Being single in the church today - not pretty
Interesting evening with expert tech heads/bloggers

Blogging is the best way to unwind

I couldn't figure out why I've been so stressed the last couple days and then I realized I wasn't blogging as often. It's the best way I know to unwind from the day. So much so, I had to dash over to my favorite coffee house just to get this off my chest.

Speaking of which, do any other females experience the difficulty of constantly dropping food on said chests? I'm just curious if it's a big bust issue, or if others experience it as well. I've ruined more shirts that way.

But I digress. Just left my favorite Third Tuesday Bible Study meeting. Feeling mellow and happy. I've pitched my heart out to Oscar events and now whatever will be, will be. I'm just in the mood to enjoy the night and forget about all the hoopla to be honest. I say that now, but if some big events come through then we'll see what I'm saying then!

So glad my stylist friend, Nicole, is connecting with Lejla. I'm sure they're going to come up with some great looks and we'll all have fun together at some of the upcoming Oscar gifting suites. Nicole just finished doing some pop star's music tour costuming and is really glad it's over - now for someone who's a little more mellow and sophisticated!:)

Still wavering on where to live, but have decided to put it off until next week when I have my brain back. Too much going on this week. Tomorrow night is the panel of blogging experts which I'm really looking forward to. I love learning and then applying it to my life.

Sorry, I'm a little wiped out and can't be witty or whatever. Just realizing that I need my blog like I need air. Isn't that silly? Helps me put life into perspective because once it's on the page, I see it so much clearer.

Learned tonight another friend has put the kibosh on a former friend for reasons unknown, but guessable. I kept wondering how much longer my friend would continue to put up with the "stuff" this other girl throws at people. I'm happy she's seen the light. Now if our former friend will only hit bottom and see the truth about herself the world will be a better place for all involved.

Okay, enough philosophizing. Life is good. I have no complaints. Met with my Goal Gals tonight which is always enlightening and helpful. Last year I had a huge group and this year decided to stay real small and tight because then more of us can speak for longer and it's more intimate. Seems to be working. We're all getting a lot done and achieving our goals. I think it just helps to know we're all overwhelmed and overextended!

My next big goal is to totally revamp my current website and incorporate a lot of new services that I'm offering. Interesting thing is now that summer is coming up interns are contacting me from all over having found my current website. Pretty cool when that happens. We'll see. I may need their help sooner than later.

I guess that's all. Nothing too exciting to report, just wanted to write. Thanks for popping by. Talk at ya later!


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