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Lots of fun stuff happening, but been too tired to say till now

Anyone else on Virgin Life care pedometer?

My business acquaintance Jason, the GM of Spectrum Club Redondo, invited me to participate in Virgin life care's walking contest (which is basically the only exercise I can do right now with my back injury.) I thought it would be fun since I'm competitive.

Well, lost the first one because I wore it to a nightclub and after a few drinks totally forgot I was wearing it and promptly lost it. Replaced it a few days later and now I'm addicted! I feel like I'm becoming like Forrest Gump - Walk Forrest, Walk.

I "made" Amy walk with me to downtown Manhattan Beach from my place just because we bumped into Jason at the AVP's and he already had 13,000 steps and it was only 3pm! I wanted to at least get up to 10,000 like I did the night before.

I missed some steps just because I didn't wear my pedometer in the spa (didn't want a repeat of the nightclub experience.) However, after walking to Mama D's and back I can proudly say we accomplished my goal of over 10,000 steps tonight.

That's the good news. The bad news is that now we're both so worn out from the hike (up and down hills and across valleys and near the ocean) that we're skipping the party. There will be others. My knees can't handle too much more though and I need to get up early tomorrow for a special presentation at my parent's church. They invited me and it should be interesting cuz it's being held at Mira Costa High School Auditorium  (only one service when I think they normally have 3 or something .)

I'm curious to see who all attends there any more. I haven't been there in years. My parents are like institutions there since they've gone there for so long. Last time I was there I saw a huge picture of my Dad doing some type of ministry hanging up in the corridor. Now do you see what I mean?

In any case, very curious indeed. Apparently there's a special lunch afterwards too. I think it's to launch the big 6 million dollar building renovatoin. We'll see.

Then off to the AVP's tomorrow again. I want to stay a little longer tomorrow. We'll see. Today was just a great day. Hope you had one too.



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