Another short hiatus from writing, but this time for fun.
Digital Hollywood, The Riches and Ocean's 13

Off to the races...

This weekend was just what I needed. We learned all about "Loving Well" with guest speaker Beth Moore's "Retreat in a box." For those of you "testy's" out there, watch out, cause I'm ready to love you well!:) Click on the link and you'll see what I'm talking about. We got all the goodies that were offered and then some! Very fun! Very nice, loving people attended.

I won a prize for meeting the most people (all 76 attendees) and completing the questionaire the fastest. We had to match an interesting fact about someone with their name and networking is my thing. I kind of felt bad because I'm a professional schmoozer, but hey, a prize is a prize!

Now I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to hit the ground running on a variety of new and closing projects. Today is Digital Hollywood Conference and a screening of The Riches with cast and creatives. Lots of other good stuff still brewing.

Gotta run, but thanks for checking in. Oh yeah, have to pitch in on this too.

Glad Paris is taking this time to grow up. Maybe her parents will see their part in her messing up as well. At least Nicky seems to have her head on straight. It must be killing the family to see their daughter suffer like this and my heart goes out to them. However, she brought it on herself and I have no pity because she could have killed someone drinking and driving. Do the crime, pay the time is my opinion on this issue.

Hopefully she will come out a new, more socially responsible person, but I'm not holding my breath. Anyway, enough of that. What did you think about Isaiah Washington getting the boot off Grey's Anatomy (just in case you hadn't heard!) Very interesting. T.R. Knight received a raise too. I guess being outed without your permission does deserve a little compensation, eh?

Okay, really must run. Have a good one. More later.


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