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Grateful list

It's so easy to focus on what you don't have, or the mistreatment of people to you, but I realize I need to focus on the positive side of things or I'll get into a deep depression which I can't afford right now.

So, I've decided to list everything I'm grateful for. Feel free to jump in with your thoughts too at the end.

Things I'm grateful for include:

Good friends who encourage, advise, love, and admonish me when necessary and are there for me come rain or shine.

People who come into my life for a season and then leave when the time is right.

Beautiful CA beaches with crystal clear blue oceans and warm sand to lay out on (with lots and lots of sunscreen of course)

God being in control of whatever is going to happen in my life.

The Dallas promotion at the North Park Center Mall for my World Series Video Games Presented by Intel client is going well. As is the CompUSA promotion wheels.

I completed the LA Inc Getaway LA promotion successfully and have almost completed the latest one.
(check it out if you're interested in coming to visit LA for special "getaway" package deals. Lots of goodies.)

My ankle is healing and my back is feeling better too.

My new Artist Client, Gali Rotstein, is doing amazingly well with completing her art and things are coming together quite nicely for her display at Teri Hatcher's new production office that Extra will be featuring soon. I'll of course, let you know. Her work is simply amazing and I'm not just saying it. It truly is amazing. I got choked up looking at one piece and I only do that with outstanding work. More later.

I only have until next Thursday to deal with the other client (hopefully.)

I was included (for the first time in years) by my sister for her celebration of my mother's birthday which was very nice.

I am no longer responsible for managing the softball team since I'm still unable to play due to my injuries and need to focus on other priorities right now.

This too shall pass. All the BS I'm dealing with on a personal level that is.

I think the biggest thing I'm learning right now is that I'm not in control of anything and I need to trust God to supply all my needs. It's terrifying to be honest, but I also know He has produced miracles in the past and can do it now.

So, that's all for now. No big events to share about, no new films to review, just me telling it like it is without getting into too many details. If you remember though, or think of it, say a prayer for me to get through what I'm going through. I'll say one for you too.

God bless.


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