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Have you ever felt like you’ve gotten off on the wrong foot somewhere and no matter what you do you’re not getting out of the hole you’ve dug for yourself? That’s what it felt like taking my UCLA classes this quarter.

I know a lot about a little and sometimes my ego gets in the way of staying equal to people I feel I know more than (even when perhaps I don’t!) Does any of this make sense?

I’m an info-addict and have a lot of friends in the business whose opinions I really respect and count on to help me develop my perspective on certain issues. Those people are considered leaders in their field which is why I trust what they have to say.

As a result, when I’m in a situation where I know there are other alternatives or other ways to explore an issue which aren’t being explored it’s hard for me to keep silent. However, I haven’t learned the politest way to go about addressing it! My bad. My therapist has suggested I focus on learning to preface what I have to say so the other person is prepared. Too late now!:)

Someone once told me my directness is a result of my German heritage coming through loud and clear. Another person has said it’s due to my “choleric” nature. However, for the most part my personality is actually usually equally balanced between “choleric” and “sanguine.” I’ve linked to the terms to help you understand what I’m talking about (if you’re at all interested.)

In a brief, Choleric personalities are very driven, brusque (which can be taken as rude unintentionally), and goal-oriented – me when I’m in work mode or competing. Sanguine is more relaxed, social, and people-driven. So, when life is balanced and I’m not extremely stressed doing everything I’m doing then I’m an okay person to be around. It’s just certain times of the month and when I'm in business mode that my choleric side rears its ugly head and takes over.

Unfortunately, all this to say, that’s what happened while I was taking these last two classes at UCLA as I was on total Choleric overdrive. I love learning, but sometimes I over do what I’m capable of doing simply by overestimating my abilities to accomplish everything I want or need to.

Then, as a result of being overly stressed out and not sleeping, people don’t like that me. That’s what happened with certain people in this last UCLA class. Some went so far as to ignore me when they saw me in the parking lot. Am I not human? Do I not bleed?

Enough whining though. Tonight was awesome! I love learning like I’ve said before and tonight’s panel was great. I thought it was cute the way that Eric, the teacher, made sure his enlarged Ipressroom business card was on the overhead screen behind the speakers all seminar long. Wonder if the speakers even noticed they were part of the Ipressroom ad. Eric, you take the cake – a great promoter to the end. I’m learning from you guy!

That’s what I love about men. They just go for it. I love dealing with guys in business because you don’t have to cushion what you say (normally). Just say it and they deal with it because they’re the same way! I get along well with New Yorkers too when I’m in this mode because they’re direct too. No B.S. you always know where you stand.

Same with me. You always know where you stand with me too. I happen to like that quality – honesty is the best policy in my book – however speak the truth in love could also fit in quite nicely too. I’m still working on that. Trust me.

I don’t like not being liked, but some of those people from the class I don’t care about. Others were very cool and very smart and I’d like to connect with them again. We’ll see if they want to connect with me! HA~

Okay, back to the expert panelists. It was very interesting to see the men behind the “masks” so to speak – the guys who are influencing our culture through their web/radio work.

We had the LA Times guy who’s revamping the look and feel of the LAtimes website – very informative and had the sexiest voice (even my friend Ann who popped over when I announced the class to my blog group had to agree with me on that one.) Smart AND cute.

What a concept. Just kidding. No offense meant to reduce you to a sex object mr latimes guy – just had to put the shoe on the other foot for once. Tee hee! I’m not mentioning any of the speaker's names because I don’t want them to find this blog per se. Just know he’s doing amazing things with the website and it’s going to be amazingly cool in two weeks time. Mark my words. Also, he's very brilliant.

Next up was the guy who created LA Observed. What an interesting man too! They all were. Turns out this blogger guy has an extensive journalistic background which I found very fascinating. I guess good writers are good writers wherever they end up and whatever shape their communication takes.

We asked him how he verifies the information he uses and he said it’s a matter of sifting it out and knowing the writers. He’ll read a blog for a bit and if it doesn’t ring true he’s out of there (he didn’t say those exact words, but his demeanor leads me to believe that fact is true.) He also said generally the good bloggers are factual, and have a strong opinion. I wonder if that’s me? HA!

Now I want to be on his site more than ever. However, can’t appear too eager. You didn’t just read this ok? Just kidding. “F” it. It’s the truth and I’m sticking by it. (Still trying to wean myself off swearing ok?) I like smart, funny men – always have, always will.

Which leads me to the next speaker, the guy who does The Business radio show. For those of you out-of-state, or out-of-country and unknowing of this particular interviewer, please know he’s extremely well-respected in the “industry.” Very funny too.

What I found most fascinating about him was that afterwards despite the fact he was wearing the funny little Jewish cap he swore like I used to! “F” this “F” that etc. A little shocking truth be told, but hey, what does the cap mean anyway? Never did understand that aspect of Jewish culture. I need to ask my friends about that one. I really should know this seeing as I live in LA and don’t want to be offending anyone.

Sorry Amy (if you’re still reading – are you?) Get over it girlfriend. You can make fun of my Christianity anytime. You probably do and I don’t even know about it. Oh well. All’s fair in love and war right? You know I love you.

All of you who are Jewish -- I love you from the bottom of my heart with the same love you have for us Christians. Oh no, am I pulling a Mel? Someone take the computer away from me before I commit blogging suicide….

Okay, moving right along. Last but not least was the guy from Nielsen Analytics or some title, sorry very tired, which judges the value of media (or at least that’s what I took away from his intro – I’m tired, give me a break ok? If you’re that interested in knowing everything next time take the class like I suggested.)

The panel was extremely informative, but I’m not in the mood to pontificate any further. I think it’s time to quit. Just know it was great, you missed it and you’ll just have to read the LA Observed site to see what the expert’s opinion was on it too ok? Plus, stay tuned to Eric’s podcast because knowing him he’ll probably have it one day soon.

Hopefully if Eric’s reading this blog he won’t be so offended and I can go be mentored by him further. I think he’s a great guy. I love smart men. Apparently there aren’t any smart women bloggers though because all the panelists were male.

Just another example of how technology is male-driven. Remind me why I left that world again please? I think I’m going to have to get back into technology again. If for nothing else, but to prove that females can be smart and technical too! And cute!

And on that note, Good Night.     Oh wait, my friend Damien just called me and we had a good laugh over my Christian Singles group because he's decided the new name should be Vibrators Only - can't you see it? I'm still laughing! I think we should make t-shirts with that on it and wear it everywhere!

Okay, now to go to bed. Alone. Very alone. No I don't own a vibrator. I never even think of sex. And if you believe that I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. I'm telling you, if I lived in Hollywood...better stay hiding out in the boonies down here in the South Bay...Good night! It's almost 1am and I'm getting punchy. Damien totally cracks me up! Got to have friends like that in your life...










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