here which made me think it was a graduation or something. I didn't really think much of it and kept on my way.

Well, when I got out of my appointment, the crowd had spread to another main street I travel down and this time there were lots of people on the streets with American flags. Again, I had no idea what was happening and kept trying to see if anyone had any signs to explain.

Then it hit me. They were honoring the soldier from Torrance named Pfc. Joseph Anzack Jr. who was killed in Iraq recently and I began to cry. I've been under a lot of pressure lately (which I've chosen not to share here) and the patriotism of these people just hit my heart. I thought it was so sweet that they would honor his death in this way. For the whole story of this young man's death, click on his name.

I was so moved, I pulled into a local parking lot to see the procession because by then lots of motorcycle cops were driving by leading what looked like a parade of sorts. Turns out they were leading a hearse with American flags waving and the funeral procession. I couldn't control the tears then I was so proud of the men and women who are upholding our freedoms overseas all over the world.

I don't know what I think of the war except that I wish it would end. It's just when death hits close to home it makes it so real what these soldiers are facing day in and day out. The Rantal's son-in-law recently saw ten people executed while he sat helpless in the command center monitoring the activity from a TV screen.

It's just so sad. I don't know if you've heard this or not, but from now until our servicemen come home there's a movement to wear red on Fridays in their honor. I don't own a red shirt, but when I buy one for my softball team I think I'm going to wear it on Fridays. I encourage you to do the same regardless of your feelings about the war - remember it's human beings we're talking about not ideologies.

That's all. Have a great weekend. As a free American citizen, I plan to.


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