More Oscar suite reviews and such
Wasn't tonight a shake-up? Yeah Oscars!

Soul Support kick-off event

I'll do more Oscar "reporting" later on, just want to share how our first night of Soul Support turned out! Great! Thanks for asking.

I had been running around all day with my client Lejla to all the fun Oscar Retreats (which I'll go into more detail on next go round) and I was wiped out. However, it was the first night of our Soul Support Christian Singles group and since I started it I had to be there.

I'm so glad Pastor John & Cindy are the hosts. They are such special people. They set the table with these beautiful china plates with encouraging scripture on them (which I admit was a little funny - they think so too, but they were a gift so what can you say?), placemats, crystal goblets, nice silverware, and beautiful burning candles.

It would have been romantic except for all the people there! Just kidding. Just a lovely, lovely dinner. John and Cindy and Deborah, I believe, had prepared lovely salmon topped with shrimp and lemon hollandaise sauce brightened by some broccoli, a lovely green salad and bread. We were supposed to have rice too, but it didn't cook right. Oh well!

One of the guests (who shall remain nameless - it wasn't me though!) got the plate that said repent and we all had a good laugh over that one since she had been saying she didn't want to give up sex before marriage, but she's finally conceded that her way hasn't been working and now she wants to do God's will. I can so relate to her! It's hard!

Laurie, the new girl in the group, had to leave at 9:15pm to pick up her son so we skipped music this time (plus, for some reason our music leader blew us off - weird - I need to contact her and find out what happened! She'd been so happy to do it before - I just didn't have time to follow up with her!) After dinner we just went straight to the message. LaVonne had arrived a little late, but she enjoyed her dinner with us right on time.  I regaled them with some Oscar retreat escapades and then we got down to business.

Pastor John is unusual as a preacher since he came to be a preacher late in life. He was 46 years old when he became a pastor and has only been a senior pastor over at Redeemer Presbyterian for seven months! Prior to that he was an associate pastor at a huge church back in Colorado Springs, CO for many years, but this is his first real preaching job. He has ministered to a lot of young people over the years though which is why I think he fits in so well with all of us. Cindy is such a lovey too. She's great! They're both great!

John's going to upload some slides from the message as it was real pertinent to our lives. He talked about how we're all like icebergs in that we present one way to the world on top and have lots of deepness underneath the surface that no one really knows about.

God wants to heal our sorrows and bring healing to us and he does it through relationship. I am paraphrasing horribly because I was so tired when he was teaching. When we went to pray if we didn't end when we did I would have fallen asleep during the prayer!

We then enjoyed some amazing cheesecake which I never eat anymore because of my being lactose intolerant, but I was in a celebratory mood and felt like suffering the consequences. Little did I know I would wake up in the middle of the night not feeling well, but it's my own fault.

It was just a really nice relaxing way to close out a very hectic, crazy week which I really needed. Today Deborah and I hit the church again and spoke to John and Cindy afterwards. It's definitely a unique church since there's a lot of young people (married and single), and then there's a really big age gap until the older crowd who are mainly in their 60's and 70's!

One of the elders, John Reynolds, knew my Dad when he was in high school if that gives you a perspective. I was teasing him and told him he's going to have to pray for Deborah and me to find Godly men since he was responsible for the spiritual well-being of the church. You just feel like you've got a ton of grandparents to love on you there. It's fun since all mine are dead now.

Life is fun. You just have to grow where you're planted and allow God to do what He's going to do with you! Now I'm off to a fun Oscar party at some friend's home. I just want to relax today, but may need to escort my client down the red carpet of the Elton John party (which to be honest, I wouldn't mind at all. It's a great party with great publicity.) We'll see.

Now to try and get a little more organized! I haven't really been home in the last three days and my place is like a tornado flew through. So many business cards, papers, etc. I need to pull it together!


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