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Can men and women ever be "just friends?"

That seems to be the question explored in the new film by Chris Rock entitled I Think I Love My Wife. The way you say the title can be said many ways and throughout the film you're wondering, well, does he?

Based on the French film from the 70's called Chloe in The Afternoon by Director Eric Rohmer, Chris and his writing buddy, Louis CJ adapted that film to current day marriage experiences (personally and otherwise.) This is the first film where Chris actually plays a character most like himself he explained at the Q & A after the film.

It's sophisticated (which surprisingly he is - Pooty Tang aside) and as he and his buddy call it, it's a horror film for married men. I felt sick to my stomach watching parts of it last night because I kept waiting for the spider (Kerry Washington) to pounce and suck his blood. This analogy won't make sense unless you see it, but I'd rather not give the entire film away since I hate it when trailers do that.

Just know it's very well done. It's not an over the top comedic romp like a lot of his films, but this one has definite moments in it that are funny, sweet, tender, thought-provoking and worthwhile seeing. For all you men out there who don't see anything wrong with having a hot best friend who's female - watch this. It just doesn't work.

Afterwards I went up to shake Chris' hand and after complimenting him, asked if since he was pursuing more sophisticated fare whether or not he might look for other adjectives other than the "F" word. He seemed a little taken aback, but said, "I'll try" a little sheepishly.

That was the only drawback. The "F" bomb is frequently dropped, so much so, I was going to start counting it was said so often. I'm sure he's not even aware of how offensive it can be, but it just didn't sit right in the film he was creating in my humble opinion.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought so because a woman who overheard my question complimented me for saying something because she was just as offended as I was. She was younger than me by quite a bit so I realized I wasn't being some old fogey, but just felt it was out of place.

I think the film could do well, especially since Steve Buscemi, makes a surprising appearance as a businessman who is happily married, but has all kinds of sex on the side. There's an especially funny scene with viagra which you'll be busting up over.

The only thing that bugged me with Steve's character is that the way he claimed to have a successful 17 year marriage is to cheat. I hate that that type of marriage is lifted up in Hollywood as the only way to succeed in life. I don't buy into that, nor do I agree with it.

If you're going to be married, then it should be monogamous. You know what you're getting into when you're saying I do. Remember your vows do mean something! I hate cheaters. If you know that's who you are, then don't get married. Save yourself the trouble. Why hurt someone else just because you can't stop dicking around? Give me a break!

Anyway, otherwise, it's a good flick. I think it might do well, but who knows. This is a complete departure from his regular characters and people could reject him like they do Jim Carrey when he tries to stretch too far from what the public loves about him.

Kerry Washington is great and very smokin'  (in more ways than one. I think they were keeping with the French influence in that one which is the only reason I think a character would smoke so much. Where is that activist group monitoring smoking on film when you need them? It's not sexy, it's disgusting and kills.)

Ok, that's all. Gotta run. Thanks for letting me vent. I feel much better. Mama Kennelly needs a nap.



My favorite movie of Rock's is Head of State. That movie is so funny.

Kerry Washingston is one to watch. I remember her from Save the Last Dance.

I'll wait to see this one on DVD though.

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