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Check out today's Variety on Faith in Hollywood!

You can do it online at - I think they did an excellent job of presenting a well-balanced thorough examination of everything Christian in Hollywood. It's located in the lower right corner. Keep scrolling and you'll see it. If you want to read it online you better look today though because I don't know how long they showcase things on the site. You can always buy the actual mag too though.

The only article I thought was silly was the one about the Pentecostal Preacher who was given a vision to create a film company and has a huge budget attached to his first film. Pentecostal people are always a little out there in my opinion, but I guess Variety had to show "our" weirdos too. At least the other articles were well-balanced, reflective of real Christianity, and well-researched. Not that that one isn't, it's just focused too much on one guy who just happens to be a weirdo.

Sometimes first time filmmakers don't realize they need to prove themselves with smaller films, do well, and then go after larger budgets. Why would an investor give millions and millions of dollars to someone with no experience, no track record, no connections? It's just like in the real world, but people seem to think because it's a film it makes it different. Maybe that's why they're called artists. All passion, no business sense.:)

The article I'm really enjoying is the one entitled Perspective from a Christian Critic. Here's three paragraphs that I especially liked. And I quote:

"In addition to relying on Christian media outlets and leaders, religious moviegoers can turn to thorough, often spoiler-filled content descriptions, especially when considering what their children can see. Web sites like and provide parents with painstakingly accurate lists of how much sex, violence and foul language there is in any given film (few would be surprised to learn there are 63 F-bombs in Chris Rock's "I Think I Love My Wife"). (I THOUGHT THERE WERE A LOT, BUT NOT THAT MANY! NO WONDER IT BUGGED ME!)

"Conservative parents are bothered by sex, while liberal parents are more sensitive to violence; conservative Christians are very upset about language containing religious profanities, while liberal Christians are more upset about the F-word, etc.," (I THINK I'M LIBERAL BASED ON THIS ANALYSIS BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT BUGS ME!) says Aris Christofedes, editor of Critics Inc., the parent company of Kids-in-Mind. "Our reviews are basically a list of ingredients, similar to what you find on food item labels."

These days, Baehr says, Christians have more options at the box office than they did two decades ago. For every "non-Christian" film like "Brokeback Mountain" or the latest "Harry Potter," there's a Christian-friendly film like "Narnia" or "Superman Returns." "In the '80s, one of the only movies with positive references to Jesus Christ was 'The Trip to Bountiful,' but now the figure has risen to 50% of films. That's a very good sign."

Here's her bio: (Formerly AOL's Moviefone Mama, Sandie Angulo Chen writes movie reviews for parents at Common Sense Media.)

If you're at all curious, check out complete coverage on the Variety site! Very interesting reading (at least to me!) Maybe that's what influenced the network to keep Studio 60 going... Who knows?

Have a good one. Off to play on Deal or No Deal. Look for me wearing the lime green jacket on the surprise neighborhood visit. HA! Got to keep my life interesting - too much publicity makes me bored - although I am getting good responses from my latest outreach. Will keep you posted.


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