Why @GavinNewsom's unlimited power needs to end per @kevinkileyca's great blog which I'm sharing here. #STOPFAILEDLEADERSHIP #RECALLGAVIN2020

Here's what one of the solo GOP representatives has uncovered and would like changed. I completely agree with him which is why I'm sharing excerpts here. I hope you will download, print and sign the petition to help recallgavin2020.com and get this on the ballot for November after you read this: 

Kevin Kiley has submitted the following legislation which states: “The Legislature, in accordance with Section 8629 of the Government Code, declares that the state of emergency proclaimed by Governor Gavin Newsom on March 4, 2020, is at an end and that the emergency powers granted to the Governor as a result of that proclamation are terminated.

A similar Resolution just passed the House of Representatives in Idaho. No wonder so many Californians are moving to that state.

Imagine how much pain our state could have been spared if the Legislature had passed ACR 196 when I introduced it. Since that time, Gavin Newsom has failed California in every conceivable way:

  • The Economy: California’s economy and unemployment are worse than any state.
  • Public Health: California leads the nation in COVID-19 cases.
  • Competence: The Governor’s “data glitch” set back reopening decisions by weeks and led his Public Health Director to resign.
  • Partisanship: Newsom has openly stated he’s using his emergency powers to advance the goals of the “majority party” and create a “new progressive era.”
  • Corruption: Gov. Newsom closed California schools at the behest of his biggest campaign donor and appointed megadonor Tom Steyer to head the economic recovery.
  • Inconsistency: The Governor just scrapped the previous reopening requirements for a farcical new “color-coded” system.
  • Accountability Dodging: Newsom has blamed local officials and the people of California for his own failures.
  • Lawlessness: The Governor has done lasting damage to our civic institutions, changing over 400 laws unilaterally.

These failures are no coincidence. Our Founders had good reasons for rejecting autocratic models of government in favor of separation of powers, checks and balances, and the rule of law.

The Emergency Services Act was designed to grant extraordinary powers to a Governor under conditions of extreme peril. It was not meant to give a single person the ability to remake all of California law indefinitely.

And Newsom has flatly refused to discuss any limits on his powers, falsely accusing me of attempting to “prematurely declare an end to this ongoing crisis.” You can read his entire blog here: https://blog.electkevinkiley.com/my-resolution-to-terminate-the-state-of-emergency/

Now this is me speaking, this is why this farce of a "Pandemic" must end. It has recently been revealed by the CDC that only SIX PERCENT of all Covid19 cases resulted in death for our entire nation.

You want to know why so many elderly people died from it? Because FOUR DEMOCRAT GOVERNORS decided in their infinite wisdom to put INFECTED PATIENTS IN RETIREMENT HOMES THUS GUARANTEEING THE MURDER OF OUR MOST VULNERABLE POPULATION! This is why Andrew Cuomo is under investigation and why Gavin Newsom will soon be too if the DOJ does their job right, as well as, the Governors in MI and WI.

With a recovery rate of 99% and proven drugs already on the market that cure it which is being blackballed by government officials beholden to the drug companies and drug companies who know they will lose lots of money if we don't buy into their push for a vaccine, I'm so over this bullshit I could scream.

At a certain point you have to agree, right? We can't keep living in a state of lockdown for a virus that has very low death rate, only seems to actually kill people who suffer from other health conditions or old age still. We can't keep ruining our future generations opportunity for success with failed schooling. The damage that is being done remaining locked down is far worse than anything the virus will ever do.

How about signing our petition and helping us stop this wanton misuse of power and getting your friends and family to join you? What do you have to lose? All I see are positives, don't you? Download, sign, and distribute this petition asap! Let's get our state back on track asap! www.recallgavin2020.com 

Thank you!


Thoughts living in #Hawthorne and my fun day with my former room-mate Maria. #travel #introspection #illegalfireworks #BFF #love

By Joy A. Kennelly

Was laying in bed and had this thought which I just had to share. Today, spent the day hanging out with my former room-mate Maria. We always have a great time together. So much so, I told her we should look into getting a sponsor for a camper and travel cross country spreading love and racial harmony. If you want to see some snippets of our day, go to my instagram.com/joyakennelly 

I'll post more pix tomorrow, but am too tired tonight.

1280x960_60712C00-RLCYZ_1498779976656_23316045_ver1_600webSo happy the news media is finally reporting on the illegal fireworks and the police are catching perpetrators. It's all quiet on the western front tonight as soon as I tweeted out that 9 felony charges were filed against people who started fires with fireworks and the City of Los Angeles was going to crack down harder.

Did you know there's a complaint form on the City of Los Angeles website? Well, there is. If you live in the South Bay, our district is 4 and is governed by LA County Supervisor, Janice Hahn 213 974-444 email: fourthdistrict@bos.lacounty.gov or South Bay Deputy, Jennifer Zivkovic LaMarque  310 222-3015 or JLaMarque@bos.lacounty.gov or simply fill out this complaint form here: https://complaint.lacity.org/Complaint/fireworks/ 

NO Racism We Are the SameThat wasn't why I came on here to write tonight though. Where was I? Oh yes...

Maria and I always have great conversations when we hang out. She tells me about growing up and raising her girls. Today, she told me she was going to college when her Dutch female room-mate's parents moved her out of her dorm room when they found out Maria was black. Maria was so upset by the racism on campus because she used to tell the black groups that white people were fine to her, yet faced racism there too, that she asked her Dad to pull her out of college and he did.

I experienced a little taste of what black people might face when Maria and I lived with an abusive, extremely racist black woman who just hated my guts because I was white. It was the most stressful situation I've ever lived through, but it bonded Maria and me for life because we made it out the other side. That poor black hearted soul is still miserable and racist to her core, whereas Maria and I enjoy our friendship and lives now. Sometimes, it's ok to leave the hatred and pain behind and never look back.

However, as I was thinking of what Maria had shared, I thought back to my high school in Manhattan Beach which, if memory holds true, only had 4 black kids in the entire 400 plus student body. I was friends with one of the girls, who was named Tiny and a Cuban girl named Claudia. I was also friends with a Jewish kid named Bart who I ran into years later on a flight from San Francisco to LA. Turns out he became the President of the Gay and Lesbian Club at UCLA and was so happy to be out. It was great to see him again and we stayed in touch awhile, but I think our belief systems were so different after awhile, our friendship gradually faded away. 

I never felt like I fit in in high school because of my freckles and strict Christian upbringing which said no smoking, no drugs, no drinking and no sex whereas a lot of kids were given free rein to do whatever by their rich parents. I hung out with Mexican friends at church and other kids who came from Hawthorne and Lawndale to attend our church in Manhattan Beach. Still friends with many to this day. Some friends from high school are Facebook friends, but really don't socialize because we have little in common other than attending the same school.

So, all this to say, living in Africa as a child tempered the way I make friends and view people. I know I accept people more widely as a result of having traveled and my parents having friends of all races over the years. One of my Mom's best friends when we were in high school was an East Indian woman the street over. Other friends of my parents were Vietnamese. We always were mixing and mingling with all kinds of people. 

My Dad used to run a kids club where the kids came from broken homes and bad neighborhoods. My Dad would take all of us up to the mountains to go sledding, hiking and get out into nature which he said later had a positive affect on many.

Even before I was born he used to lead a Christian group for young men, with some of his other Christian guy friends and they'd take disadvantaged kids up to fish, camp and hike. Until recently, he also taught an after-school kid's club with young Hispanic children. His Gideon Bible group is mixed races and he used to volunteer handing out Bibles to children in all kinds of neighborhoods. He has a heart for God and a heart to bring kids to God's love and understanding which I love about him. 

So, all this to say. The color of our skin shouldn't separate us so much. We all come to our communities with our own hurts and scars and pain, but together we can heal and grow in understanding if we only talk to one another and hear each other. Not talk AT each other, but simply listen and then speak. I don't think we need to read so much as interact with people as humans who may not look like us, but as Mandisa sings, We all bleed the same. In fact, rather than write any more, I think I'll share her song instead because she says exactly what I'm trying to say so clearly. 


Mandisa - Bleed The Same ft. TobyMac, Kirk Franklin
If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Romans 12:18
And with that, Good Night. 


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EMANUEL Documentary Available For Free Now On The Starz App And Across Most Starz On-Demand Platforms Through June 23rd
Panel Discussion Will Include Executive Producers Viola Davis, Julius Tennon
and Co-Producer Mariska Hargitay
“Stop the Silence,” an initiative created to help restore peace, bring comfort to George Floyd’s family and supporters, honor black lives lost, lead peaceful protests, prayers for healing and champion for justice, will host a Q & A to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Mother Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, via Facebook Live.
The discussion will be moderated by EMANUEL documentary producer, Pastor and activist  Dimas Salaberrios. Pastor Dimas is continuing his mission to fight racial injustice with the newly announced “Stop The Silence” initiative, bringing community and faith leaders together in prayerful protest against police brutality and systemic racism in order to both promote awareness, and offer hope and healing.
This dialogue will help encourage reflection, understanding and meaningful education regarding issues of racial injustice in our country. Download the discussion guide at
EMANUEL SYNOPSIS:  National headlines blazed the story: Churchgoers Gunned Down During Prayer Service in Charleston, South Carolina. After a 21-year-old white supremacist opened fire in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, nine African Americans lay dead, leaving their families and the nation to grapple with this senseless act of terror. Featuring intimate interviews with survivors and family members, EMANUEL—from executive producers Stephen Curry and Viola Davis, co-producer Mariska Hargitay, and director Brian Ivie (The Drop Box)—is a poignant story of justice and faith, love and hate, examining the healing power of forgiveness.  The film will be available for FREE on the following platforms without a subscription through June 23rd: the STARZ App and STARZ On-Demand, Amazon and iTunes, AT&T, Dish, Roku Verizon, Cox, DirecTV, Mediacom NBC Universal.
Watch the movie: https://vimeo.com/showcase/7241422
WHO:  Featuring: 

The Honorable James E. Clyburn (House Majority Whip) 
Viola Davis (Executive Producer) 
Julius Tennon (Executive Producer) 
Mariska Hargitay (Co-Producer) 
Dr. A.R. Bernard (Author/Pastor) 
Moderator: Pastor Dimas Salaberrios (Producer)
WHEN:            Panel Discussion:
Tuesday, June 16th at 6PM ET / 3PM PT
 WHERE:           We Stop the Silence Facebook Live
The Emanuel Nine
Myra Thompson                                             Susie Jackson
Ethel Lance                                                     Daniel Simmons, Sr. 
DePayne Middleton-Doctor                           Tywanza Sanders
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton                         Clementa Pinckney
Cynthia Graham Hurd

For more information on “Stop the Silence,” Emanuel and interview requests with Pastor Dimas, please contact media@strategicheights.com.

I was wrong and here's some wisdom from @rickwarren & @actorinspirit #actorinspiration #racialhealing #faith #peace

"This past week has brought me to my knees so many times.
In light of the current events around racism and social injustice, I want to lovingly remind you that everything I create (whether it’s a program or a post) will always come from a space that stands for love, inclusion, diversity, unity, peace, compassion and acceptance.
And yet, I too, have so much more to learn on the topic of racism."
I wish I had written that, but I didn't. It's from an actress/acting coach, Wendy Braun, who sent me this via her Actor Inspiration newsletter today and it just spoke to me.
The first week everything happened with George Floyd and I heard the young man sing his heart, I just wanna live, I too was on my knees, heartbroken. 
However, as time went on, I became angry and defensive because I was scared and wondering how much more mayhem and madness would take place before people were killed.
My anger and fear Pastor Rick Warren addresses in his message entitled, A Faith That Plants Seeds of Peace, which you can watch here. I admit, I've not been sowing seeds of peace with my last blog and it was wrong.
I was wrong.
Listen and see if you might feel a little remorse yourself.

This is why I listen. I am convicted every time I hear his words of wisdom taken from the Bible. I confess hearing African American's pain was so uncomfortable, so overwhelming, so gut-wrenching, I had a rebuttal of facts, logic, and reasons why we shouldn't feel it as a society and I didn't have love.
And that is where I need to grow and change. And I am deeply sorry to those who read my words and were hurt.
It wasn't kind. It wasn't loving. It wasn't wise.
And I sincerely apologize. 
I think that's why Rick Warren's message was one I ran from yesterday. I wasn't ready to have my heart affected, or my opinions reconsidered, or to have my motives and heart be seen through the eyes of Jesus and His word. 
I wanted to pretend my self-righteous anger against the looters was just that, righteous. It still makes me mad, but I also want to be someone who hears the pain and understands rather than someone who lectures and "Karen's" a group of people who are hurting and acting out. 
Doesn't make looting right. Doesn't make the multiple murders of innocent people right. Doesn't make the loss of police through the senseless violence of the mobs right. It doesn't ease the pain of business owners who may have lost everything. 
But maybe, just maybe, listening creates a bridge, where once there was a valley of misunderstanding, racism, and more healing down the road which leads to reconciliation, forgiveness and peace. I hope you take the time to listen to Pastor Rick too and thank you for reading what I'm sharing. 
Maybe, those who are in the wrong, will come to know the God of forgiveness, of love, of peace and of justice because one person's loving actions made a difference and show a different way of living.
I want to continue sharing how Wendy is listening and sharing from her heart as an excerpt that especially spoke to me because I felt heard and understood.
I hope you do too.
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"Change is upon us, and we are all feeling it.

Change is also messy, emotional, uncertain, painful + requires deep discomfort to really grow, learn and evolve.

So many feelings are coming up.  We are seeing this on a global level and we are feeling it on an individual level.

As artists, I know we are feeling it, because that’s what we do. We feel. We empathize.  We emote.  We seek to understand the human condition.

But I also want to also remind you, that although we live in the digital age, you are not required to process your emotions in public.

Of course, I do hope you are taking time to process your emotions, release them in a way that is healthy and then do what feels best for you.

We all process things differently and we are all called to different actions that will drive us to different lanes.

Your lane might be writing.
Your lane might be donating.
Your lane might be protesting.
Your lane might be organizing.
Your lane might be volunteering.
Your lane might be painting a mural.
Your lane might be a dance or a song.
Your lane might be forwarding petitions.
Your lane might be talking to your children.
Your lane might be making a compelling video.
Your lane might be educating yourself in a new way.
Your lane might be tending to your own mental health.
Your lane might be doing what you can to stay sober today.

Some things to keep in mind:
1) Everyone’s lane is different.
2) Your lane might change from day to day.
3) Don’t feel guilty that you "should be" in all of the other lanes.  It’s impossible.
4) Don’t worry about directing the traffic in the other lanes.

If we want to bring compassion, acceptance + love into the world, we must begin with ourselves.  

So don’t judge yourself for whatever lane you are riding in on any given day.

As you soften your own self-judgment, and then let go of judging others for what they are doing or not doing, you are actually helping create the change that we are all seeking.

Be a beacon of love + light in whatever lane is calling you right now, and know that it does have a ripple effect."
You can read her entire blog here which is entitled Being A Beacon Of Light + Love ❤️ I hope you do take the time to read her entire blog because it's really beautiful and expresses how she reflects love in the world. I think it will bless you too. 
You never know who will be your teacher or lead you on a different path. I'm glad I have  Christian Pastors like Rick Warren at Saddleback Church, Pastor Miles McPherson at The Rock in San Deigo, Pastor Andy Stanley at Northpoint in Atlanta, and so many others I learn from when I take the time to listen.
I'm also glad I met Actress/Coach Wendy Braun. Recognize her from Atypical?  MV5BMjRhYWIyZDctMTk3MS00ZjE2LTgzNTctYWIxZjU5YTUyYjhlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODExNTExMTM@._V1_

The funny thing is I looked up her credits after taking her workshop and she had been in a short film by Director Jason Reitman called In God We Trust which I screened at my film festival in the 90's.
Funny how you run across people in Hollywood years later and realize you had a connection from years ago. Kudos to her. 
I've run across a lot of filmmakers, actors, directors and others who were part of my Short Pictures International Film Festival (SPIFF) from that time and they've gone on to do big things, like feature films you'd recognize. Maybe one day I'll do a Where Are They Now blog, but for now, want to close by saying, this isn't an easy time in America right now.
We're all going to experience different emotions, different reactions and "different lanes." I think it's how we drive forward that will determine whether our world remains a train wreck mired in racism, hurt and pain, or will we choose to make conscious decisions to change the direction of our metaphorical car, turn around and drive towards goodness, hope, love and peace with God guiding our way?
The choice is up to you. Jesus take the wheel is all I gotta say... 

I'm letting go, give me one more chance, save me from this road I'm on....


Here's a preliminary list of all the #santamonica businesses with damage & looting this past week. #smallbusiness #recallgavinnewsom

Preliminary list of businesses with damage and looting yesterday in Santa Monica.
7 11 (Wilshire)
99 cents store (Pico / Stewart)
Adidas (3rd)
Anthropologie (3rd)
AT&T (Wilshire)
Awesome Eyes (4th / Colorado)
Bay Cities (Broadway)
Be Crystal Clear (Broadway)
Benny's Tacos & Chicken Rotisserie (Wilshire)
Bevmo (Wilshire)
Big 5 (Wilshire)
Big Jo's (Broadway)
Bloomingdale's (Broadway / 3rd)
Blue Daisy (Broadway)
Brandy Melville (3rd)
Broadway Wine & Spirits (Broadway)
Cash for Gold (Lincoln / Cedar)
Centinela Feed (Lincoln)
Central Compounding Pharmacy (Wilshire)
Chase Bank (4th)
Chevron (Wilshire)
Citi Bank (Wilshire)
Coffee Bean (2nd / Broadway)
Cold Stone Creamery (Wilshire)
CoolKicks (3rd)
Co-Opportunity Market (Broadway)
Crimson (Broadway)
Crossroads Trading (4th)
CVS (Lincoln)
CVS (Main)
CVS (Santa Monica / 26th)
CVS (Wilshire)
Cynergy Cycles (Santa Monica / 23rd)
Dash Run Studio (Lincoln / Wilshire)
Dianese (Lincoln)
DrugTown (Montana/7th)
Fisher Hardware & Lumber (Lincoln)
Flight 23 (3rd)
Foot Action (3rd)
Gap (3rd)
Gap (Wilshire / 20th)
Goodwill (Santa Monica)
Hayk’s Smoke Shop (Wilshire)
Heroic Italian Deli (Santa Monica)
Hi-De-Ho Comics (Broadway)
The Hive (Broadway)
Hummis Bar Express (3rd / Arizona)
Jack’s Jewelers (4th)
Jamba Juice (4th)
Jewelry On 7th (7th / Broadway)
Kaiser Permanente (9th / Broadway)
Les Miller, optometry
Lincoln Barbers (Lincoln)
M & A Tobacco Inc (Lincoln)
Magicopolis (4th)
Massage Garden (Main)
McCarthy Pharmacy (Lincoln / Ocean)
New Balance (26th)
Nike (3rd)
Ocean Park Optometry (Lincoln / Ocean)
Patagonia (4th)
Pharmica (Montana)
Phenix Salon Suites (Broadway / 7th)
Pottery Barn (4th)
REI (4th / Santa Monica)
Rite Aid (Pico / 24th)
Rite Aid (Wilshire / 14th)
Rite Aid (Wilshire / 18th)
Sake House (Santa Monica / 4th)
Salon Tru (Santa Monica)
Salvation Army
Sand n Surf (Broadway / 2nd)
Santa Monica Car Sound & Window Tinting (Santa Monica)
Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy (Broadway)
Santa Monica Jewelry and Loan (4th)
Santa Monica Massage & Reflexology Center (2nd / Santa Monica)
Santa Monica Music Center (Santa Monica)
Sherwin Wiliams (Pico/Licoln)
Shoe Palace (2nd / Santa Monica)
Simply Salad (2nd / Santa Monica)
Solidarity (Lincoln)
Sprint on (7th / Wilshire)
St John's Medical Plaza Pharmacy & Offices (Arizona / 20th)
The Stables (Pico)
Star Liquor (Main / Bay)
Starbucks (11th)
Subway (Wilshire / Euclid)
Sunnin (Wilshire)
Sunny Optometry
Supercuts (Wilshire / 19th)
T-Mobile (3rd)
Tar & Roses (Santa Monica)
Target (Santa Monica)
Thai Vegan (Santa Monica)
Toe Heaven Spa (Main)
Tory Burch (Santa Monica Place)
Training Mate (Lincoln)
Ulta (Wilshire)
Umami Burger (Broadway)
Undefeated (Main)
UPS Store (5th)
Van's (Broadway / 4th)
Verizon (Main)
Vons (Wilshire / Euclid)
Vons (Lincoln / Broadway)
Walgreens (Lincoln)
Walgreens (Wilshire)
Wasteland (4th)
Wexler’s Deli (Santa Monica)
Wonders of the World (Lincoln / Broadway)
World Oil (Lincoln)
Ye Olde King's Head (Santa Monica)

Prayer for peace and protection I just read on Facebook I really like. We need some grace about now.

Holy heavenly Father, our Savior Jesus, our guide and comforter the Holy Spirit you are all alone worthy of praise and honor, we worship you, we love you, we give you thanks.
We pray without any fear and in complete faith because we know that the powers of darkness do not have the capacity to withstand the power and authority of the most high God and shed blood of Jesus Christ. I decree and declare that He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. We renounce Satan and his dark world and refuse to believe his lies.
In Jesus mighty name and on his behalf we bind the strongman over Washington DC, we break any curse existing over our President Donald Trump, over Washington DC, over our police and national guard, and over our governmental systems.
In the name and authority of Jesus Christ we bind and declare victory over the spirits of fear hate, racism and greed and destroy every work of the evil one.
In the name of Jesus I anoint and bless President Trump, I cover him his family and the Vice President and his family with the precious, perfect and powerful blood of Jesus Christ. In Jesus name I decree that only the presence and will of God the Holy Father be present in the White House and in Washington DC.
I ask all these things in Jesus mighty, matchless name and with His power and authority.