Pam on the red carpet! More on Moore - are you sick of him yet? HA!
Some interesting beach exercise facts - finally - a new topic!

More Moore slams - can you tell I dislike him?

Trying this again...Maybe, just maybe, people are starting to realize that by putting their name with someone who is dishonest and manipulative, it doesn't help their careers, but actually hurts their credibility. Also, Morgan Spurlock who did the McDonald's doc should NEVER put himself in the same category of MM because he actually told the truth!

Yes, Moore opened the door for expose, but it's high time someone does one on Moore as far as I'm concerned which is why I'm posting this stuff. Sorry if you're sick of it already. I'm obsessing I know!:) I promise to have other stuff to discuss soon enough. I just can't stand this man and hate that he is held up as icon when he's nothing more than a dimestore con artist with a camera. (And you can quote me on that.)

Read on for what another person thinks about MM too.
Hollywood  A-Listers Called in Sick for Michael Moore's Sicko Premiere

New York June 18, 2007 – The movie Sicko, which takes a hard look at the American health care industry, premiered on Monday in New York, and, as usual with Michael Moore’s projects, you couldn’t buy the kind of publicity that the controversies surrounding the film have generated. The U.S. government is investigating Moore’s trip to Cuba, where he brought ailing 9/11 rescue workers for free medical treatment.

The Weinstein Company is chasing down people who have illegally downloaded Sicko online, and Moore said that while he prefers that people see the movie on big screens, the way he intended it to be shown, he has no problem with the freeloaders: “I don’t agree with the copyright laws in this country. I believe in sharing. And I think that’s only good in the long run; I made this movie for people to see it.”

Is health care too hot a topic for the Hollywood A-listers who so embraced Moore in the past? (We’re talking to you, Leo.) Because they were conspicuously absent at the premiere.

The folks who were there, however, had plenty to say. Russell Simmons, with a lovely woman he identified as “Portia” on his arm, called Moore an American hero. “He’s not afraid to do some self-reflection and tell the truth about our relationship with the world.”

Fellow rabble-rouser Morgan "Super Size Me" Spurlock said that Moore paved the way for him. “If it wasn’t for Michael Moore, I wouldn’t be making movies today”, said Spurlock. “I think Michael opened the door to be able to make the films that I make, and to be able to make a movie that deals with an issue, and that’s funny and entertaining.”

Joan Rivers, no stranger to surgery of the cosmetic variety, thinks it’s about time someone took a jab at the U.S. health care system. “I think this should have been addressed years ago! This country should be ashamed of itself”, the comic fumed.


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