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My friend just sent me this - too funny!

I take no credit and accept no blame for what follows. It is just funny and worth reading all the way to the end. I'm just bummed the pictures of all these people didn't show up when I copied it... Read more →

You know you live in a party town when...

By Joy A. Kennelly It's not even 10am and a guy just walked by my window drinking a beer. ICK! And we wonder why Hermosa Beach has this reputation as a place to come get drunk. OY! This is what... Read more →

Two more good books - How Starbucks Saved My Life and They Did it With Love

By Joy A. Kennelly Seeing as I've been bed-ridden for the past few days except for a few jaunts here and there, I went to the library and checked out a few books to pass the time away. Haven't had... Read more →

Sweeney Todd - Less singing; More killing. Cush Salon and other stuff...:)

By Joy A. Kennelly Okay, remember the sweet little east Indian ticket reservationist who didn't know anything about Hawaii and spent all that time trying to get the spelling right of Kuaia? Guess who I got when I called United... Read more →

Check out my latest posts on my wordpress blog

By Joy A. Kennelly (new link here too - check it out!) Hi Everyone, I've been busy promoting my client, Artist Gali Rotstein's Art Opening Reception January 12, 2008 at Lois Lambert Gallery in Bergamot Station and will have more... Read more →

Christmas spirit weekend - too fun

By Joy A. Kennelly I need a break from what I've been working on so hi there. Blogging is my way of relaxing and unloading my brain. Hope you don't mind the dump - just teasing. This weekend, to catch... Read more →

Yeah! School is finally over! I'm getting my life back...

By Joy A. Kennelly Just had my last final exam presentation tonight at UCLA and I am so happy school is over for now. I need a break! Although I've really loved meeting all the cool speakers, getting to know... Read more →

Yelp, Studio DNA, Funnel Mill, Bodega Wine Bar, Landmark Theatre, and Anna's

By Joy A. Kennelly Today I remembered there was a Christmas block party I had rsvped for hosted by Yelp taking place down in Santa Monica right near where my old boyfriend used to live. It was too late to... Read more →

A.R.K. - A Random Act of Kindness - Evan Almighty

By Joy A. Kennelly I have had the roughest week of my life. I have felt suicidal, alone, attacked, despised, loathed, and any other adjective you can think of. Ironically enough it was the result of the actions of someone... Read more →

India help, Los Feliz Village Holiday Festival, The Liquid Muse

By Joy A. Kennelly Well that was sure funny. I just called United Airlines to find out if my free ticket I received after being bumped allows me to fly to Kauai and just spent 10 minutes with a guy... Read more →

American Gangster, Mafia Code of Ethics, Hermosa Beach

By Joy A. Kennelly I've been wanting to write about this for quite some time. Did anyone else catch the Mob's Code of Ethics article mid-November? I found it extremely interesting, especially after seeing American Gangster last night. Here's a... Read more →