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I'm feeling lazy - here's my blog in picture format. Enjoy!

Wasn't tonight a shake-up? Yeah Oscars!

I love Oscar night! I love all the gowns. The hosts. The films. The actors. The speeches. The upsets. The camaraderie with people all over the world.

This time I laid low and watched with some friends at a small party. I watched the Golden Globes with just one friend before and that was fun too. Real fun (and cozy) actually.:) I love the show wherever I see it!

I hated E!'s coverage of the fashions because it was as if they were trying to bash every single person's dress choice regardless of whether or not it deserved it! Give me a break! I know designer Randolph Duke is a little more low-key, but at least he gives the actors more credit in their fashion choices. I just hate all the negativity and all the desire to tear people down that E! seems to get off on. Enough already! Get over yourselves!

The funniest interview Ryan had though I thought was with the guy who had started in a Janet Jackson music video and now is in an Academy Award nominated film. Very cool. How'd you like to have people inquire after what underwear you were wearing when you're in an Oscar-nominated film!? He sure was a cutie in the video wasn't he?

I agree with Randolph's critique of the losers though. Nicole, my stylist associate, agreed too especially regarding Jennifer Hudson's silver jacket. However, later on I was thrilled Jennifer won because yeah for big girls! You go girl. Wasn't John Travolta hilarious? Did anyone else think Jen's boobs looked like big balloons in one of those dresses? I need to get her bra!

I could go on and on. I had a great time and really enjoyed the entire show. I was floored that The Departed won because I was sure it would go to The Queen, but hey, that's what makes the Oscars so fun. Lots of surprises! I'm SO glad Helen Mirren won! Go girl!

I love Forest Whitaker. He is such a lovely talented actor. I'm so glad he won! I predicted he would during the Oscar pool. He was actually a judge in my short film festival, Short Pictures International Film Festival (SPIFF) (Here's a quote from Indiewire during my hey day - "In Los Angeles, The Short Pictures International Film Festival (SPIFF) has emerged into one of the premiere showcases in the world for shorts." - disclaimer, I know the writer, but still it was true then!)

Forest actually came down to the Manhattan Beach office I had at the time to judge all the shorts with just me in the office. He was wearing an inmate outfit because he had come off the set to do this for me. We met again later on at his office because he was considering doing a couple of shorts. What a sweet, cultured, lovely man. He's so humble and down-to-earth for being such a great actor. What a great speech. YEAH FOREST!

Ellen was great too wasn't she? I can't wait to go to my myspace page and check out her site for the picture of her with Clint. She was so funny! I thought Jerry Seinfeld was auditioning for the role of host again. Did anyone else?

In the Oscar pool at  my friend's party I was running  2nd almost the entire time, but The Departed winning really threw me off and I came in 4th. I was kind of surprised I did so well, but films are my passion so what can I say?

Wasn't the tribute to the Italian composer sweet? I was surprised at how many amazing films he had scored. I called Domi during a break because he's Italian and turns out he has been in 10 films that guy (I'm too lazy to look up his name, but trust me he's amazing!) scored. Amazing! Very cool.

So, enough of me and my stories - tell me what you liked and what your thoughts are! I'm going to kick back and watch the Oscar after-coverage. So glad I'm not out and about tonight! I need a break.:)



Isn't it too funny that MySpace had a presence at the Oscars?!?!

I've enjoyed Forrest Whitaker's stuff from way back, so it's nice to know he got a win. I'm not sure whether or not I will see his movie though.

I wrote a post all about my Oscar observations at my blog. Check it out!

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