Fall season's kick-off fashion show reviews
Evening with Mark Cherry - Desperate Housewives creator

Pride, Determination & Resiliance - followed by Peace

Just watched Pride, the movie starring Terrence Howard and Bernie Mac and highly recommend it. It's so inspiring and such a good story. Pride, Determination and Resilience! PDR! PDR! Maybe it's predictable a bit, but very fun to watch. I especially liked seeing the 1964 and 1974 clothing styles.

Bernie Mac is himself in full glory with 70's facial hair - too funny. I can't believe how easily Terrence Howard can cry in this film. I was ready to drop a few right along with him. There's a lot of racial tension which Tom Arnold is great at expressing. He's still likable despite being a cocky bastard.

Speaking of which, spoke to a good friend tonight. I just love that guy. He's decided he wants to be a better man and is starting to go back to church/temple (couldn't tell which one he was talking about and it doesn't really matter - he's going and God sees his heart.) What a shocker, but very sweet too. May all of us want to be better people.

Ever have one of those days where you have absolute peace about where you are in life? I don't know if someone is praying that for me or not, but today I just have real contentment. Such a nice feeling. I wish that for all of you too.

Maybe because I'm still tired from the week it's a little easier to be peaceful. Moved in more at my new place before going downtown to catch Yana K's fashion show. I wasn't really in the mood to go, but I'm so glad I did. I missed it last season and she's so creative and original.

She held her show downtown at the CA Apparel Mart which made it more interesting right from the start. I haven't been there since I was attending FIDM years and years ago (when I went there they were still at 7th and Flower which is dating me I know, but hey, I've been interested in fashion since high school.)

Some people wonder why I go to shows and it's because you can make meet some great people that you wouldn't normally otherwise. Like tonight. I ended up sitting next to the Associate Editor of Angeleno (at least that's what I heard, the cool trance music was a little loud.) Hey Brian if you're reading - hello and thanks for stopping by.

Also met a modeling agent who reps Asian models and is launching an Asian magazine which is very cool I turned him on to Actress Corrine Wu because I think she's quite stunning and is going to get big soon. Hi Corrine if you're reading. We must work together!

Back to the show. Yana and her team took over this cute little side patio at the mart, covered it with a tent, and lined the interior with chairs with a raised runway down the center. I liked sitting below the runway because it gives you a different perspective of the clothes and makes it much easier to see the shoes which were very fun - bright colored patent pumps, gold wrap wedge sandals, and boots with leopard print stacked heels, among others. 

The designs were so fun - lots of mini mini's with the most amazing leggings and stockings - imagine wild patterns, colors, stripes, on long, leggy models and let your mind go wild - very 60's, very fun. Can't wait to buy some.

The dresses were so unusual too. Lot's of unique buckling, wrapping, cool fabrics, accented by huge, reptile pattern purses. I'm hoping to get some of their official pix from the show to really show you these designs because out of all the shows I think this one was my favorite for wild creativity (although I couldn't wear half the dresses since they barely covered the model's butts and would probably look like a shirt on me!)

I loved the variety of models too - finally. Beautiful Asian, Black, Middle Eastern, and of course white girls with dark smoky eyes and subtle, nude lips - very stunning. I think Yana K is creative through and through. I liked the fact it was a smaller show, more low-key, very sophisticated, but wild too in a way with the focus more on the clothes than which celebrity was there. Who really cares after all when the designs are so great? Check out her site and let me know what you think.

A nice touch during the cocktail hour pre-show was sushi provided by Blowfish Sushi and after the show, gourmet chocolates provided by Madame Chocolat. I also loved the huge multi-colored art sculptures in the middle of the party and the skyscraper buildings on either side. Very cool vibe all the way around. Here's some quick pix. I'll upload the rest from the entire week later...La_fashion_week_events_2007_soul_su

This woman is wearing a dress from Yana's Spring collection. Funky, eh? She's a bolder woman than I!

Sorry some of the runway shots are bad. I'm using Energizer batteries and they don't work as well in reloading my camera's flash as others I've used so my timing was off.

La_fashion_week_events_2007_soul__3 La_fashion_week_events_2007_soul__4

Big bummer, but can you see the shoes and stockings? A lot of the models wore those funny snoods too which gave everything an interesting look.

I've got to get some sleep because my eyes and hands are killing me, but at least you have a little taste.

I'll get back to this last week tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday!


Joy Kennelly

Thanks for your kind words. I will look into doing that. I thought it was available, but since you say it isn't I will doublecheck!

Thanks again!

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